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Review, Author Q & A + #Giveaway: Nadia's Obsession by Charles D. Martin

Nadia's Obsession continues the story of a young Russian woman as told in Charles Martin's first novel, Provocateur.

A Brief prologue enables readers to jump right into the his second novel, if they have not read the first.

Martin's fascinating protagonist was born an orphan and had a troubled desperate early life, but was blessed with superior intelligence and beauty. She escaped her impoverished circumstances coming to America through a mail-order-bride program. In America, she became involved with an ex-CIA agent named Olga and, as part of her unique enterprise, is catapulted into a thrilling and dangerous life filled with suspense, intrigue and sexual tension. 

This second novel steps up the pace of intrigue and sexual intensity as Nadia and Russoff, the Russian oligarch, clash again in a battle of wits.  A new romance emerges and takes its twists and turns and the reader experiences new aspects of the gamesmanship between the sexes.  Charles Martin once again holds us spellbound and leaves us wanting more.

Advanced Praise for “Nadia’s Obsession”

“Martin has crafted another engrossing tale of seduction, cyber mischief and international intrigue, featuring Nadia Borodina of ‘Provocateur’ fame, a woman other women want to be, and all men want to have, but only the reader truly wins.”
– David Ward, Academy Award-winning screenwriter for “The Sting” and nominee for “Sleepless in Seattle”

“Pounding suspense strikes again in Chuck Martin’s new thriller! I got totally pulled into ‘Nadia’s Obsession’…and you will, too. Great for your summer escape!”
– Harvey Karp, M.D. best-selling author of “The Happiest Baby” series

“Charles Martin has created a contemporary version of Lilith. His new novel sizzles with intrigue and sexual tension.”
– Nancy Nigrosh, consulting editor,

“‘Nadia’s Obsession’ creates a journey that follows her through many worlds of danger as she moves like a tornado through a maze of intrigue…Nadia’s journey involves emotional development even as it revolves around intrigue, dangerous wealthy men, and high-stakes international schemes.”
– Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“…a fast-paced plot packed with twists, turns and international intrigue, ‘Nadia’s Obsession’ lies in not just the protagonist, but a host of powerful female women.”
– Midwest Book Review

Marissa Curnutte


Author Charles D. Martin returns with second book in ‘Provocateur’ series this August

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Rich and powerful men, beware – the sexy heroine who notoriously preyed on alpha males in writer Charles D. Martin’s “Provocateur” is back and more daring than ever in his newest release, “Nadia’s Obsession” (Aug. 27, 2013, Chaney-Hall Publishing).

Following Martin’s enthralling debut novel, “Nadia’s Obsession” marks the return of Nadia Borodina, a cleverly seductive leading lady who uses her superior feline assets to succeed with alpha males and get exactly what she wants. Nadia grew up in a Russian orphanage and made her way to America as a mail-order bride. After meeting an ex-CIA agent, Nadia’s life changes forever as she is propelled into the high life with powerful men. In Martin’s second book, the battle of the sexes continues between Nadia and a wealthy Russian oligarch.

“Martin has crafted another engrossing tale of seduction, cyber mischief and international intrigue, featuring Nadia Borodina of ‘Provocateur’ fame, a woman other women want to be, and all men want to have, but only the reader truly wins,” says David Ward, Academy Award-winning screenwriter for “The Sting” and nominee for “Sleepless in Seattle.”

In “Nadia’s Obsession,” Martin once again explores the power that audacious women hold over men. The book is brimming with intrigue, sexual tension and brilliant dialogue.
“I love writing about strong, intelligent, independent women… they are sexy and fun,” says Martin.

Martin grew up in a small Ohio town and later established a pair of successful investment firms. He now runs a hedge fund, Mont Pelerin Capital LLC, and serves on investment boards for prominent universities. Martin and his wife live in southern California.


This book was very different from the genre I usually read, and I loved every minute of it. 

It was dark and gritty, and reminded me very much of the TV series, Nikita. With strong female characters who kick ass and take no prisoners, using their feminine wiles to control and destroy powerful men, this was a fantastic, action-packed psychological thrill ride.

Although I haven't read the first book in this series, Provocateur, the beginning provides a clear review of what happened in book one; how and why the characters find themselves where they do. But I guarantee that if you read Nadia's Obsession before Provocateur, as with me, you will be intrigued to grab a copy for yourself.

I was mostly drawn to the relationship Nadia had with Russoff. It was filled with an intense passion that saw two very powerful, determined people always looking to get the one up on the other, but who worked together to form a force to be reckoned with. Nadia seemed to be unlucky in love and I had to wonder if she'd already found her match in Russoff.

This story will speak to the hearts of a variety of readers. Lovers of spy thrillers, suspense and mystery will be fully immersed in this book from beginning to end. If this isn't the type of book you'd normally read, do yourself a favor and give it a chance. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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5 copies of Nadia's Obsession are up for grabs, courtesy of JKSCommunications!

 See where it all began...

 “Provocateur” explores that aspect of the human experience that surrounds the age-old contest between men and women. It is the story of Nadia, a young Russian woman who comes to America through a mail-order-bride program. She becomes employed in an enterprise operated by an ex-CIA agent named Olga, whose agency, through clever missions, extracts large amounts of money from wealthy men.

In her “assignments” Nadia must get the best of powerful men that are at the top of the male order.

Nadia, born an orphan, rises out of a life of poverty and despair, where she had no experience with affection, to face her struggles and take on the challenges of her “profession.” She is a complex, enigmatic woman of superior intelligence who must “win” through her finesse and feminine prowess.

Critcial Acclaim for “Provocateur”

“A first-rate thriller with something on its mind. Sexy, smart and topical.”
– David Ward, Academy Award-winning screenwriter for “The Sting” and nominee for “Sleepless in Seattle”

“Nadia, a breathtakingly beautiful computer genius, will be an instant hit with educated women – astonishing us as she fearlessly uses sex and brains to outmaneuver every male she meets.”
– Alex Rose, Academy Award-winning producer

“This story about a woman outsmarting dominant males is sure to be a hit with educated women. Your lead character, Nadia, gets the best of them and leaves them wondering what happened.”
– Betty Mower Potalivo, founder, Orange County Literary Society

“Wow! ‘Provocateur’ sizzles! Fiction? Perhaps, but this taut thriller shoots you right into today’s highwire world of global intrigue, collapsing financial markets and the pushing tension between brilliant, sensuous women and cunning, powerful men.”
– Harvey Karp, M.D., best-selling author of “The Happiest Baby” series

Q&A with author Charles D. Martin

In 2012, “Provocateur” attracted both female and male readers. Were you expecting that?

I wrote it thinking of both audiences, so I’m happy to see the crossover appeal. It seems women vicariously enjoy seeing a woman outsmart and get the best of alpha males. Men love Provocateur for the suspense and adventure. Both seem to like the sexual tension between Nadia and the men she encounters.

The confident and beautiful Nadia Borodina is back in the second book of the series, “Nadia’s Obsession.” What inspired you to write this unique character?

A “Nadia-like” incident occurred to a friend at the Pelican Hill Resort. It was somewhat similar to the first chapter in the first book, although I made the story a little more interesting. The character for Olga was inspired by the life story of a real operative in the British SOS, Nancy Wake, during WWII. A fascinating bio on her is on the book’s website.

Nadia is such a strong, intelligent, independent female character. What kind of message are you hoping to convey to readers?

Women will have more confidence and pride in their powers; their role verses men, the

dynamics between the sexes and the power of finesse and feline prowess over the male gender. Most men are secretly aware of the stealth nature of a woman’s powers. But they always enjoy adventure and the gamesmanship. Both will enjoy the fun of it and interesting sex is always an attraction.

Who are some real women in society you think embody Nadia’s audacious, independent spirit?

Nadia is an idealized character. Many women will see a piece of her in them. In the end, she is a composite of many attributes of outstanding women.

The books focus on a highly interesting daily occurrence – the contest/rivalry between men and women. How does a type-A business guy write such fascinating, compelling fiction about gender and relationship issues?

In order to write about relationships, one must have experienced much in life, as I have. A writer must be an acute observer of the human condition and the human experience. No young person could write with insights about the dynamics between men and women without a lot of life experience.

You’ve had a successful career in investment strategy. How does your big business background help shape the stories you tell?

The story background for the encounters between my lead female character and powerful men is a series of sophisticated sting operations that involve complex financial issues and technology (the cyber-attack on the US Treasury auction by a Russian oligarch). These are areas that I know through my business experience. Also, I have travelled to the many high life venues featured in the book and have substantial experience with large private yachts, featured in the novel.

Can you give us some personal insight into some of these exotic locales, and especially the exclusive yacht life?

I want readers to enjoy learning about interesting places and experiences as part of the story backdrop. In addition to enjoying a fascinating encounter between a superior woman and strong men, I want readers to come away with some new knowledge about places they probably did not know and world events that are important to understand.

In addition to the remarkable character study of your heroine Nadia, readers learn about the emerging threat of cyber warfare. How real is that, and how would it affect the nation?

The threat of cyber warfare between nations is an extremely serious emerging threat. It comes up in the news now and then, but perhaps this book can shed more focus on it. Also, as my books point out, it is not just the province of a battle between sovereigns; it can also come from private insurgency groups. In coming years this will be a very big issue on the world stage.

Readers compared Provocateur to movies like The Thomas Crown Affair for its suspense and cleverness, and Body Heat for its sexual tension. Did either of those influence the book at all?

Absolutely! I have been an admirer of the story of Body Heat since I first saw the movie. It is filled with suspense and sexual tension. The poor guy (William Hurt) is a somewhat above average man who does not understand until the end that he is completely outsmarted by a superior woman (Kathleen Turner) that “plays him” like a piano.

In the Thomas Crown Affair, I loved the suspense and sexual tension…but it reverted to the typical story pattern of the man outsmarting the woman. He was superior; she was outdone. That’s not the real world.

Can we expect to hear from Nadia again?

I have begun the third book in this series. It will have some fascinating new characters.


Charles Martin is the national award-winning author of the novel Provocateur. In his latest book, and its predecessor, Charles writes about strong, audacious women and their encounters with alpha males.

Mr. Martin grew up in a small Ohio town, in a family of modest means. By working two jobs, he was able to put himself through college. He has been fortunate to enjoy a great deal of success in life and had a distinguished career in venture capital and private equity, founding two highly successful investment firms that he managed during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s.

Currently, he runs a hedge fund, Mont Pelerin Capital, LLC and serves on the investment committees of prominent universities. Mr Martin has extensive background in finance and technology, and has travelled to the exotic locations featured in the novel. However, his latest novel is more about the intrigue in the story and the alpha female protagonist that takes on dominant males and conquers them.

Mr. Martin lives with his wife Twyla in a coastal town of Los Angeles, CA.

Connect with Charles:

Provocateur website
Nadia's Obsession Website 


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