Thursday, 26 June 2014

Blog Tour Spotlight: Oh! You're One of Those People by Glenn T. Schaefer

Oh, You’re One Of Those People!” is a passionate yet whimsical account of a two year bout with depression and living on the streets after a 20 year career in media. My goal was to show the public perception of depression and homelessness and to point out that neither is limited to a certain age demographic, race or most importantly, economic past. There is a stereotype that homelessness only creeps into the lives of the poor or uneducated and that is no longer the case. The book share both the positive and negative relationships along my journey.

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Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Schaefer learned two things that were very important…almost from birth. Deep dish pizza was a culinary gift to mankind and rooting against the Cubs was almost as fun as being a life-long White Sox fan. Even after a move to the rural area of central Illinois then North Carolina didn’t curtail the passion for Chicago sports teams….and certainly not for pizza.
After two years at Eastern Illinois University studying journalism in his first educational life, Schaefer recently returned to school to complete his B.A. degree in Public Relations and Marketing and is furthering his educational, working on a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts concentrating on creative writing at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. His focus is writing social justice work pieces for those who have little or no voice in society. After 20 years on the streets selling advertising and broadcasting for CBS radio and television, his other current passion is teaching at the college level helping students expand their creative thoughts through the written word. The author’s work can be found in numerous newspaper columns (Buffalo News, Chicago Sun Times) features in Chicago Magazine and sports blogs across the country, and is planning a second book release “Baseball through My Father’s Eyes.”
When not on the golf course expanding his “out of bounds” verbal vocabulary, Schaefer also works with the National Coalition for the Homeless in Washington D.C. as an advocate helping various local organizations serving those dealing with homelessness or depression. For information how you can serve, contact
“Oh, You’re One Of Those People!” can be found on, Schaefer is represented by JKSCommunications with offices in Nashville and Chicago. 

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