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Therian - A member of the contemporary subculture of Therianthropy, derived from the Greek therion (Θηριον, meaning "beast,") and anthrōpos (ανθρωπος, meaning "human,") refers to beings that are partly human and partly animal

Today I will be chatting to the ever handsome, Tayelon Cree. This should be interesting!!

Tayelon is a junior at Cyprus Falls University. We first met him when he came to Amber’s rescue on her first day at CFU. The two of them have shared a special connection ever since, but their relationship has been rocky at times, or more like ALL of the time (what do you expect when so many secrets are kept hidden!!) The ultimate question is…will things ever go back to the way they were after the tragic turn of events at the end of Book 1? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then I suggest you get your copy of Therian a.s.a.p!! A few hints were dropped in Amber’s interview and you may pick up a few more during my interview with Tayelon. Enjoy!!

Roxy: Hello, Tayelon.
Tayelon: Hey Roxy. How you doing? *flashes a gorgeous smile*
Roxy: *whispers* Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor *sigh, again* I’m doing really well. Thanks for asking. How are things with you these days? Kill anyone’s father lately? *asks nonchalantly*
Tayelon: Ouch. That was a low blow. I thought you were going to play fair.
Roxy: Okay, okay. I guess that wasn’t called for, but you know, we girls have to stick together.
Tayelon: Yeah, well, anymore of that and I’m outta here.
Roxy: No more questions about that, I promise. Why don’t you tell us a little about your family? You have an interesting heritage.
Tayelon: I guess. But I really shouldn’t be speaking about that either.
Roxy: Oh, please, enough with the secrets. So your family is a pack of wolf therians, big deal, which family doesn’t have their share of skeletons in the closet.
Tayelon: You make it all sound so normal. Do you have any idea how dangerous it can be for us if people were to find out? As it is, those who know about us think we are monsters.
Roxy: And by ‘those’, you mean Amber?
Tayelon: Nice try, but that’s not going to work.
Roxy: Come on, Taye. You can’t run from the truth forever. Do you have any idea what you did to that poor girl? She was a complete mess when I met with her a few weeks ago. Do you even care about her, or were you just using her to get to her father?
Tayelon: You’re crazy. I didn’t even know about her father until we went home for winter break. Sure I suspected she was a little different, but I had no idea her father was that vile creature. Besides, we did what we had to do. You can’t blame us for it.
Roxy: Are you saying Amber should just forgive you for killing her father?
Tayelon: No….I mean…well yeah, she should.
Roxy: Really? *raises an eyebrow, giving Tayelon a disbelieving look*
Tayelon: I know it doesn’t seem right that we killed Carmine, but there is so much more to the story. I just have to get Amber away from those other disgusting fiends, *shakes his head* so I can talk to her, and make her believe that what happened was the best for everyone; even her.
Roxy: So you really believe Amber should just forget everything that happened? What do you think; that she’ll coming running back into your open arms and you’ll go riding off into the sunset together?
Tayelon: *Heaves a sigh* I don’t know. I wish it were that easy. I just need to make Amber see how much I love her, and that I will always be here for her.
Roxy: Well, I’m sorry to break it to you but when I asked her about this whole mess…
Tayelon: You asked her about US? What did she say? *Sits up in his chair and looks at me eagerly*
Roxy: Like I said before, she was a complete mess, and the interview ended with her sobbing her eyes out…
Tayelon: Oh, well, I’m sure once I’ve spoken to her things will be different.
Roxy: You sound very confidant. So let me ask you this…if things were reversed, if Amber was the one who killed one of your family members, would you be able to forgive her?
Tayelon: Of course! *Shouts without a moment of hesitation* If the person she killed was destructive and a vicious monster, then I’d have to forgive her. Besides, I love her enough to at least hear her out, get her side of the story. Did she say she forgives me?
Roxy: Time is up! *reaches over and takes Tayelon’s hand* I think you should go back and read my interview with Amber to get your answer. Here’s the link to the post:

Thank you for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed the interview and if you have any questions for any of Therian’s characters please let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Visit me at 48fourteen and start a discussion on my forum thread -


  1. Ah typical male! They never take others into consideration. But I LOVED this interview! And way to go Roxy, you told him perfectly! I really cant wait for book 2!!! :)

  2. Thanks, Mags! :)

    Gonna try get an interview with Lucard next. If I can find him that is, haven't seen him since winter break :P
    Perhaps, Luna will be up for a chat!

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