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Blog Tour: Dream Cast + #Giveaway: Cursed Black Swan by Ryan T. McFadden #Fixer


Cursed Black Swan
A Fixer Novel
By Ryan T. McFadden
Genre- Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
Published By- Dragon Moon Press
Publication Date-October 30th

"Let's get one thing straight—I'm a fixer. You need someone murdered? Then hire an assassin. You need something stolen? Call a thief. But if there's something no one else can do, or a job that no one else wants, then you talk to me."
Nathaniel specializes in the strange, the weird, and the dangerous. But no matter how far he runs, he can't leave behind his bloody past, nor the ghosts that chase him.
His latest job was supposed to be simple—recover the sword Black Swan. Except there's no such thing as a simple job. When the operation goes bad, the Crucifiers, the Crooked Hand, assassins, and Crusaders are all hot on Nathaniel's trail...for a sword he doesn't even have. All he has to do to get it back and set his world right is to find the woman of his dreams...and kill her.


If Cursed Black Swan was made into a movie and could cast anyone you wanted, who would you choose?

Nathaniel (Nathan Fillion): Yes, I realize he’s the gimme pick. Every geek wants Nathan to play their characters. Yes, I realize they have the same name, and no, I hadn’t seen Firefly before I wrote this book, because he plays a unflappable scoundrel particularly well. Others possibilities: Pierce Brosnan

Amber (Rachel McAdams): Not only is she from my home region of London, Ontario, but she plays the beautiful double cross so well. While Amber only has a bit scene in this novel, she plays a major role in the follow-up The Secret of Folloman Finn.

Jane (Eva Langoria): Anyone that takes this role would have to be able to kick ass (though the majority of Hollywood actresses could probably handle this) but she often portrays characters with a nice blend of sass and toughness.

Creed played by Vincent D’Onofrio. A giant of a man who plays silent rage so perfectly. One of Creed’s traits is that while he’s nearly unstoppable, a pure force of nature, at other times he appears perfectly at peace with the world. One just has to see him in Daredevil to see what I mean.

Joshua: James Marsters. Yes, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The guy pulling all the strings.

LaFage the Friendly: Sam Rockwell...he pulls off the manic thing really well.


About the Author
Ryan T. McFadden is a writer of fantasy and horror, with short stories and novellas published through Dragon Moon Press, Edge SF & F, and Absolute X-Press. In 2014, his novella Ghost in the Machine won the Aurora Award (Canada's most prestigious award for SF&F) for Short Fiction.
His motley past involved such dangerous work as database administration, ice cream flavouring (seriously, that's a thing), hockey league administration, screen printing, web design, furniture building, and home renovations.
He lives in London, Ontario, with his two beautiful, but sometimes diabolical daughters, who he is sure are plotting to one day overthrow him.


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