Thursday, 22 September 2011


After much fighting and struggling with blogger and my entire system, I finally managed to get up the Tuesday Tease. Better late than never, right? Enjoy  

   She wrapped the blanket around her bare shoulders and gave a heavy sigh. Amber stared into the darkness of the woods just in front of her. There was a sudden rustle in the bushes just behind the plaque that made Amber’s heart beat rapidly. She strained her eyes, peering harder into the darkness, looking for any sign of movement. There wasn’t even a hint of the slightest breeze that could have stirred the leaves. Another rustle of the bushes had her on her feet, backing away toward the house. The rush of blood in her ears was deafening and she was gasping for breath by the time she reached the porch. The forest was full of scary beasts, so she wasn’t going to take any chances. But the sudden bone-chilling sensation that entered the atmosphere made her think that there was something more sinister watching from the shadows. The sensation crept up her spine like icy, skeletal fingers, finally resting on her neck, causing the fine hairs to stand on end. 

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