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Blog Tour: Review + #GIveaway: Where Dead Bodies Lie by Kat Cazanav


Where Dead Bodies Lie (The Body Dowser Series, #1)
Release Date: 12/16/14

For as long as I can remember, I have been told to follow three important rules;
Always guard my ability
Never share my secret
And pretend to be normal.

However, those three little rules don’t make my life easier. I still find dead people and deal with strange visions. Not to mention, an attraction to a boy who doesn’t exist. Whenever we cross path’s he mists away like smoke on a mirror. He drives me crazy, that Kaff Cooper.

As a flock of dead crows fall from the blackened sky, Kaff becomes the only one who can see the truth straight to the dark underbelly of who I actually am.

My hands feel the pull to extract the forsaken, the lost, the forgotten. It comes as naturally as breathing and there is no stopping it. 


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This book was freaking awesome! It sucked me in from the first word and kept me in its clutches until the very end.

I’m an avid reader, and there are many books that I love, but there are only a few that have me so enthralled that I stay up into the wee hours, devouring every word, saying “just one more chapter” at the end of every chapter, only closing the book when I’ve reached the end – this book was one of them.

The characters are engaging and instantly likeable. Even Kelly and the other hoity toity elitists that attended LeMoray, because they were characters you love to hate. Well written, each had their place and played their part so well throughout this book that the story played out like a movie in my mind. In fact, I would love to see this book come to life on the big screen. I’d be first in line to see it.

Kaff *sigh*…Kaff was charismatic and gorgeous, and just everything that turned my insides into a butterfly haven. I loved his bad boy charm, his soulfulness, and his ability to care and love for Ella in a way that stood the test of time.

This book was exciting, full of adventure and even some spine-chilling moments that had me looking over my shoulder and jumping at shadows. It was unique and intriguing, with a great plot that was filled with twists and turns. I loved every second of it and cannot wait for more from this series.

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