Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cover Reveal: Shadow of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Hello, Therians!

Today I have the great pleasure of revealing the cover for Shadow of the Mark by Leigh Fallon!!
I won't keep you waiting...so here goes...drumroll please....

Isn't it beautiful!?! I really love the colors!
And now, here's a little more about Shadow of the Mark...
Life for Megan Rosenberg just got a lot more complicated.

While she evoked the air element, and her feelings for Adam intensified, a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal has been spun around her.  With the Order tightening its hold, and the reinstatement of the Mark Knights, Megan has more questions than answers as the Marked Ones grow in strength.
New people arouse suspicion, the DeRises start behaving strangely, and Megan begins to unravel a destiny shrouded in mystery.  It’s a destiny the Order has struggled to hide, and a destiny someone from the past…far in the past, has already laid claim to.

Shadow of the Mark is the second instalment in the Carrier series! I really loved Carrier of the Mark and I cannot wait for the release of Shadow of the Mark!
I have followed Leigh Fallon's career ever since she appeared on Inkpop, and she is truly an inspiration to all aspiring authors. Especially those on Figment (previously Inkpop) as well as Authonomy!

Carrier Trilogy by Leigh Fallon
About the Author:
I started out life in South Africa. A year later my parents moved home to Dublin, Ireland. When I was older and realized my parents had moved me from exotic Durban, to sedate Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, I was rightly ticked off.
Giving up lions for sheep, I grew up in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains where I went to a convent school and had to contend with uniforms, gabardines, and nuns. When not dodging the beady glare of the Sisters of Mercy, I was devouring every book I could get my hands on.
I traveled all over Europe while working in banking and treasury, but I gave up my calculator in favor of a keyboard and haven’t stopped writing since. My first book, Carrier of the Mark, was published by HarperTeen in 2011.
Our home is in Cork in the south of Ireland, but we’re currently on loan to Massachusetts in the US where I continue to write books about magic, ghosts, and romance, with a bit of Irish flavor.
What Leigh had to say about the cover:
"I know, there's no mistaking it. This is definitely a Carrier Series cover, but that was the intention. After the amazing reception to the cover of Carrier of the Mark, HarperCollins wanted Shadow's cover to be instantly recognizable. And it is, but the new darker color palette reflects the darker tone that this installment brings, and the pink and purple really make it pop. I love it and think HarperCollins have done another amazing job. I hope you like it too."

Leigh Fallon can be found on Goodreads, Twitter & Facebook. You can also connect with her on her Blog or Website.
Carrier Trilogy by Leigh Fallon
Shadow of the Mark is due to hit the shelves on the 9th July 2013 but you can pre-order it now on Amazon.
And if you really cannot wait that long (I know I can't), Leigh is giving away one signed ARC of Shadow of the Mark, as well as a signed copy of Carrier of the Mark and some awesome swag!!

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Haven't read Carrier of the Mark??? Why not!!???

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