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The Redemption Series ReBLOGit Tour - Revisited by Lindsey Gray

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Hello Therians!!
Welcome back to my second day of The Redemption Series Blog Tour!
Revisited (Redemption #2) by Lindsey Gray is a fantastic follow up to book one.

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Category: Romance
Publication date: Aug 2, 2012
ISBN (paper): 978-1-61213-034-7
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-61213-035-4


As the Redemption series continues, in Revisited everyone's path leads into one.

Lily Edwards, the last remaining female vampire, is facing a daunting task. She has to find Liam Caldwell, the vampire she was forced to create, and change him back to his human state.

But Lily's task will not be an easy one as fellow remaining vampires, Filipp and Debir, have been secretly plotting her demise for decades and were the ones responsible for Liam being turned.

While Liam is grateful for Filipp and Debir's guidance during his transformation into the vampire he felt destined to be, he's having second thoughts as he learns their whole plan is not what it seems. A handpicked army of humans waits for Liam to change them into vampires at Filipp's instruction. Adding to the mix is Valentina Pavel, the last member of a Romanian witch coven, who brings forth new challenges of her own. Together, they all have Liam doing the unthinkable, pleading for a way out.

Lily's adopted daughter, Becca, is also preoccupied with a few dilemmas of her own. Discovering that the angel, Sam Fleming, is her biological father presents her with a choice to accept the powers of her birthright, or continue her human existence. She must find the answer while continuing to fight the feelings she has for fellow angel, Abe North, and her missing new love, Ian Holt.

Ian's world has been turned upside down now that the body-stealing demon, Gideon, is controlling him. Ian struggles as Gideon's decisions cause them both mental and physical pain. The only thing they agree on is their insatiable need to be with Becca at all costs.

Friends-now-turned-enemies struggle for their eternity, while enemies-turned-friends fight side by side. Will Lily's past give her the answers she needs to reach the future?


The second book in the Redemption Series lived up to all my expectations and delivered so much more. Many of the unanswered questions I was left with after reading Redemption, were answered and I finally had full grasp of the hows and whys of certain aspects of the story.

Book 1 carried a few subplots and it was great to see them each develop throughout Revisited. There were many surprising twists and turns as enemies were brought together in an attempt to thwart the evil plans set in motion to destroy Lily and the Manchester Group. Gideon, the demon obsessed with Becca, will stop at nothing to reach his ultimate goal. Using those closest to Becca to gain access to her. However, his plans don't go as planned with the revelation that Lily is still alive and with the return of Nathaniel Archer, whose visions alert the Manchester Group to Gideon's possession of a new vessel. But with the focus on Liam, the newly turned vampire, Gideon manages to infiltrate the group.

Liam finds himself the pawn of two of the last remaining vampires. With the arrival of Valentina and the strong bond they share, Liam wishes to right his wrongs, but will Lily be willing to forgive him for the chaos he caused in Redemption?

I enjoyed seeing the many complex relationships from Book 1 grow and strengthen. Becca is still torn between Abe and Ian, and there didn't seem to be any clear winner. A surprising change of events at the end of the story seemingly gives her the best of both, but it couldn't have been easy for any of the three involved. It was also great getting to see a little more of Lily's past and understand what caused the near extinction of the vampire race.  

The story was filled with action and adventure. With an ending that can only lead to an exciting continuation of this series, I cannot wait to see what lies in store for the characters I have grown to love.

It gets...

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Chapter 9

It didn’t take long for Lily to remember the days when she developed the cure with Martin. The notes she had skimmed through held no real interest to her. She knew what they contained. She knew what she would have to do.
“Why don’t you explain it to all of us then?” Ryan brought Lily out of her inner musings with the question.
She looked around the kitchen to find everyone in the room looking at her. Nathaniel, Ryan, Jefferson, Renee, Abe, and Sam all sat in silence as they waited for her answer. “It’s not that difficult to understand if you know what you’re talking about.”
“Humor us.” Ryan raised a brow, aware of his wife’s brilliance.
Lily shifted in her chair before picking up a few sheets of paper. “As you probably know, the easiest way to create a vampire is for a vampire to bite a human, allowing their venom to enter their bloodstream. Martin was under the belief our venom caused a mutation in human DNA, therefore, when induced, the mutation occurred.”
Lily singled out a sheet of paper with drawings of DNA strands and diagrams of single cells. “With a potent amount of venom introduced into the bloodstream, the mutation begins, whether it be through a bite or injection. The nucleus of each cell mutates, and one by one, they are all changed. Martin just found a way to reverse it.”
 Nathaniel took one of the papers from Lily’s hands and studied it. “Fascinating.” 
“Yes. Martin used a combination of different blood types to make up the cure. Instead of introducing venom into the bloodstream, he injected blood into the venomstream. At first, it didn’t work how he had hoped. We ended up having to come up with a perfect combination of several blood types from specific donors. Together, a smaller amount was more potent. Otherwise, it would have been like receiving a huge blood transfusion, and we weren’t sure many vampires could stand the prolonged process.”
Nathaniel patted Lily on the back. He knew her thoughts were of the deadly formula Martin, and so many others of her kind, had drunk, which had caused their ultimate demise. “As most of you know, an ingested formula is what killed all but Lily, Filipp, and Debir many years ago. Since Lily told me the story of that horrific day, I have done my own research. As it turns out, I believe the ingested formula was a highly concentrated version of Anton Cadreanu’s.”
Ryan brought his arms around Lily as the rest of the room fell silent.

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Lindsey Gray dreamed of being several different things as a child such as a doctor, an actress, and a chef, but none held her attention like putting pen to paper and creating her own world through words. Those words led her to The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House and the rest, as they say, is history. Revisited, her third full-length novel, is the second in The Redemption Series, and she has no plans to slow her creations down any time soon. A mid-west native, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, reading on her new e-reader, and making life interesting at each and every turn.

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