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SPOTLIGHT: Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield

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Today the spotlight is on Cheryl Rainfield's Hunted!

Caitlin, a paranormal teen, and her mom are on the run from government Para-troopers, who chase down, torture and imprison all known Paranormals. Caitlin and her mom must move frequently to avoid detection, but she enrolls in the local high school as they hide in plain sight  in a seedy motel,hoping for some senseof normalcy before taking off again.
Caitlin's dad, also a Para, was murdered by a mob when he spoke out for para rights. In the commotion, a woman snatched Caitlin's brother Daniel and no one knows where he is or if he is even still alive. Caitlin's mom loses her Para abilities from the shock of these terrible events. When Paras  begin to be murdered by the Para Reaper, Caitlin is  in even greater  danger; at school, anti-Para classmates make accusations that cost some students their freedom and sometimes their lives. As if things aren't complicated enough, Caitlin falls for a classmate, Alex, a Normal, and thus dangerous for her to be with for fear of betrayal.
As the government crackdowns worsen, Cailtin finds her long lost brother, right in the halls of her own high school. He is now a government Para, something he tries to hide from her at first. Caitlin knows Daniel is changed and damaged, but trusts him until she learns of his intentions toward Normals. The two ultimately clash  in a massive power struggle that pits the siblings against each other. Will Caitlin vanquish  her powerful brother and save the Normals, or will the future be bleak for Alex and all of his kind?

Praise for Hunted:

"Spellbound by this one! HUNTED’s got my vote for the sharpest, most thought-provoking fantasy I’ve read in a long time. It’s hard not to fall in love with resilient, defiant Caitlyn, whose voice is as tough as it is pure.
Vividly realized and tightly wound, HUNTED builds tension on the edge of a knife. Its cut-glass style will hook you, and its brave and provocative themes are sure to stir up both emotions and conversation."

--Adele Griffin, Author of Where I Want to Be, National Book Award finalist, Kirkus Best Book, ALA Best Book

“In this suspenseful parable of prejudice and oppression, Rainfield creates unique, appealing characters we root for until the satisfying end.”
--Pam Bachorz, author of Candor, 2011 YALSA Popular Paperback

“With its eerily contemporary themes, Hunted will set your pulse to pounding as Caitlyn, struggles to cling to a faith in the basic goodness of humankind in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”
--Cinda Williams Chima, The Demon King, A VOYA Perfect Ten, VOYA's Best Science Fiction, 2011 ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults list, and more!

HUNTED has been nominated for the Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy!

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About the Author:

love to read. Books nurture me, helped me survive the abuse I endured as a child and teen. I also love to write. I write fantasy books and edgy, realistic fiction for teens.
My fantasy books often hold hope that I need, and feel others might need, too, while my realistic fiction is gritty, intense, and emotional. All of my books have fragments of the abuse I experienced. I write about some of the harsh things teens go through...things that I think shouldn't be hidden. But I also write about healing, hope, and love, and finding courage and strength.
In SCARS (WestSide, 2010), Kendra must face her past and stop hurting herself before it's too late. It's my arm on the cover. There's a lot of me in SCARS; like my main character, Kendra, I am an incest survivor, I used self-harm to cope, and I'm queer. In my teen paranormal fantasy/dystopian, HUNTED (WestSide, Oct 2011), Caitlyn is a telepath in a world where that is illegal, and she must choose between saving herself or saving the world. Like Caitlyn, I know what it's like to have my life threatened, to face oppression, to experience torture, and to break free from cult or from a group of oppressors. And I know what it's like to have to decide between hiding my true self or being who I am, even if that means danger to myself. I drew on my experience with cults and ritual abuse in creating the world that Caitlyn lives in.
In STAINED, my upcoming YA novel from Harcourt (2013), Sarah, who has a port wine stain and some body image issues, is abducted and must find a way to rescue herself. Like Sarah, I was often imprisoned for long periods of time as a child, had my life threatened, and had to rely on my own strength to survive.

Books were my survival during my childhood, and my journey into myself. Books give me hope. I hope mine will give you hope, too, or something that you need.
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