Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Release Day Launch: Review & #Giveaway: Escaping Me by Elizabeth Lee

 Hello, Therians!

I am super excited to be sharing this amazing book with you all today!


Escaping Me by Elizabeth Lee!!

 There's a fantastic giveaway below, so be sure to check it out before moving on!

All she wanted to do was forget. Forget the memory of walking in on her boyfriend in the middle of, well, another girl. Forget how she had her entire life planned out. And, forget about being perfect all the time. Unfortunately, she was Whitney Vandaveer and despite the fact that she moved to the middle of nowhere—she couldn't.

He always knew he would never be more than nothing. No job, no money, no future. Cole Pritchett had accepted the fact that he would always be the screw up and he was okay with it. Until he met her.

Here's the thing they quickly found out—sometimes we all need a little help escaping who we think we are.

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This has to be one of my favorite reads of the year.

The characters were amazing. I was captivated by their story and I really cared about what happened to them.

Whitney, although a rich city girl, was sweet and quite down to earth for someone who'd been living the high life with daddy. I think she inherited more of her mother's personality, and it shone through from start to finish. Her mom and sister were so much fun, and they all shared this bond that couldn't be broken, even with the many miles and years that had separated them, as well as the devastating secret that made it's way out of hiding. I was glad that although Whit had escaped her normal life to get away from her douche of an ex, it gave her the time to reconnect with her family.

Cole Pritchett...hmmm, just thinking about him puts a huge smile on my face. First of all, I'm a sucker for tattoos, and secondly I have a soft spot for broken, misunderstood bad boys. He was really just a good, genuine guy who'd had a sucky life which ultimately pushed him in the wrong direction. His brother's hard ass attitude was the best thing that could have ever happened to him, and I was so happy that he found someone who was willing to give him a chance. His actions in this story showed a totally different picture of the guy first introduced; not only with his dedication to his work, but also the way in which he treated Whitney.

Things weren't easy for them. They had to deal with their own stubbornness, and then the many outside influences that threatened their relationship, but it only made them stronger, and solidified their love for each other.

At times this book was predictable but I didn't care one bit, I was just so in love with everything about it. It was sexy and sensual, sweet and charming, fun and exciting, and emotionally charged all at the same time. Basically it was the perfect read. 

 Therefore it deserves a perfect score :)

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