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Ah, February...the month of L-O-V-E...

St Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide. It's a day on which lovers express their love for each other in many different ways, whether it be a box of chocolates (yummy...my fav), bouquet of flowers, a teddybear, some sexy lingerie, or even just a heartfelt note to tell that special someone just how they feel about them.


I've decided that this Valentine's Day is going to be dedicated to something I truly have a passion for, and that is of course books. In particular, a fantastic PNR series I was introduced to by my favorite Goodreads group - Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of A Demon Made Me Do It by Penelope King through read2review. From the minute I started reading this book I was blown away, and as soon as I had finished it I wasted no time in purchasing the second book in the series, Fire With Fire. Penelope King is now, officially, my favorite author and I cannot wait for the third book in the series, due for release later this year :)

The world needs to sit up and take notice of Ms. King and her amazing books, so that is why I decided to host a giveaway for the Demonblood series!! (Just doing my part to spread the word)
I was extremely honored when Penelope agreed to join me on my blog for an interview...so without further ado...I present author extraordinaire...Penelope King.


Penelope King is the author of the Demonblood series, as well as the magical Spellbound Trilogy.

Her books can be found at the following links.

1.  Tell us a bit more about yourself.

             I live in South Carolina with my family. I graduated from college intending to go into law, but my love of books and literature wouldn’t let me. I started writing full time three years ago and haven’t looked back!
2. How would you describe yourself in three words?
              One. Track. Mind. Seriously, it’s kind of annoying.
3. What do you do when you are not writing?
               I write for several hours daily, but that definitely leaves a lot of non-writing time! I work out and swim a few hours each day, I love to cook and bake things from scratch, I can spend days shopping online (terrible habit!), I’m addicted to reality TV and of course READING!!!

4. What 5 things do you never leave home without?
               I’d have to say car keys, sunglasses, cell phone, wallet and mascara.

5. What inspired you to write your first novel?
              I really felt like I had no choice…I had so many ideas for stories running around inside my head for so long, that if I didn’t start putting them to paper, I’d go crazy! I’ve been an avid reader since I was around 7 or 8, and every time I read a book that I really loved and moved me, I’d tell myself “I want to do this!” So finally I gathered the courage to start putting stuff together.

6. How many books have you written?
             Complete ones-4. Incomplete-about 10

7. What has been your most rewarding experience since being published?
              Just meeting all the awesome like-minded peeps who share the same love for books and reading as I do. And of course the amazing fans that connect with me over my books…it’s a really wonderful feeling!

8. For those readers who are unfamiliar with your Demonblood series, how would you introduce it?
              Demonblood is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy about a girl who is a human during the day, but because of a curse transforms into a demon the moment the sun goes down. The human girl (Liora) and the demon girl (Lucky) each have their own personalities and separate memories and hate each other, even though they used to be that same being. All they want is to break the curse that split their soul, but then something happens that makes them question if that is really want they want, and if the price is worth paying.

9. How did you come up with the idea for this series?
                For many years I lived and worked in Las Vegas…A.K.A. “Sin City”  :-) I worked in some pretty high-end night clubs doing promotions. Basically, I was paid to dress to the nines, party, and be the life of party. During the daytime we (my co-worker friends and I) were these normal, boring, dorky, quiet girls who led extremely ordinary lives. But at night…out came the crazy outfits, hair extensions, dramatic makeup, and alternate (outgoing) personality. Sometimes we even made up fake names and yes, I used Lucky a few times (hey, it was Vegas). I was always fascinated by the contrast of my “day” life and my “night” life. It literally seemed like I was in two different worlds. We’d always start our nights off with double shots of Patron tequila at the bar (hence Lucky’s need). For years I knew I wanted to write some sort of story that captured these paradoxes, but I had no idea how. Then one night I was watching TV and flipping back and forth between watching The Omen (love) and United States of Tara (double love). And it just clicked. Once I started adding in the characters, the story just took on a life of its own.

10. Have you ever based any of your characters on someone you know?
                Bones is probably the biggest character who was inspired by someone I knew. But Bones is waaay better than that guy ever was :-) 

11. Which chapter was the most memorable/enjoyable for you to write, and why?
                The answer I’d want to give is way to spoilery, but I’d say any scene with Lucky and Bones is one I enjoy writing…I love their chemistry and sometimes I feel bad for not letting them have more page time.

12. How did you come up with the title for the books in the Demonblood series?
                Actually, I didn’t—not the first one, anyway. Originally I named it “Possession” (referring to how each girl had possession of the body and story at different times), but everyone seemed to be really blah on that title…as in, everyone hated it! Lol! This title was actually from a suggestion of an awesome agent I’d met in Myrtle Beach writers conference. She suggested it, I liked it.

13. Who is your favorite character in this series, and why?
                I really love each of the characters for their particular roles, but if I HAD to choose one it would probably be Bones…he keeps showing sides to him I never knew were there, and he’s just so damn yummy!

14. Can you tell us anything interesting about the third book in the series?
                Well, they are starting over in a new location, and the woman they are going to see (Anastasia) is the twin sister of Tatiana. She’s is also a very powerful witch. Anastasia is featured prominently in another series I’m writing called the Spellbound trilogy, where she is the matriarch to a young magical girl, much in the way that Tatiana was to Lucky/Liora.
As far as sneak peeks go…it’s really hard to say anything without giving away spoilers…let’s just say that the thing that happened at the end of Fire with Fire will start a chain of events NO ONE saw coming, and most likely only Liora or Lucky will survive this ordeal, but not both.
Also, there will be a “prequel” book coming out after the third book, and it will show Lucky/Liora’s life before the split (and some after), and will also feature Bones’ POV. It will be so amazing!

15. Where can your fans stalk you?
                   I have a blog where I try and keep my projects updated (actual blogging-not so much):   

                I’m on facebook and this is a good place to message me or get updates:        

                And I’m a sporadic tweeter (but I do follow back!                 


I just want to thank you for the opportunity to visit your blog, and thank you for all your wonderful support. It means the world to me!
~Best Wishes and Happy Reading~

Thank you for taking the time to join me on my blog. I really cannot wait for the third book in the Demonblood series, I might even host another giveaway for its release!!

Wow! What a fantastic interview!!
Now on to details of the two books that are up for grabs :)
One lucky reader will win an eBook copy of:
 A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood #1)


Some girls share clothes, a bathroom, or a bedroom. Seventeen-year-old Liora Greyson has to share, too. Only she shares her body--with a demon.

Liora just wants to survive her final year of high school unscathed, her dark secret intact. But the walls she’s carefully constructed to keep people away crack wide open once she meets the sexy and mysterious Kieron, and he lights her world on fire. She can’t let him know she transforms into a demon named "Lucky" at nightfall—a demon with an entirely separate personality who passes out Torment, Justice, and Revenge like Halloween candy.

Turns out Kieron is the one who should be afraid once Lucky discovers his true identity and motivations. Liora wants to love him, but Lucky thinks he’s public enemy number one. And having a demon with a vendetta show up during a romantic date puts a serious crimp in any relationship.

Fighting your demons is one thing. Having one that fights back, messes with your guy, and leaves you with nasty hangovers is quite another.

Being bad has never been so good...

Click HERE for my review.

As well as:

Fire with Fire (Demonblood #2)

It's been over two months since Lucky and Liora decided their fate outside the cave. Over two months since Kieron left to finish his mission.

So why hasn't he returned?

Crushed and confused, Liora finds comfort with a mysterious stranger, a guy whose motives include more than just healing Liora's broken heart. Meanwhile, Lucky finds herself in the arms of an old friend...the one who has always laid claim to her true soul.

When the reason for Kieron's disappearance becomes known, loyalties will be tested, friends will be betrayed, loves will be lost, and hope will be found. Once and for all, Lucky and Liora will have to chose their destiny. And not everyone will survive their choice.

Click HERE for my review

All you have to do to enter is:

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I'm allergic to Google Docs and Rafflecopter, so I'm doing this the old-fashioned way :)

Giveaway is open Internationally.
Giveaway will end Feb, 29th and the winner will be announced March, 2nd.
Entrants must be 16 years or older as these books do contain a little adult content.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!
Good luck to everyone!!

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