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Ashes & Ice Blog Tour: Character Bio & Review

Hello Therians!

Welcome to my second stop on the Ashes & Ice Blog Tour!
Thanks for joining me again :)

Today we'll get to know Connor a little better!

Title: Ashes & Ice
Author: Rochelle Maya Callen
Release Day: February 4th, 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Blitz Host: Lady Amber's Tours


She is desperate to remember.
He is aching to forget.
Together, they are not broken.
But together, one may not survive.

​Jade wakes up with no memory of her past and blood on her hands.

Plagued by wicked thoughts, she searches for answers. Instead, she finds a boy who doesn't offer her answers, but hope. But sometimes, when nightmares turn into reality and death follows you everywhere, hope is not enough.

LUST. LOVE. LOSS. Sometimes, all that is left are Ashes and Ice.

Check out the Book Trailer:


Character Bio: Connor

Strengths: Big Heart, Reliable, Good Friend

Weaknesses: Self Doubt, low self esteem

Physical Description: Bah! Who wants a description. How about a picture?

Shhh, don’t tell Drew Van Acker that I stole his photo.


Dessert: Cheesecake

Physical Activity: Running

Shoe size: wouldn’t you like to know? ;)

Talents: Guitar, singing, and we’ll find out more in book 2.

Connor Teasers:

They are cold, brutal eyes and they glared right at me. Half of me thinks: Idiot, idiot, idiot! Beautiful, totally hot girl had her hand on my shoulder and I ignored her. I curse myself for missing a chance to have her sit next to me. The other half of me, though, is relieved. Somehow, I know eyes so sharp and penetrating could slice me open.


A brave, rebellious soldier deep within me toys with the idea of apologizing about yesterday, introducing myself, striking up conversation, and impressing her with my wit and charm. When I remember that I have neither, I silence the deceitful bastard and continue sulking, wishing to be someone else—someone cooler, someone who isn’t completely and utterly terrified of taking chances, someone who could talk to this girl without fear of rejection.


I’m stumped. Beautiful, girl of my dreams in my bed and I want to sleep on the floor? “I—I thought it would be ya’ know the gentlemanly thing to do.”

            She shakes her head, “Nope.” She says with an extra pop on the “p”. “A gentleman would keep me warm and safe.” She pats the space next to her.


Holy crap. Either I was slipped a pill at lunch or this old lady is batshit crazy. Seriously, if a person owns a collection of skulls and has mastered a peel-your-skin-off-glare, she is no one I want to tango with. “Jade, let’s go.” I tug on her arm.


I absolutely loved this book. From start to finish it was exciting and I was sucked in deeper with each flip of the page.

Connor is such a sweet character. My heart went out to him and I just wanted to reach into the book and give him a hug. I was glad when he and Jade became friends. Their friendship grew stronger as the story continued and I was hoping they'd fall madly in love and live happily ever after, but of course nothing is ever that easy.

Jade faces many obstacles. She knows nothing about her life and does just about everything she can to find out the truth, leading to a few hazardous situations.

A million questions arose, as I read this story. The main one being, exactly what is Jade? When her true identity was revealed I almost flipped because it gave the story a unique spin, and so many of the mini mysteries througout the story finally made sense.

Callen does a brilliant job of keeping the suspense alive right to the end. And wow, what an ending! My heart was shattered by the time I put this book down.

I cannot wait for the second book. I need to know what lies in wait for Jade and Connor, and I'm excited to get to know Giovanni a little better.

It deserves...

 photo TherianMoon-3.jpg


Rochelle grew up dreaming up stories. When she entered high school, she tucked away her creative side and jumped head-first into academics, work, and service projects. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Political Science and Communication when she was twenty years old. After years away from her writing, Rochelle picked up a pen and started fleshing out a character sketch that she outlined when she was twelve. That sketch was the start of the Ashes and Ice story. Rochelle lives in the DC metro area with her husband and daughter. By day she works as a behavioral therapist. By night, she is a dreamer and is busy tapping out new stories on her keyboard.

Connect with Rochelle



Saturday 23 February 2013

Ashes & Ice Blog Tour: Author Interview with Rochelle Maya Callen

Hello Therians!!
Welcome to my first stop on the Ashes & Ice Blog Tour!!
If you haven't  already grabbed a copy of this amazing book, I suggest you do so right NOW!!!
Click on the Blog Tour sale button below!

Title: Ashes & Ice
Author: Rochelle Maya Callen          
Release Day: February 4th, 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Blitz Host: Lady Amber's Tours


She is desperate to remember.
He is aching to forget.
Together, they are not broken.
But together, one may not survive.

​Jade wakes up with no memory of her past and blood on her hands.

Plagued by wicked thoughts, she searches for answers. Instead, she finds a boy who doesn't offer her answers, but hope. But sometimes, when nightmares turn into reality and death follows you everywhere, hope is not enough.

LUST. LOVE. LOSS. Sometimes, all that is left are Ashes and Ice.


Check out the Book Trailer:

Hello Rochelle,
Thank you so much for joining us today.
1. Tell us a bit more about yourself.
I am 26, mother to one adorable 3 year old princess, and wife to one sweet/sexy Mexican man. I was born in D.C. and am half Ecuadorian. I like mountains and quiet places, but love to go out dancing bachata with my hubby. I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Communication and Political Science in 2007. I love cuddle time, movies, and reading. I also <3 meeting new people on Facebook so please friend me!

2. Describe yourself in three words.

Bookalicious. Cuddly. Loyal.

3. What five things do you never leave home without?

Phone, keys, purse, laptop, ID. :)

4. What do you do when you’re not writing?

Working as a behavioral therapist, playing with my daughter, cuddling with my husband, reading YA/NA, watching re-runs of Friends, NCIS, Law and Order or Monk, watching movies, singing in the shower, dancing when no one is watching :). 

5. Who/What inspired you to start writing?

My mother’s family always valued creativity so I started writing poetry when I was 9 and started planning out novels when I was 11. Ashes and Ice is based on a Character Sketch/outline that I wrote when I was 12 or 13. I stopped writing and reading fiction when I entered High School at 13 and didn’t read any fiction until a couple years after I graduated college. I found the character sketch at that time and started writing again and that rekindled my dream to be a writer.

6. What has been the most rewarding experience on the road to being published?

Positive reviews! They are better than Christmas presents! Also, the community is beyond amazing. I have new and wonderful friends who are fabulously supportive and so much fun.

7. What is the best advice you’ve been given as an author?

Hmm, I have gotten so much advice. My favorite line though is from my editor. I was in a writing rut and she told me to “Grab inspiration by the balls.” Love that!
Hahaha!! Brilliant :)

8. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

WRITE! But in that chair and type! I took years to put together a few chapters and months to write the other 200 pages. Turn off your inner critique and just get your story on paper. Seek out feedback and welcome constructive criticism. This is your craft and you want to become the best you can be! If you are going traditional, look at the acknowledgments page of your favorite books (or books like yours) and compile a list of agents to query.  If you are going indie, you MUST get an editor! Beta readers, critique partners, and editors are invaluable. Get sample pages done before hiring anyone. Get a great cover artist. Finally, pick your favorite social media and use that as your outreach platform. I adore facebook and I am trying to get into twitter.

9. Who are your favorite authors to read?

O-M-G! I loooooove reading. I have too many favorites! Here are some: Annette Curtis Klause, Tiffany Carmouche, Cassandra Clare, AG Howard, Rachel Hartman, Tahereh Mafi, Maggie Steifvater, John Greene…. Oh man, the list never ends.

10. How was the idea for Ashes and Ice born?

When I was 12 or 13 I had an image come to mind of a girl with jet black hair and green eyes with blood on her hands standing over a dead girl and she didn’t know if she was the one who hurt the girl because she had no memory—of anything! I tend to get images in my head for a scene and then I have to go and figure out what the hell happened for the MC to get there

11. Describe Ashes and Ice in one sentence.

A dark story that explores the lives of two very different and broken people who are trying to find their place in a supernatural world that they never even knew existed.

12. If Ashes and Ice was to become a movie, who would be your dream cast?
EEEEK! **Bounces around giddy** Well, looks wise, I think Mila Kunis and Drew Van Acker would be perfect leads. I would adore Mathew Bomer or Ian Somerhalder as Giovanni. Charlize Theron as Desi. Hmm, don’t know about Dominic or the other characters… The Oracle from the first Matrix movie would have been a PERFECT Nanan, but she sadly passed away a few years ago. Have any ideas readers?? Post them to my page!!
AMAZING cast choices :) I think Odette Yustman would also make a great Jade!!

13. Are any of your characters based on people you know?

Nope. Not at all :)


14. Who is your favorite character, and why?

Connor… because if I was 17 again I would have fallen in love with him.

15. Are you working on any special projects at the moment?

Yep! Ashes and Ice 2!!!! I will be doing a stand-alone fantasy after that :) Then I have plans for a couple of novella series after that.  Can’t wait!!!!

Neither can I!! Please don't make us wait too long :) *begging*

Thanks again for stopping by!!



Rochelle grew up dreaming up stories. When she entered high school, she tucked away her creative side and jumped head-first into academics, work, and service projects. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Political Science and Communication when she was twenty years old. After years away from her writing, Rochelle picked up a pen and started fleshing out a character sketch that she outlined when she was twelve. That sketch was the start of the Ashes and Ice story. Rochelle lives in the DC metro area with her husband and daughter. By day she works as a behavioral therapist. By night, she is a dreamer and is busy tapping out new stories on her keyboard.

Connect with Rochelle



Tuesday 19 February 2013

Blog Tour: Furthermore Review

Hello Therians!!

Well, I've told you all before that Furthermore is a fantastic anthology by some of the most exciting authors around!! And, that by purchasing a copy of this exciting read you will be supporting the American Cancer Society, as ALL royalties will go to this worthy cause.
So today I'd just like to reiterate how super awesome this anthology is!


A first date, a lottery, treachery and deceit. Sometimes fate has other plans. Sometimes there’s more to tell.

In Furthermore: An Anthology, seventeen original stories take you on a journey through worlds here and beyond. From the depths of the earth to the embrace of the sea, your favorite series continue. Prequels, alternative views, and new scenes give readers a chance to experience more than originally told. Including stories from Rebekah Campbell, David Estes, Amber Garr, Karen Amanda Hooper, Stephanie Judice, and Leigh Michael.

In honor of those who lost the battle and those who continue to fight, all proceeds from this anthology will be donated to cancer research and support.

Emily has never been a fan of surprises but Eric has something up his sleeve to change her mind. (The Darkness Through The Light Series)

The two Sullivan bodyguards are still human beings underneath it all. And everyone has a weakness. (The Darkness Through The Light Series)
When Eric asks his dad a question about his mother, it’s time to go back to where it all began and then went so badly wrong.
(The Darkness Through The Light Series)

After learning of her parents’ treachery, Tawni leaves home seeking to make amends for their transgressions.
(The Dwellers Saga)

With the survival of the human race on the brink, there’s only one way to decide who will be saved in the underground caves: The Lottery.
(The Dwellers Saga)

Kain witnesses Eviana’s deceit on their wedding day and is forced to deal with the consequences of her behavior.
(The Syrenka Series)

Daniel encourages the group to make a detour to the Grand Canyon, as the distance between the friends begins to rival the great ravine.
(The Syrenka Series)

Leila’s first encounter with her psychic mentor is nothing short of memorable.
(The Leila Marx Novels)

Blake finds a new job while Mac finds a friend who reminds him of home.
(The Leila Marx Novels)

Glimpse into one of Nathaniel’s previous lives and see how his soul mate reacts when tragedy strikes. (The Kindrily Series)

To escape her master’s vile desires, Muirne flees into the snow-swept night, finding a green-eyed stranger and a mystical destiny.
(Saga of the Setti Series)

Calm, cool, and complete scoundrel, Jeremy realizes the loss he’s suffered means nothing compared to true love.
(Saga of the Setti Series)

Warped by centuries of darkness, the creature Sveigja plots to capture Clara as his queen.
(Saga of the Setti Series)

Experience Annabelle’s struggle to fulfill the ABA Prophecy in a new light through the parting words of Adrian, Aurelia, Blake, and Lady Katherine. (Annabelle’s Story)

Get your copy now!!

Add it to your GoodreadsTBR list!!

Find out more about the American Cancer Society


I was so excited when I got the opportunity to read this great anthology.

I wasn't too familiar with the work of all the authors involved when I first started reading this book, but just knowing that David Estes was going to give me a glimpse into Tawni's life, as well as the Lottery that ultimately decided who continued living in his, The Dweller's saga, was enough to hook me.

I loved even more that I was introduced to the plethora of talent that makes up this anthology and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why I haven't picked up their books before this. Now, however, they will all feature on my TBR pile and I cannot wait to get to know the characters, whom I met in this anthology, better.

Even though the stories are only a few pages long, I lost myself in each.

From the explosive chemistry between Jeremy and Hannah (Saga of the Setti Series), to the exciting adventure to retrieve Triton’s lost shell (Annabelle’s Story), each story offered had me wanting more…no wait, make that NEEDING more!
It gets a deserving...

 photo TherianMoon-3.jpg

 photo utf-8BVG91Y2hpbmcrRVZpbCtUb3VyK0Jhbm5lci5qcGc.jpg


There are two, YES I said TWO giveaways for this tour!!

The first giveaway comprises of a signed paperback copy of Touching Evil, a signed paperback copy of Furthermore and surprise SWAG!!

Enter using the rafflecopter below :)

The second giveaway if for an eCopy of either Touching Evil or Furthermore (Mobi or ePub)

Enter using the below rafflecopter :)


Leigh Michael is an author of YA fiction. She's worked within the advertising world for nearly a decade before writing her debut series, Annabelle's Story. Furthermore: An Anthology is the next project to hit the shelves by Leigh and a handful of other authors (coming December 2012). Proceeds from each sale will be donated to help further more cancer research.

Leigh lives in Washington, DC with her husband and goldendoodle.
Please learn more about Leigh and her works at

Karen was born and bred in Baltimore, frolicked and froze in Colorado for a couple of years and is currently sunning and splashing around Florida with her two beloved dogs. She's addicted to coffee, chocolate and complicated happily-ever-afters.
Karen has been making up stories for as long as she can remember. In high school she discovered her passion for putting her thoughts onto paper, but it wasn't until her late twenties that she wrote her first novel. Due to her strong Disney upbringing, she still believes in fairytales and will forever sprinkle magic throughout all of her novels.

Amber Garr spends her days conducting scientific experiments and wondering if her next door neighbor is secretly a vampire. Born in Pennsylvania, she lives in Florida with her husband and their furry kids. Her childhood imaginary friend was a witch, Halloween is sacred, and she is certain that she has a supernatural sense of smell. She writes both adult and young adult urban fantasies and when not obsessing over the unknown, she can be found dancing, reading, or enjoying a good movie. Find out more at

David Estes was born in El Paso, Texas but moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when he was very young. David grew up in Pittsburgh and then went to Penn State for college. Eventually he moved to Sydney, Australia where he met his wife. A reader all his life, he began writing novels for the children's and YA markets in 2010, and started writing full time in June 2012. Now he travels the world writing with his wife, Adele. David's a writer with OCD, a love of dancing and singing (but only when no one is looking or listening), a mad-skilled ping-pong player, and prefers writing at the swimming pool to writing at a table.

Find out more at

In between working two different jobs and confusing myself about which job I should be at, I'm also a proud Indie Author. My debut, Living in the Dark, will be released in November 2012. Once I've stopped squealing and jumping in circles, I'll continue working on the rest of the Darkness Through the Light Series.

When I'm not tapping away at my computer, you'll find me busting some moves to my favourite bands or setting up on the Beach to have a bonfire with the best group of friend's I could ask for.

Find out more at

Stephanie Judice calls lush, moss-laden New Iberia, Louisiana, home where the landscape curls into her imagination creating mystical settings for her stories. She shares her small, southern lifestyle with her husband and four children. As a high school teacher of English and Fine Arts, she is immersed in mythology, legends, and art that serve as constant inspiration for her writings. Some of her favorite things are autumn leaves, southern accents, Gothic architecture, Renaissance festivals, family movie nights, and, of course, William Shakespeare. Writing is her haven for self-expression where imagination rules and dreams do come true.

RISING is her debut novel in the paranormal, teen series SAGA OF THE SETTI.
Find out more at the Saga of the Setti Facebook page.

Happy Reading!!

And thank you for supporting this great cause!!

Check out the other stops on the BLOG TOUR!


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Sassy Book Lovers: HUGE *ADULTS ONLY* GIVEAWAY! The Devil's Touch by Vivien Sparx

Check out the awesome giveaway over at Sassy Book Lovers!!
Win all 8 of Vivien Sparx's books as well as some fun SWAG!!
There's even a super, sexy teaser from The Devil's Touch!


Lucien Lance - a ruthless, relentless corporate raider. A man known for his single minded determination and his uncompromising thirst for money and power. A man so fearsome they had a name for him on Wall Street.


When young Angelica meets Lucien at a business function she quickly discovers just how dangerous and sexy Lucien is, as he seduces her into an erotic world of dominance and submission using a mysterious pleasure technique called the 'Devil's Touch'.

But Lucien's hunger for wealth and control comes with a cost... and Angelica must decide how much she is willing to risk to earn the chance of love.



Friday 15 February 2013

#Kindle #Freebies Feb 15th - 19th

Hello Therians,
Grab these two great books for FREE, Feb 15th - 19th
Sighs Too Deep For Words by William Jack Sibley


SIGHS TOO DEEP FOR WORDS is the story of a man in prison who falls in love, through lengthy correspondence, with a woman he’s never met. Getting out, he goes to find her and discovers that the love letters he’s received were written not by a woman but by a closeted gay man — a small town minister. Not only did the minister deceive the prisoner, but he sent a photograph of his sister (who lives with him) as a picture representing himself. And not only is the sister unaware of the ruse, but she herself happens to be a lesbian. The ex-prisoner has fallen in love physically with a woman who doesn’t know he exists, and mentally with a man he doesn’t know how to love. Set in the scenic Texas Gulf Coast fishing village of Rockport, SIGHS TOO DEEP FOR WORDS is a darkly humorous and contemplative examination of the parameters of love, sex, sexuality and cultural perspective.

Download the title here:

Author Links:

Read my REVIEW

2:32 AM by Emily Ford


In the early morning hours nearing her 17th birthday, Cat Townsend woke to the sudden blur of a mysterious unknown man sitting on the edge of her bed. She did not feel fear – rather a strange calmness overtook her. In an instant their eyes locked, he lightly touched her hand, and then he disappeared into the nothingness of night.
Caught in that undefined place between asleep and awake, the moment felt hazy and surreal. A chill ran down Cat’s spine as she glances at the time – it’s 2:32 a.m.

What unfolds in the first book of The Djinn Master’s Legacy trilogy, is young Cat’s personal struggle with the overwhelming choice to accept a destiny of magic. As she contemplates the merits of unparalleled power, her new and ordinary world in Savannah, Georgia is understandably shaken. The closer her decision gets, the more twisted her life with family, friends and boyfriend becomes. Will she choose to give up everything she cherishes?
Find out, in 2:32 A.M. The time everything happens.

Download the title here:
Author Links:

New Release & Giveaway: WitchLove by Emma Mills

Hello Therians!!
Happy (belated) Book Birthday to Emma Mills and WitchLove!!
That's right, the third book in the exciting WitchBlood Series was released yesterday :) 
And to celebrate, there are 5 ARCs of WitchLove up for grabs!!
Check out the giveaway at the end of this post. It's International!!!

(Sequel to WitchCraft – Book 3 in WitchBlood Series) 
With the reappearance of a lost love, Jess flees to the only people who can help her control her increasing powers and gain independence – her family’s coven. But with a bruised heart can Jess learn to forgive or will she find new love in the United States? Witchlove, the third installment of the Witchblood series, is a new adventure that takes Jess from New England to Voodoo country in the South.


What others are saying:

I love this series. I can hardly wait until the 3rd book, WitchLove is released… This is a series that I will look forward to re-reading just as the new book is ready for release.”
Carrie, book reviewer at

The characters feel real, the world feels authentic, and the story literally throbs with an underlying intensity that builds with each page. In short, Witchblood is an imaginative, satisfying read that still manages to leave the reader hungry for more.
Thomas Winship, author of Vaempires: Revolution & Vaempires: Zombie Rising


When Jess steals a glance at a gorgeous guy in a Manchester nightclub, little does she realise how he is going to change her life…or should that be death? Yet, the vampire clan could never have predicted what they were taking on. With Luke pronounced ‘off-limits’ and the blood of a vampire simmering in Jess’s body, can she forget the love of her life and move on? If not, she will risk exposing the entire Northern clan to untold dangers, in order to live her life the way she wants. Can Jess be sure that Luke is all he appears to be? Will she succumb to the attraction she desperately tries not to feel for Daniel? And why does she still crave a packet of crisps more than a tasty teenage boy’s blood?

Jess is no ordinary vampire. Protected by the Manchester vampire clan, and initiated by her family’s east coast American coven, she is sought after by every dark witch and warring vampire faction. Jess must fight if she wants to keep hold of her friends, her sanity and finally her existence. As the dead bodies of human girls begin to stack up, and her recently accepted vampire boyfriend, Daniel, finds himself in prison, Jess goes on a crazy, forbidden trip to London, racing against time to save an old friend and solve the mystery behind Daniel’s incarceration. In battling new enemies and finding new friends, Jess’s confidence finds room to grow, but who will she lose along the way?


Hi I'm Emma. I am happily married with two lovely children. I have always loved reading and writing and published my first novel WitchBlood in Jan 2012 with Witchcraft following in June and WitchLove due in Feb 2013. After acquiring an obsessive love of supernatural teen novels...yes I'm a Twilight fan...I decided to write my own supernatural story based here in Manchester in the UK, near where I live and grew up. It's currently dark, windy, cold and very very wet... and easy to get inspiration.

Find Me

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5 ARCs of WitchLove. Open International


Tuesday 12 February 2013

Release Day Launch: If You Stay by Courtney Cole

Hello Therians!

I am over the moon, crazy excited to be included in the release day launch for If You Stay by Courtney Cole. There's so much I want to say about this amazing book but I fear that words cannot express how phenomenal it it.

Check out my review below and enter for a chance to win!

"Love Never Fails"


24-year old Pax Tate is an asshole.
He’s a tattooed, rock-hard bad-boy with a bad attitude to match.
But he’s got his reasons.
His mother died when Pax was seven, leaving a hole in his heart filled with guilt although he doesn’t understand why. What he does know is that he and his dad are left alone and with more issues than they can count.
As Pax grew up, he tried to be the kid his father always wanted; the perfect golden boy, but it didn’t work. His dad couldn’t overcome his grief long enough to notice and Pax couldn’t keep up the impossible perfect façade.
So he slipped far, far from it.
Now, he uses drugs and women to cope with the ugliness, the black void that he doesn’t want to deal with. If he pretends that the emptiness isn’t there, then it isn’t, right?
And it’s never more apparent than when he meets Mila.
Sweet, beautiful Mila Hill is the fresh air to his hardened frown, the beauty to his ugly heart. He doesn’t know how to not hurt her, but he quickly realizes that he’s got to figure it out because he needs her to breathe.
When memories of his mother’s death resurface from where he’s repressed them for so long, Mila is there to catch him when the guilt starts making sense. Mila is the one…the one who can save him from his broken troubled heart; from his issues, from the emptiness.
But only if he can stop being an asshole long enough to allow it.
He knows that. And he’s working on it.
But is that enough to make her stay?
**Warning-Contains sex and violence**

Get your copy!!
This has to be one of the most amazing books I have had the pleasure of reading!
From start to finish I was enthralled and I couldn't put it down. I mean, WOW, what a way to introduce us to sexy, bad-boy, Pax Tate. And poor Mila, she deserves a medal for what she had to go through in the beginning.
The story is well paced and jam-packed with emotion. There wasn't a second that my heart wasn't in my throat. I loved the development of Pax and Mila's relationship, and boy, oh boy, are there some scorching hot scenes in this book! I especially loved the tantalising second date. It really upped the ante on the sensuality of this story...and it made me want to start painting!
Underneath it all, there is a really beautiful love story. One in which two people learn to accept, and love each other – as well as themselves. Everything about this couple felt real. They faced many hurdles but they also shared many beautiful tender moments.
I cannot express enough how much I loved the characters. Pax is flawed in so many ways. All he's ever known are bad habits, trashy people and the dark void that fills his soul. He doesn’t apologize for being a bad-boy. In fact, he quite clearly puts it out there that he has problems, take it or leave it. And I admired him for his brutal honesty. But his bad-boy side was clearly a shield and I was intrigued as to why he’d become that way. So when the truth was revealed, my heart shattered into tiny pieces.
Mila on the other hand, although more grounded and stable, really seems to be missing something. It felt like she was holding back and only started to live again after meeting Pax. She is such a wonderful, strong female MC, and I think we can learn a lot from her. She is independent, and even when she starts a relationship with Pax, she holds her own. She doesn’t become needy and clingy. She has doubts about him but they are all within reason, and when it does get to breaking point, she takes a step back. It takes all of her willpower but she does it, and I felt a sense of pride that she took the risk of letting go for the sake of their love.
These days it’s too easy for people to make promises and then break them without a thought, so I loved that Pax didn’t promise Mila the world, he only told her that he would try to not hurt her. And because of his love for her he turned that try into a lasting promise, proving that Love Never Fails.
As far as rating systems go, this book can get nothing less than...
 photo TherianMoon-3.jpg
Times that by a trillion, and that is what it truly deserves!!


Enter to win a signed copy of If You Stay!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Courtney Cole is a novelist who would eat mythology for breakfast if she could. She has a degree in Business, but has since discovered that corporate America is not nearly as fun to live in as fictional worlds. She loves chocolate and roller coasters and hates waiting and rude people.

Courtney lives in quiet suburbia, close to Lake Michigan, with her real-life Prince Charming, her ornery kids (there is a small chance that they get their orneriness from their mother) and a small domestic zoo.

Connect with Courtney

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