Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review: The Shattered Islands: Part One - The Rakam by Karpov Kinrade

I have seen a fallen ship once, heard the bone chill screams and swam in the blood red water. I have fought the rakam and lived. I have loved a woman and lost her to the waves. I have seen the black kiasheen. Now, I am on a ship I do not recognize with people I do not call friend. They ask me who I am. I tell them little…

For I am here for them.

I must find their secrets. I must speak to the woman with the blue eyes. When I am finished, perhaps I will tell them who I am, for they have heard my story, and they think they know the end.

They are wrong.

This is only the start.

And tonight, I begin.
This was a thrilling introduction to an exciting new series, promising an adventure-filled ride through this new and exotic world.
Karpov Kinrade held me captive with mysterious characters, beautiful imagery, and an ending that has me wanting more. Chockfull of action, this quick read had me on the edge of my seat and I cannot wait to continue the journey with Dak'Ra as he traverses the Shattered Islands in search of the black kiasheen and his long lost love.

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