Friday, 19 December 2014

Holiday Hop: OH! You're One of those People... by Glenn T. Schaefer

It might be the person sitting next to you in the movie theatre. Could be the person at work with the perpetual smile. It's difficult to always recognize someone suffering with the perils of depression or the humiliation of being homeless. These are not "diseases" that always select the socially downtrodden as is the public perception, but can alter the lives of anyone.
Depression is not a choice nor is it a fault and it can cripple the strongest. 

 Those suffering from depression don't always know how to reach out for help fearing embarrassment and ridicule, but when they do, it's important to listen, care and extend a helping hand. Depression is real and it does hurt. Medication can help, therapy can aid the efforts, but if you are a friend of someone with depression...reach out and squeeze a hand.
That will be remembered. 

 Having been born and raised on the south side of Chicago, two things were learned...almost at birth. Deep dish pizza was a culinary gift to mankind and rooting against the Cubs was almost as fun as becoming a life-long White Sox fan. Even a move to the rural areas of Illinois didn't curtail the passion for Chicago sports teams....and certainly not for pizza. A third possible lesson learned is that there really isn't a Sasquatch anywhere to be found and never will be. 

 After a rather uneventful two years at Eastern Illinois University studying journalism in his first life, Schaefer recently returned to school to complete a degree in Public Relations and Marketing and is continuing his educational process by working on a Master's Degree in Fine Arts concentrating on creative writing at Fairfield University in Connecticut. After 20 years on the streets selling advertising for CBS radio and television, the current passion is teaching at the college level and to help students expand their creative thoughts through the written word. The author's work can be found in numerous newspaper columns and sports blogs across the country. 

 Schaefer also works with the National Coalition for the Homeless as an advocate and at various local organizations serving those who are dealing with homelessness or depression. For information how you can serve, contact,%201

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