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Blog Tour & Giveaway: 2:32am by Emily Ford - Cat Townsend Guest Post

Hello, Therians!

Welcome to the 2:32am Blog Tour with Giveaway, hosted by JKS Communications! 2:32am is the first book in the Djinn Master's Legacy trilogy by Emily Ford.


Paperback, $8.99
ISBN: 9780988404601
eBook, $5.99
ISBN: 9780615601694
YA fiction, 329 pages
October 1, 2012

In the early morning hours nearing her 17th birthday, Cat Townsend woke to the sudden blur of a mysterious unknown man sitting on the edge of her bed. She did not feel fear – rather a strange calmness overtook her. In an instant their eyes locked, he lightly touched her hand, and then he disappeared into the nothingness of night.
Caught in that undefined place between asleep and awake, the moment felt hazy and surreal. A chill ran down Cat’s spine as she glances at the time – it’s 2:32 a.m.
What unfolds in the first book of The Djinn Master’s Legacy trilogy, is young Cat’s personal struggle with the overwhelming choice to accept a destiny of magic. As she contemplates the merits of unparalleled power, her new and ordinary world in Savannah, Georgia is understandably shaken.  The closer her decision gets, the more twisted her life with family, friends and boyfriend becomes. Will she choose to give up everything she cherishes?
Find out, in 2:32 A.M. The time everything happens.
I don't want to say too much about this book, you'll have to wait for my review a little later this week, but it's a definite must read for all readers who love a good love triangle. Cat Townsend is a really sweet character whose life turns flip side up and she is forced to make many difficult decisions. Today Cat is here to shed some light on the heartbreak and emotions that rocked her in the first instalment of this series.

Hey, Cat Townsend here!


        Let’s talk heartbreak. 

        I know, I know…you think I have no room to talk since getting caught up in a love triangle is just about the most stupid thing a girl can do.  But I’m not the only one in history to ever find herself caught in a mess like this. 

        Look no further than some of the greatest love affairs ever -- Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, or Queen Guinevere, King Arthur and Sir Lancelot!  Add to that the fictitious but no less enticing love between Scarlett O’Hara, Rhett Butler and Ashley Wilkes. I would say I’m in rather good, if not uncomfortable company.

        But try explaining how it’s even possible to have such enormous feelings for two different guys to my close friends or family.  It’s like speaking a different language. No one can understand this kind of love.  (Not even me).

        I look back and try to pinpoint the exact moment I knew I was in love with both guys, and I can’t.  Not really. The depths of my emotion for Todd and Rolf just slammed me.  And I’ll never really be able to let go.

        And that’s what sucks. 

        For now I’ve chosen Rolf.  But in my heart of hearts – the place I’m too afraid to go…I know I can’t let go of Todd. Not fully.  That’s the worst part of heartache.  He’s a part of me, woven into my soul.  And the entire not-being-able-to-trust myself around him feeling that I get if I see him, or think I’ll see him, will be there always. 

        For the rest of my life.

        And that unfortunately is going to be a really, really long time.

        Bye for now.      

Awww, my heart just breaks for her. Really, once you read this book you will know why I say that and exactly why Cat is so torn!

About the Author
Debut novelist Emily Ford has always been a storyteller. As a kid at summer camp in Maine, she’d make up ghost stories at bedtime for her fellow bunkmates.
Her Djinn Master’s Legacy trilogy also began as a simple bedtime story, intended for Ford’s then adolescent children to have in writing and use to tell their own kids one day. By the time she finished writing, she had three very full books.
2:32 a.m., Ford’s first installment of her young adult series, caught early readers’ attention as a fiction book minus the typical vampire and werewolf characters.
The Texas writer interned each summer with KHOU-TV in Houston while gaining her bachelor’s degree in radio and television at The University of Arizona. She worked on the copy desk at The Dallas Morning News, and eventually started the marketing company KapsMark, Inc.



And now onto the giveaway!! (US Only)

One lucky winner will get a copy of 2:32am :) All you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter below!!

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