Wednesday, 5 August 2015

48fourteen's SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS #GIVEAWAY #Team48fourteen

48fourteen's SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS GIVEAWAY is back!!!!

We all know that euphoric feeling that comes with reading an amazing book, and what a better way of letting others know just how fantastic it was by leaving a review. It's really one of the best things any reader can do and authors will love you forever for it!!
Here's your chance to win some awesome prizes for being so wonderful and showing your support for your favorite 48fourteen novels.
The prizes!
  • $30.00!!! You decide if you want it in cash via PayPal OR an electronic gift card…like Amazon.
  • THREE 48fourteen eBooks of YOUR choice!
  • 48fourteen Bookmarks
One winner will be selected on September 1, 2015!
For more details on how to enter go HERE!
Remember to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!! And for a chance to win more prizes, check out the Facebook post associated with this giveaway – on 48fourteen's Facebook page.
Good luck!
Happy reading!

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