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Cover Reveal: Stained by Cheryl Rainfield

Hello Therians!

Here's a sneak peek at Cheryl Rainfield's new YA suspense thriller, due for release later this year.

"Sometimes you have to be your own hero."

Release Date: Nov 19, 2013
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


 In this heart-wrenching and suspenseful teen thriller, sixteen-year-old Sarah Meadows longs for "normal." Born with a port-wine stain covering half her face, all her life she’s been plagued by stares, giggles, bullying, and disgust. But when she’s abducted on the way home from school, Sarah is forced to uncover the courage she never knew she had, become a hero rather than a victim, and learn to look beyond her face to find the beauty and strength she has inside. It’s that—or succumb to a killer.

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From the author:

Like I did with SCARS and HUNTED, I drew on some of my own experiences of bullying, abuse, and trauma to write STAINED and to give it greater emotional depth. Like Sarah in STAINED, I experienced abduction, imprisonment, periods of forced starvation, mind control, and having my life threatened. And like Sarah, I tried hard to fight against my abuser, keep my own sense of self, and escape. I hope readers will see Sarah's strength and courage, and appreciate her emotional growth as she reclaims herself.

About the Author

I love to read. Books nurture me, helped me survive the abuse I endured as a child and teen. I also love to write. I write fantasy books and edgy, realistic fiction for teens.

My fantasy books often hold hope that I need, and feel others might need, too, while my realistic fiction is gritty, intense, and emotional. All of my books have fragments of the abuse I experienced. I write about some of the harsh things teens go through...things that I think shouldn't be hidden. But I also write about healing, hope, and love, and finding courage and strength.

In SCARS (WestSide, 2010), Kendra must face her past and stop hurting herself before it's too late. It's my arm on the cover. There's a lot of me in SCARS; like my main character, Kendra, I am an incest survivor, I used self-harm to cope, and I'm queer. In my teen paranormal fantasy/dystopian, HUNTED (WestSide, Oct 2011), Caitlyn is a telepath in a world where that is illegal, and she must choose between saving herself or saving the world. Like Caitlyn, I know what it's like to have my life threatened, to face oppression, to experience torture, and to break free from cult or from a group of oppressors. And I know what it's like to have to decide between hiding my true self or being who I am, even if that means danger to myself. I drew on my experience with cults and ritual abuse in creating the world that Caitlyn lives in.
In STAINED, my upcoming YA novel from Harcourt (2013), Sarah, who has a port wine stain and some body image issues, is abducted and must find a way to rescue herself. Like Sarah, I was often imprisoned for long periods of time as a child, had my life threatened, and had to rely on my own strength to survive.
Books were my survival during my childhood, and my journey into myself. Books give me hope. I hope mine will give you hope, too, or something that you need.


Connect with Cheryl Rainfield:

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The Redemption Series ReBLOGit Tour - Revisited by Lindsey Gray

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Hello Therians!!
Welcome back to my second day of The Redemption Series Blog Tour!
Revisited (Redemption #2) by Lindsey Gray is a fantastic follow up to book one.

 photo revisited_zpsd88a40bc.jpg

Category: Romance
Publication date: Aug 2, 2012
ISBN (paper): 978-1-61213-034-7
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-61213-035-4


As the Redemption series continues, in Revisited everyone's path leads into one.

Lily Edwards, the last remaining female vampire, is facing a daunting task. She has to find Liam Caldwell, the vampire she was forced to create, and change him back to his human state.

But Lily's task will not be an easy one as fellow remaining vampires, Filipp and Debir, have been secretly plotting her demise for decades and were the ones responsible for Liam being turned.

While Liam is grateful for Filipp and Debir's guidance during his transformation into the vampire he felt destined to be, he's having second thoughts as he learns their whole plan is not what it seems. A handpicked army of humans waits for Liam to change them into vampires at Filipp's instruction. Adding to the mix is Valentina Pavel, the last member of a Romanian witch coven, who brings forth new challenges of her own. Together, they all have Liam doing the unthinkable, pleading for a way out.

Lily's adopted daughter, Becca, is also preoccupied with a few dilemmas of her own. Discovering that the angel, Sam Fleming, is her biological father presents her with a choice to accept the powers of her birthright, or continue her human existence. She must find the answer while continuing to fight the feelings she has for fellow angel, Abe North, and her missing new love, Ian Holt.

Ian's world has been turned upside down now that the body-stealing demon, Gideon, is controlling him. Ian struggles as Gideon's decisions cause them both mental and physical pain. The only thing they agree on is their insatiable need to be with Becca at all costs.

Friends-now-turned-enemies struggle for their eternity, while enemies-turned-friends fight side by side. Will Lily's past give her the answers she needs to reach the future?


The second book in the Redemption Series lived up to all my expectations and delivered so much more. Many of the unanswered questions I was left with after reading Redemption, were answered and I finally had full grasp of the hows and whys of certain aspects of the story.

Book 1 carried a few subplots and it was great to see them each develop throughout Revisited. There were many surprising twists and turns as enemies were brought together in an attempt to thwart the evil plans set in motion to destroy Lily and the Manchester Group. Gideon, the demon obsessed with Becca, will stop at nothing to reach his ultimate goal. Using those closest to Becca to gain access to her. However, his plans don't go as planned with the revelation that Lily is still alive and with the return of Nathaniel Archer, whose visions alert the Manchester Group to Gideon's possession of a new vessel. But with the focus on Liam, the newly turned vampire, Gideon manages to infiltrate the group.

Liam finds himself the pawn of two of the last remaining vampires. With the arrival of Valentina and the strong bond they share, Liam wishes to right his wrongs, but will Lily be willing to forgive him for the chaos he caused in Redemption?

I enjoyed seeing the many complex relationships from Book 1 grow and strengthen. Becca is still torn between Abe and Ian, and there didn't seem to be any clear winner. A surprising change of events at the end of the story seemingly gives her the best of both, but it couldn't have been easy for any of the three involved. It was also great getting to see a little more of Lily's past and understand what caused the near extinction of the vampire race.  

The story was filled with action and adventure. With an ending that can only lead to an exciting continuation of this series, I cannot wait to see what lies in store for the characters I have grown to love.

It gets...

 photo TherianMoon-1.jpg

Chapter 9

It didn’t take long for Lily to remember the days when she developed the cure with Martin. The notes she had skimmed through held no real interest to her. She knew what they contained. She knew what she would have to do.
“Why don’t you explain it to all of us then?” Ryan brought Lily out of her inner musings with the question.
She looked around the kitchen to find everyone in the room looking at her. Nathaniel, Ryan, Jefferson, Renee, Abe, and Sam all sat in silence as they waited for her answer. “It’s not that difficult to understand if you know what you’re talking about.”
“Humor us.” Ryan raised a brow, aware of his wife’s brilliance.
Lily shifted in her chair before picking up a few sheets of paper. “As you probably know, the easiest way to create a vampire is for a vampire to bite a human, allowing their venom to enter their bloodstream. Martin was under the belief our venom caused a mutation in human DNA, therefore, when induced, the mutation occurred.”
Lily singled out a sheet of paper with drawings of DNA strands and diagrams of single cells. “With a potent amount of venom introduced into the bloodstream, the mutation begins, whether it be through a bite or injection. The nucleus of each cell mutates, and one by one, they are all changed. Martin just found a way to reverse it.”
 Nathaniel took one of the papers from Lily’s hands and studied it. “Fascinating.” 
“Yes. Martin used a combination of different blood types to make up the cure. Instead of introducing venom into the bloodstream, he injected blood into the venomstream. At first, it didn’t work how he had hoped. We ended up having to come up with a perfect combination of several blood types from specific donors. Together, a smaller amount was more potent. Otherwise, it would have been like receiving a huge blood transfusion, and we weren’t sure many vampires could stand the prolonged process.”
Nathaniel patted Lily on the back. He knew her thoughts were of the deadly formula Martin, and so many others of her kind, had drunk, which had caused their ultimate demise. “As most of you know, an ingested formula is what killed all but Lily, Filipp, and Debir many years ago. Since Lily told me the story of that horrific day, I have done my own research. As it turns out, I believe the ingested formula was a highly concentrated version of Anton Cadreanu’s.”
Ryan brought his arms around Lily as the rest of the room fell silent.

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Lindsey Gray dreamed of being several different things as a child such as a doctor, an actress, and a chef, but none held her attention like putting pen to paper and creating her own world through words. Those words led her to The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House and the rest, as they say, is history. Revisited, her third full-length novel, is the second in The Redemption Series, and she has no plans to slow her creations down any time soon. A mid-west native, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, reading on her new e-reader, and making life interesting at each and every turn.

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The Redemption Series ReBLOGit Tour - Redemption by Lindsey Gray

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Hello Therians!!
Welcome to my first day of The Redemption Series Blog Tour!
Redemption (Redemption #1) by Lindsey Gray is an exciting read filled with romance, action and plenty of paranormal activity. If you love Supernaturals, this is the series for you.

 photo Redemption_Cover003_zpsa776adcc.jpg

Category: Fantasy
Publication date: May 26, 2011
ISBN (paper): 978-1-61213-038-5
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-61213-039-2


Lily is one of only three vampires in known existence. After falling in love with a human, sexy and talented musician Ian, she realizes their love is putting him in mortal danger. She flees from her life in Boston to the solace of her frozen waste land.

As her past continues to haunt her, Ian seeks out the only family Lily has ever known. Becca introduces Ian to a world he never thought possible as they embark on a search for Lily, starting in the bowels of a mysterious company called The Manchester Group.

Will Ian and Becca find her? Or will the reemergence of a long lost love take a hold of their future?


The minute I read the prologue, I knew I was going to enjoy this book. I had to know who Lily was. Why was she faced with the seemingly impossible decision of whose life to save, her's or the victim's? Who was the victim and why was she so important to Lily? And finally, who was the sadistic madman with the blade?

Okay, so I already knew from the synopsis that Lily was a vampire but I had to know more about her, and Ms. Gray did a fantastic job of giving me insight into Lily's life without one big info dump. As Lily reminisced over her journal entries, I was thrown into her world, and instead of being told about her past I was shown specific details.

The story developed well, as did each character I was introduced to. My heart broke for Ian. He really seemed to love Lily and even though she declared her reason for leaving was to protect him, I had a feeling that there was more to it than that. The answer came in the form of Ryan. Lily even confesses as much in her journal. She loves Ian but he is obviously no match for her first love. Perhaps it's because of the way they were so unexpectedly separated and the hope of them being brought back together so many years later. It wasn't as if Lily stopped loving Ryan, she just lost him for a few decades.

Throughout the story many relationships are formed and some blossom into something deeper and more meaningful. The only thing that bothered me about this was that certain characters seemed to fall in love too easily, and some discarded their love for one, to be with another, with a snap of the fingers.This removed the chemistry and sexual tension that I enjoy most in stories with a strong romantic element. The complexity of some of the relationships, however, did promise to bring back that tension and I cannot wait to see how they develop in Revisited.

What I enjoyed about this story were the subplots. Although the story surrounds Lily and her journey, I want to see how things pan out for Becca and her situation with Gideon. And what will become of Ian? The ending also leaves me with many questions that have me itching to read Revisited

At times I felt a little out of the loop, and I even had to go back to check if I had missed anything. Sometimes I got the answers I was looking for but there are one or two questions that remain unanswered in my mind every time I think about this book.

The story was well paced with just enough action and adventure to keep me enthralled. Readers of paranormal romances will love every moment spent with Lily and her friends.

It gets...

 photo TherianMoon-1.jpg

Chapter 15
“Hold on just a moment.”  Ryan came around the side of Lily’s chair to face her.  “What exactly is an Ahbmonite and why would he take your friends?”
            Lily looked to Abe for any sort of explanation, but he had none.  She then rose from her chair and pushed Ryan down into it.
            “There are so many legends about how vampires came into existence; some even saying that Judas Iscariot was one of the first, after his transgressions with Jesus of Nazareth.  From all that I learned from my sire, Martin, the line we come from started long ago in Jerusalem.”  Lily took a deep unnecessary breath before moving on.
            “According to Martin and all the books that we have held over the years, the Ahbmonites were basically food for a quartet of vampires.  The four, all males, found the odd race of humans fascinating.  They were drawn to them unlike any other human, not to kill them but for them to nurture each other.  The vampires fed from a type of blood they never had tasted before and the Ahbmonites acquired vampire traits strengthened in them with each feeding.  When their human bodies could no longer handle the vampire traits, they were either killed or turned.  After a few centuries, the families began branding their children with the mark of the black flame.  Martin’s sire was one of the Ahbmonites, but he believed that it was time for their race to end.  Stop using humans as cattle and learn to live off the blood of animals.  That fight eventually led to the practical extinction of the vampire race.  Now, only three of us remain.”
            Ryan held out his hand in invitation.  She took it and snuggled into his lap as visions of blue eyes and black flames raced through her mind.
            “He took them to use as leverage against you?”  Abe looked up at Lily as her gaze met his.
            “I'm not sure of any other explanation.  If this Liam is the same man I encountered in Las Vegas, he knew all about me and wanted to be my companion.”  She felt Ryan’s hand moving up and down her spine attempting to soothe the strained muscles.
            “So, you drank from this guy and now he’s got some vampire traits, enough that he could take all three of them?”  Renee inquired.
            Lily turned to Ryan and nodded shamefully.  “I’d never felt that kind of pull ever in my existence as a vampire.  It was truly some sort of biological connection, like somehow we were made for each other.  As though our existence depended on one another.”

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Check out the Book Trailer:

 photo lgray_zpsdbc40c93.jpg
Lindsey Gray dreamed of being several different things as a child such as a doctor, an actress, and a chef, but none held her attention like putting pen to paper and creating her own world through words. Those words led her to The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House and the rest, as they say, is history. Revisited, her third full-length novel, is the second in The Redemption Series, and she has no plans to slow her creations down any time soon. A mid-west native, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, reading on her new e-reader, and making life interesting at each and every turn.

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Blog Tour: Touching Evil by Amber Garr - Author Interview, Review & Giveaway

Hello Therians!

Welcome to the Touching Evil & Furthermore Blog Tour presented by iluvtours.

Today the spotlight is on Touching Evil by Amber Garr, and she has even stopped by for a quick chat :)
 photo utf-8BMTYwNTQ5MzIuanBn.jpg


With one touch, Leila can see it all.

Leila Marx is trying to put her life back together after her fiancé is murdered. When Detective Garrick Pearson enlists her help with a difficult case, she is thankful for the distraction and the opportunity to use her talents as a touch clairvoyant. Leila and Garrick delve into the mystery behind a series of missing teenage girls and mummified corpses while discovering their own growing attraction to each other.

Conner Hoffman is an intriguing lawyer and striking half-demon who enters Leila’s life unexpectedly. Although her visions are terrifying, she is fascinated by his charm and his legacy. When it becomes evident that the murders are linked to a paranormal event, Conner introduces Leila to a world unbeknownst to ordinary society. She suddenly finds herself immersed in supernatural politics, sorcery, and danger as she becomes the killer’s next target.

Staying alive will mean relying on friends, accepting the unbelievable, and trusting in her heart again.

ñ Paperback: 322 pages

ñ Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 1, 2012)

ñ Language: English

ñ ISBN-10: 1480021598

Book Links : Amazon Kindle | Paperback    Smashwords

Read the First Chapter.


Touching Evil was such an exciting read. With a mix of intriguing characters, it wasn't difficult to be drawn into this story completely from beginning to end.

Of course, I’m a sucker for anything supernatural so I loved getting to know each of the characters, even Gallus, although he was a little intimidating. The story didn’t start off with any clear indication of exactly which supernatural being I’d be spending the next few hours with, so I was pleasantly surprised when a whole host of them showed up throughout the story.

This book also has its fair share of hotties with the likes of Connor and Garrick. And even though the story doesn’t ooze love triangle, it was definitely there as Leila was torn between these two gorgeous men. The story is filled with suspense as Leila and her friends investigate a string of disappearances and murders. When it becomes evident that the case has a deeper, more malevolent twist it is up to the group of supernatural beings to intervene.

This book has a serious tone and is filled with some disturbing scenes, but every now and then a bit of humor is thrown in to lighten the mood. I especially loved Leila’s Shaun of the Dead moment when she first meets the vigilante group of supernaturals. And I loved the tender moments shared between her and King. I have a soft spot for werewolves, so even though he’s not the complete hottie, and he smells bad, he has a place in my heart.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great supernatural suspense read. But I believe that anyone who loves a good mystery will enjoy this story even with its supernatural twist.

It gets…

 photo TherianMoon-1.jpg

Check out the awesome Book Trailer:


1.     Tell us a bit more about yourself.
I work as a marine biologist during the day and try to squeeze in time for writing and dancing when I get home. I have a husband, two cats (Screamie and Bitsy Cat), one dog (Noodles), and live in Florida where it is WAY too hot for “winter” right now.
2.     Describe yourself in three words.
Ambitious, organized, creative (I hope!)
3.     What five things do you never leave home without?
iPod (I don’t function without music), Kindle (in case there’s time to read at lunch), my zombie notebook (for those book ideas), pens (I’m a collector I think), gum (to satisfy those sugary cravings)
4.     What do you do when you are not writing?
Read as much as I can. With five books out now, I also spend quite a bit of time promoting and marketing and anything in between. If there’s any extra time I like to dance, work out, and do yard work (weird, I know).
5.     Who/What inspired you to write your first novel?
A back injury. As dumb as that sounds, when I was forced to stop dancing three-four days a week, I suddenly had a lot of time and no way to be creative. So after sharing some of my initial short stories, I was encouraged to keep writing and soon had my first complete novel complete (Touching Evil). I shelved it for two years while I worked on my YA mermaid series, and then came back to it.
6.     What has been your most rewarding experience on the road to being published?
Compliments and great reviews from complete strangers. I am still in awe (and thankful) when I see a good review or comment about one of my books. It was so scary deciding to put my work out there, but it’s definitely been a rewarding experience.
7.     What is the best piece of advice you have been given as an author?
Keep writing. Don’t get bogged down by promoting just one book. Try to spend just as much time writing the next one. I have to keep reminding myself of that sometimes, but I’m so happy when I make the time to get another chapter down on paper.
8.     What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Read! Read as much as you can in your genre to learn what works and doesn’t work. I also recommend getting a good group of beta readers together. Mine have been invaluable to me!
9.     Who are your favorite authors to read?
Kelley Armstrong, Richelle Mead, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison to name a few
10.   Tell us a bit about Touching Evil.
The story revolves around Leila Marx who happens to be a touch clairvoyant. She is still trying to recover from the murder of her fiancé and keeps busy by helping the local police department with unsolved or homicide cases. The latest case has a supernatural twist and she soon discovers that she is not the only different one out there. And of course, there is a love story thrown in there as well!
11.   Are any of your characters based on someone you know?
Not in this book. I came up with the idea of Leila’s tragic backstory from a real news story, but the rest developed in my twisted mind. J
12.   Who is your favorite character, and why?
I know she’s my main character, but I like Leila. I think she handles everything that’s thrown at her with grace and I’m anxious to see how this changes her outlook on like in future books. I also enjoyed writing the annoying ghost scene…I think there will have to be a short story about George.
13.   Are you working on any special projects at the moment?
Yes. I’m working on Book Two of The Leila Marx Novels and have a mature YA/New adult dystopian almost halfway done. I hope to get back to two other novels I started last year and see where they take me.
14.   Where can readers stalk you?

 photo 428091_435227633211650_822542138_n_zps55c222d3.jpg


 photo utf-8BQW1iZXJfMDM0X0JXK3RpbnkuanBn.jpg

Amber Garr spends her days conducting scientific experiments and wondering if her next door neighbor is secretly a vampire. Born in Pennsylvania, she lives in Florida with her husband and their furry kids. Her childhood imaginary friend was a witch, Halloween is sacred, and she is certain that she has a supernatural sense of smell. She writes both adult and young adult urban fantasies and when not obsessing over the unknown, she can be found dancing, reading, or enjoying a good movie.

 photo utf-8BVG91Y2hpbmcrRVZpbCtUb3VyK0Jhbm5lci5qcGc.jpg

There are two, YES I said TWO giveaways for this tour!!

The first giveaway comprises of a signed paperback copy of Touching Evil, a signed paperback copy of Furthermore and surprise SWAG!!

Enter using the rafflecopter below :)

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The second giveaway if for an eCopy of either Touching Evil or Furthermore (Mobi or ePub)

Enter using the below rafflecopter :)

Be sure to check in each day as there will be new entry options into this giveaway.

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Now off you run to the other stops on this tour for more exciting news about these two amazing books!!

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Review: Zephyr: The West Wind by R.J.Tolson

Hello Therians!!
Zephyr: The West Wind ( The Chaos Chronicles #1 ) is a fantastic fantasy novel written by the truly talented R.J.Tolson.
Check out the other stops on the Blog Tour, hosted byJKSCommunications.


 photo ZephyrtheWestWind_bookcover_zpsf0b434d5.jpg


Paperback, $19.75

ISBN: 978-0615686431

YA Fantasy, 489 pages

Universal Kingdom Print

August 21, 2012


17 years ago, in the island village of Dentro, lived a large and powerful demon. With just a howl, mountains were obliterated. With the help of an outsider, the chief of Dentro destroyed the demon and sealed its dark power into three powerful ancient weapons: a spear, shield, and a sword. After leaving the unwelcoming village, the man who helped destroy the demon took the sword in an effort to keep it away from the village. Months later, a villager bore the son of the outsider, breaking one of the sacred village laws in doing so.

Born into a village filled with people who hated him, Zephyr grew up without knowing why they did. With no friends, and eventually no family with the passing of his mother, Zephyr was forced to survive by himself as an outcast. Zephyr’s only wish being to make his mother proud and force the village to recognize him while surviving in a world filled with demons, paranormal abilities, love, hate and undiscovered lands.


There is something very magical about reading fantasy fiction. It speaks to the very thread of my imagination, jolting it to life and sending it on an exciting journey. This story did exactly that, leaving me enthralled as I was introduced to a new world and interesting characters.

Zephyr is amazing and he has such a strong sense of bravery that I was cheering for him every step of the way. He is loyal and eager to prove his worth to a village that has labelled him as an outcast for many years. Even betrayed by his own people, Zephyr shows his strength of character as he befriends Leon and with more determinarion than ever they set off on a dangerous mission into an unknown world. Along the way they meet many interesting characters - some good and willing to help, others evil and only interested in their own greed and preservation.

At times it felt like things went too smoothly for Zephyr and Leon, but even when faced with impossible situations I had to admire thier raw courage as they threw themselves head first into danger.

It was great to see how they each developed their skills and power, and there was always that hint that there was something more going on which left me with a million questions flowing in my mind. What was really going on with Leon? (Other than his issues with his brother). What was the connection between Zephyr and Leon, if any? Who was Zephyr's father? As it was clear he held more significance. This all came together in an epic ending that brought to light Leon's true nature and answered many of the mysteries surrounding Zephyr.

If you are looking to be swept away on an amazing adventure, I suggest you grab a copy of this book. I can't wait for book 2.
It gets...  photo TherianMoon-1.jpg


R.J. Tolson is a 19-year-old CEO, model, musician and debut novelist.

He founded the website building and computer programming company RJTIO and its divisions, RJTINC, Forever Trust Charity and RL Infinity International. He also serves as president of both the metaphysical philosophy group Sages of Essence and literary organization Living Writers.

 photo RJTolson_headshot_zpsd01433b5.jpegThe accomplished teen can speak 6 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Korean and Japanese. Currently studying in his second year in college, as only a freshman R.J. taught a metaphysics college level online course once a week.

A jack-of-all-trades, R.J. played varsity soccer in high school and received his black belt in nin-jit-su and senjutsu. And with his love of music and experience as a lyricist, composer and musician, R.J. releases in summer 2013 his debut album Human, comprised of house, acoustic, pop and hip/hop.

Writing is perhaps R.J.’s greatest passion. In 2012 he launched the first novel of his young adult Chaos Chronicles series, Zephyr the West Wind. Forthcoming titles from the new author include a Zephyr sequel Hugh The Southern Flame and romance novel Blood Red Love.

R.J. was born to a dentist father and lawyer/professional tennis player mother. He lived throughout Virginia, Connecticut and Washington, D.C. before heading to college on the west coast.

Connect with R.J.Tolson


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