Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Wow! A week has flown by so quickly and it's already time for another tease :)) Enjoy!!

     Amber looked up and caught her breath. She was staring into the deepest, liquid hazel eyes she’d ever seen. The handsome guy in front of her smiled and inclined his head. She kept staring, taking in his tall frame and wide shoulders. He wore a bright aqua t-shirt that hugged his hard chest and contrasted beautifully with his deeply tanned muscular arms. Amber’s heart fluttered and a rush of desire erupted in her chest and spread over her entire body. She’d never felt such overwhelming emotions before and she wondered if this was what “love at first sight” felt like. She was aware that she stood with her mouth gaping open like a fool but she just couldn’t stop herself. He was beautiful, handsome, sexy…Oh my God! He’s smoking hot! Amber couldn’t find her voice either, and his brow furrowed when she still hadn’t spoken.

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