Thursday, 30 June 2016

Promo: Haunting Fairytales Collection: Volume 1 by R.L. Weeks

Title: Haunting Fairytales Collection
Release date: July 29th, 2016
Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing

Reimagining The Frog Prince, Beauty and the Beast, Rumplestiltskin, Little Mermaid, and Cinderella, R. l. Weeks brings you The Haunting Fairytales Collection, Volume 1.

Edward was cursed to be a Toad after breaking Lori’s heart. Now he wants his happy ending back, and he doesn’t care how many happily ever after’s he ruins trying to get it.

Lori, now the Evil Queen, is out to make sure that, that doesn’t happen.

Stilt will use any means necessary to get what he wants after a disastrous incident which left his wife childless and heartbroken.

Belle, Ariel, James, and many more characters find themselves as pawns in a dangerous game played between Edward, Lori, and Stilt.

Tag lines:

‘Be careful what you wish for’

‘They are just pawns caught in a dangerous game played by three of the most powerful sorcerer’s in all the lands’

‘Once upon a time there was one revengeful queen, out to punish he who broke her heart. One remorseful sorcerer trying to right a wrong after an incident that changed his life for the worst and one greedy prince who will do anything he can to get what he wants’

Not all Fairytales have a happily ever after’


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