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Review: The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer

The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer
(Witches of BlackBrook #1)
Published by: Amber Leaf Publishing
Publication date: June 23rd 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound.

Three sisters escape the Salem witch trials when the eldest casts a spell that hurdles their souls forward through time. After centuries separated, fate has finally reunited them in the present day.

One the healer, one the teacher, and one the deceiver.

Will their reunion return their full powers, or end their souls journey forever?

A Witches of BlackBrook novel.

I was extremely intrigued by this book by it's cover alone, and I'm happy to report that the story within was just as beautiful.
It was an exciting mix of mystery and magic, with a bit of romance and action thrown in for good measure. I was enthralled from the very beginning, and as the story unfolded the more enchanted I was by this spellbinding tale.
I enjoyed being taken back in time to see Trin and her sisters in the past, showing just how close they were, and it only made her need to bring them together all the more important. I had an inkling that there was something up with a certain character, but I never would have imagined that she was as devious as she turned out to be. It was a major twist that changed everything about this book and took me completely by surprise.
This book was about a fight between good and evil, about the survival of witches, but most of all it was a wonderful story about hope and a bond that stood the test of time. It was an uplifting story that warmed my heart.



Award Winning Author, Tish Thawer, writes paranormal romances for all ages. Her magickal elements and detailed world-building are a welcome constant in every novel. 

Before becoming a writer she worked as a computer consultant, a photographer, and a graphic designer. She also operate a custom glass etching business, in addition to being a wife and the mother of three wonderful children.

She's have been a fan of the paranormal for as long as she can remember.  Anything to do with superpowers, myth and magic has always held a special place in her heart.  From her first paranormal cartoon, Isis, to the phenomenon that is Twilight, this genre has always been a part of her life.

A FAQ: "How do you pronounce her last name?"
Answer: Think "Bower" or "Thow-er". It's Persian! 

Amber Leaf Publishing

Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management

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