Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Show some love for this amazing author and her beautiful debut novel!!


Carrier of the Mark Blog Tour No. 2

Yes! It's blog tour no. 2 time.

This blog tour is going to take you on a journey behind the scenes of Carrier of the Mark, right to the heart of the locations that feature in the book. You'll get a little taste of what they're like, where the inspiration came from, and some odd and creepy fun facts too.  Make sure you join us for every stop and discover the world behind the world of Carrier of the Mark!

Stop 1 The Marina 26th September  
Stop 2 Equestrian Ctr 28th September
Stop 3 The School 30th September
Stop 4 Adam's house 3rd October
Stop 5 James Fort 5th October 
Stop 6 Cork City 7th October 
Stop 7 Dublin City 10th October 
Stop 8 Trinity College 12th October 
Stop 9 The Crypt 14th October 

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