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Blog Tour: Excerpt: Jane Blond International Spy by Brianna Schatt & Stan Schatt

Jane Blond International Spy
By- Brianna Schatt & Stan Schatt
Genre- Middle Grade
Publication Date- October 19th

Fourteen year old Jane thought getting through high school was difficult enough with her dad in prison and her mother dating. Throw in being bullied by the popular girl who has everything- it’s completely unbearable. But when terrorists kidnap a boy she cares about, she knows she is the only one who can save him. International Spy, Jane Blond, must prevent terrorists from blowing up her school during the President’s visit. She’ll need all of her courage along with the help of a teen with CIA secrets, a friend with Asperger’s and a parrot with an attitude.



Even though it was Saturday morning, the second floor motel dwellers must have all still been sleeping, or out for breakfast, because I didn’t see anyone. I placed one leg on the metallic barrier and thought about what I was about to do.
If I stumbled or fell, I’d probably break every bone in my body when I landed, despite the grass below. How would I explain that to Mom? I visualized myself as one of those paralyzed kids in a motorized wheelchair who had to communicate by typing with a stylus in their teeth. On the other hand, I knew I was right about Worthington-Mason, and I had to prove it.
What if fifty years ago I knew I could save President Kennedy from being assassinated in Dallas but didn’t do anything because I was afraid of being hurt? I knew if anything happened to President Andrews and I hadn’t done everything I could to stop it, I’d hate myself.

I tried to do what my dance teacher always said to do before a performance. I took several deep breaths and felt my heart slow down. I visualized making the jump and landing successfully. I took one final deep breath, let it out slowly, and then leaped before I could change my mind.

About the Authors

Dr. Stan Schatt spent many years as a futurist responsible for forecasting future technology products and markets for Fortune 500 companies. He served as a Fulbright Professor and taught at Tokyo University, USC, and the University of Houston. He is the author of over thirty books ranging from science fiction and paranormal mysteries to young adult novels. Schatt is a technology expert who has been quoted in the New York Times, Fortune, and BusinessWeek as well as CNBC.

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