Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ahoy! Stop ePiracy Blog Hop

What is E-Piracy, and why are we making such a big deal about it??

Well, quite simply put, E-piracy is THEFT!!

That's right, when you click on that free download link, you are in every sense of the word stealing!

As an author, I'm thankful that I haven't fallen victim to this trend, yet. As a reader, I cannot believe that anyone would want to disrespect the very people who provide the tools that keep our imagination alive!!

Having said that, I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt before prosecuting them, so I have to believe that readers who download free books from unauthorized sellers are ignorant to the detrimental effect their actions will have. So I'd like to help them better understand why E-piracy can be so damaging. Time to bust some myths!

Myth 1: It's only one download, what harm can it do.
Imagine if a hundred, or even a thousand people all shared that sentiment. And let me assure you that illegal downloading equates to much more than a few thousand downloads!!

Myth 2: Authors can afford the loss.
Authors do not make millions from book sales. It normally takes months, or at least 10 000 or more copies sold before an author even starts to reap the rewards. Even then, the amount an author receives on each copy sold is not substantial. We write because it's our passion, not the path to becoming rich.

Myth 3: Illegal downloading doesn't hurt anyone.
Of course it does! Authors spend weeks, months, and in some cases years perfecting the art of writing, creating characters and stories for our entertainment. They pour their heart and soul into everything they write. Stealing their work is a slap in the face! But authors are not the only ones hurt in the process. The time and resources spent on making a book the best it can be, will mean that publishers are forced to increase the price of books, which means readers will have to fork out more for the books they love!

Myth 4: Only Indie Authors are affected by E-piracy
E-piracy has no bounds. Whether an author is self-published or represented by a large publishing house, there is a chance they will fall prey to pirates.

Myth 5: Books are too expensive to buy through an authorized seller
There are many other ways to get your hands on a book you want to read! Go to the library, borrow a book from a friend or save up until you have enough money to buy the book. Just don't steal it!!

There are so many torrent and free download sites, but if readers stop supporting their illegal activity, perhaps we can stop these pirates from destroying the industry we all love so much!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope I have shed some light on this topic, and I hope you will take a moment to think before pressing that download button!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting and participating in the Hop! I think there are alot of Myths out there about ePiracy. Thanks for raising awareness!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Alana! There are so many ePiracy myths that I think my post would never have come to an end LOL. These are the top five I keep coming across, so I though I'd highlight them :)


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