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Blog Tour & Giveaway: 2:32am by Emily Ford - Author Interview

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Welcome to my third day on the 2:32am Blog Tour with Giveaway, hosted by JKS Communications! 2:32am is the first book in the Djinn Master's Legacy trilogy by Emily Ford.

Don't forget to check out the giveaway at the end of the post for your chance to win a copy of 2:32am!! ( US Only )


Paperback, $8.99
ISBN: 9780988404601
eBook, $5.99
ISBN: 9780615601694
YA fiction, 329 pages
October 1, 2012


In the early morning hours nearing her 17th birthday, Cat Townsend woke to the sudden blur of a mysterious unknown man sitting on the edge of her bed. She did not feel fear – rather a strange calmness overtook her. In an instant their eyes locked, he lightly touched her hand, and then he disappeared into the nothingness of night.

Caught in that undefined place between asleep and awake, the moment felt hazy and surreal. A chill ran down Cat’s spine as she glances at the time – it’s 2:32 a.m.

What unfolds in the first book of The Djinn Master’s Legacy trilogy, is young Cat’s personal struggle with the overwhelming choice to accept a destiny of magic. As she contemplates the merits of unparalleled power, her new and ordinary world in Savannah, Georgia is understandably shaken. The closer her decision gets, the more twisted her life with family, friends and boyfriend becomes. Will she choose to give up everything she cherishes?

Find out, in 2:32 A.M. The time everything happens.

You've already met, Cat Townsend, now let me introduce you to, Emily Ford, the talent behind this exciting new series.
Hi Emily,
Thank you for taking the time to join us for a Q & A session!
1.      Tell us a bit more about yourself.
                        Well let's see...I'm a mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, tennis partner, sports-aholic, taxi driver, short-order cook, Starbucks addict, fundraiser, reader, ice cream aficionado, world traveler, storyteller (big and small), klutz, animal lover and closet 'The Voice' fanatic. Did that cover it?
2.      Describe yourself in three words. 
3.   What do you do when you are not writing?
            Procrastinating probably. I'm easily distracted by beautiful weather and a pair of sneakers.
4.      What five things do you never leave home without?
                        Hopefully my purse and keys, but also my computer, gum, pink lip gloss and a sweater.
5.      Who/what inspired you to write your first novel?
            My kids! We told awesome bedtime stories that couldn't be forgotten.
6.      What has been your most rewarding experience on the road to being published?
                        Finishing the series.
7.      What is the best piece of advice you have been given as an author?
                        Find your voice and stick with it. 
8.      What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
            Find your voice and stick with it.
9.      Who are your favorite authors to read?
                        There are way too many to list. But all time favoriteswould have to include classics like: Dr. Seuss for his absolute brilliance, J.R.R Tolkein for his imagery and description, and Margaret Mitchell for the gift of history in Gone With The Wind. But others include Agatha Christie, Harold Robbins, Dean Koontz, Robert Ludlum, and the amazing storytelling ability of JK Rowling, who gave a new generation of readers the gift of holding a book in their hands.
10.      How did you come up with the idea for 2:32am?
                        The idea began as a bedtime story for my kids, and as all my stories, started with "There once was a girl/boy named__________". All the tales I ever told were about real kids in real situations, usually scary for my son, and more adventurous for my daughter. The story and plot twists would emerge as I went along and were never preconceived. Such as 2:32 AM came about. So in the end I'd say, the story more or less, wrote itself.
11.      Are any of the characters based on someone you know? 
                        Not any one person, but probably a conglomeration of several people I've known.
12.   Who is your favorite character, and why?
            As the creator of each personality, the only fair answer is "all of them". Seriously, I'm so connected to each of them they feel very real to me. In fact, if I see someone walking down the street that physically resembles someone, I have this instant where I'm tempted to say something. Thank goodness I don't. That would be creepy.
There are however, those characters I wish I could know. I'd love to meet Finnegan, say over brandy with a roaring fireplace nearby and listen to some of his tales. No doubt I wish I had his wisdom...
13.      Which chapter was the most enjoyable/memorable to write, and why?
                        The ending. It's memorable, as in nightmare! It's impossible for me to know where, and when to stop. Thank goodness for amazing Editors. Sometimes you just have to be told what to do!
14.      Are you working on any special projects at the moment?
            Books 2 and 3. They're just itching to get out!
15.      Where can readers stalk you?
                        Links to my social networking sites etc. can be found in my bio below.

About the Author

Debut novelist Emily Ford has always been a storyteller. As a kid at summer camp in Maine, she’d make up ghost stories at bedtime for her fellow bunkmates.

Her Djinn Master’s Legacy trilogy also began as a simple bedtime story, intended for Ford’s then adolescent children to have in writing and use to tell their own kids one day. By the time she finished writing, she had three very full books.
2:32 a.m., Ford’s first installment of her young adult series, caught early readers’ attention as a fiction book minus the typical vampire and werewolf characters.

The Texas writer interned each summer with KHOU-TV in Houston while gaining her bachelor’s degree in radio and television at The University of Arizona. She worked on the copy desk at The Dallas Morning News, and eventually started the marketing company KapsMark, Inc.
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