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Blog Tour: Excerpt: Phantom Heartstrings by Felicia Lynn


Phantom Heartstrings (Heartstrings, #3)

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Love comes easy to some. It came easy to me. Loving him was never an issue. Appreciating him was as easy as breathing. Years of living a life of what others viewed as perfection gave me the security I thought was most valuable. My marriage to Drake is symbolic of what others fight for, yet living in the glass house of perfection is the biggest challenge of my life. Life isn’t always what it seems. People change. Everyone has demons they fight and fighting them in secret to avoid letting others down takes its toll. Love came easy, but maintaining it is a whole different game. I thought the happily ever after would be the end of the story. That wasn’t the case. There’s so much more. It’s only so long before the glass house of perfection is clouded with buried secrets. Can we overcome this and get back to a place of true happiness, or will I always feel like I’m perfecting my acting skills to save face? Can I ever find the ending to this fairy tale life I wanted so desperately?


(Journal ENTRY)
My biggest fear was something happening to my children, my husband, or my marriage. The moment that my worst fear became my reality is overwhelming.
I was wrong. I handled it badly. I dont know what happened. I lost control of my mouth. I said things I shouldnt have and worst of all didnt mean. I wanted him to hurt. I wanted him to stop hiding behind the life goes on attitude. I wanted him to be angry and sad and just feel a fraction of what Ive felt in this loss. I was selfish. I wanted someone to blame and yell at, and now, I think Ive broken him. I think its done. Hes done. The fear of losing my husband has become a reality I never imagined it would be, and its because I emotionally drove him away.
I close the journal. I can barely see the words on the pages through the tears streaming from my eyes. Ive cried more tears in the past few weeks than I think Ive cried in my entire life. When I think its not possible to cry anymore, more come in spite of it.
The scene plays over and over in my head. Even in sleep, I cant escape the argument. When my eyes close, its worse. Its like a horrible show on repeat. I cringe, seeing the look on his face when I told him how I was feeling. I was just being honest. It was timelong overdue, actually. But I didnt just tell him. I yelled it to the moons. Im not even sure at this point I believe some of the things I said, yet I said them. Does that make it the truth? Does it make it hurt any less?
Im cuddled up in the chair in the library afraid to go to our bedroom. Afraid that when he finally comes to bed I wont be able to keep myself from going to him.  From comforting him and seeking his comfort. The biggest issue I see is that Im unsure of how its come to us being on different teams? Weve consistently been unified on all major issues. Why is this so different?
I sit staring at the white shelves full of my favorite books. Books that at one point I loved to read to escape. However, over the years, finding time to be me has been a challenge. Ive morphed into a mom, a wife, and a friend who has left nothing left for me. Ive forgotten myself. I dont even know who I am right now.
Drake was my constant. When the pressures of everyday life overwhelmed me, I could escape into him. I used his strength. I found solace within him through our connection, and that has held me together. Ive now made my husband, my best friend in the world, my enemy.
Sixty-three days ago, I lost everything. Our connection that created five little miracles now scares me. Its too powerful. It hurts too much. His touch makes my skin feel electrified. It makes me forget the bad, the hard times, the stresses. I cant forget. Forgetting is losing my miracle all over again.


Tied Up in Heartstrings (Heartstrings, #1)

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I thought my life would forever be defined by tragedy. The happily ever after I thought I had, ended prematurely and painfully. My daughter and I were stuck in a fog of self-preservation, afraid to believe that there wasn’t more pain waiting for us in the ‘real world’. Just the thought of allowing myself to embrace happiness and take a risk in order to feel that all-consuming love again is terrifying. And I’m not sure I would be able to survive if it all went away again. But… what choice do I have when I’m tied up in these heartstrings? I could cut the ties and run. Or I could take a chance on someone that my heart once yearned for and hope that he knows how to untangle the fear that holds my heart hostage. 

Mending Heartstrings (Heartstrings, #2)

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Just when my life seemed manageable, I’m thrown radically off course by “the one”. “The one” I wasn’t expecting. “The one” I never knew I wanted. “The one” who single handedly holds the key to the tattered lock safeguarding my heart. Letting someone into my protected sanctuary will only serve one purpose - intentional infliction of pain and heartache… and I’m positive I’m not capable of handling that.

New Rules: 1. Avoid LOVE at all costs. 2. No complications. 3. I will not become ‘dick’matized by the hotshot guitarist. It was only a no-strings attached weekend. 4. The lyrics he writes may seem magical, but it’s a façade. Lyrics can’t mend broken heartstrings – no matter how strong my heart swells with his words.



Felicia Lynn, author of The Learning Curve series and Heartstrings series, is a transplanted Florida girl, born and raised, who lives just north of Atlanta, GA. She spends most of her days holed up in a cozy chair with her laptop, writing about the characters that live in her head. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her hanging out with her family and friends or interacting with her readers and fellow book lovers on social media! She loves traveling, reading, live music, baseball, good food and great company.
Felicia writes contemporary romance and co-wrote The List, a mystery/suspense book she collaborated on with professional poker player, Chris Bell.


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