Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Review: Holding Her Close by Lexi Ryan #MendedHearts #LoveUnbound

Title: Holding Her Close
Series: Mended Hearts #2
Author: Lexi Ryan
Genre: Romantic Suspense


She's everything he detests about Hollywood.

After spending my entire acting career being cast as the airhead, I finally have the serious role I've been dying for, and I screw it all up during a four martini dinner with my ex. Now, thanks to the morality clause in my contract, I might lose the role of a lifetime. My only hope is to convince the media (and my eccentrically conservative director) that I've entered a committed relationship. But when I use my brother's costume party to launch Operation Fake Fiancé, I end up in front of the camera with the wrong guy, leaving my reputation—and the fate of my career—at his mercy. Any other guy I could sweet talk into playing the supporting role I need, but not Officer Cade Watts. Not the man who hates everything about me. Not the man who would most revel in seeing me fail.

He's everything she needs.

I don't care how good it felt to have her in my arms. I don't care that I can't close my eyes without remembering the way she tastes or the sound of her moan. I want nothing to do with Janelle Crane. Her scheme to fake an engagement to save her own career is exactly the kind of manipulative Hollywood crap I left LA to escape. But when her fan mail turns threatening and the tragedies befalling her former co-stars seem to be anything but coincidence, everything changes. Now I don't just want to play the part of Janelle's fake fiancé, I demand it. I won't let my jaded heart cost me another case. I may not trust Janelle but I do care, and the only way I know she's safe is if I'm holding her close.



Lexi Ryan has done it again! She ripped out my heart and tossed into a blender on high speed.
I was first introduced to Ryan's books a few years back when I read Wish I May, and I have been hooked ever since. The entire Love Unbound linked series is phenomenal and heartbreaking, and I have fallen in love with each and every one of the New Hope residents. I was happy to get to hang out with a few of them again, especially my favorite book boyfriend of all time, Nate Crane, and I enjoyed getting to know the two people who became Ryan's victims this time around.
Holding Her Close was filled with all the emotion, passion and heartache that I've come to expect, however, it was slightly different, because most of the drama in this story came from the psycho stalker who was after Janelle and her former co-stars. Of course, Cade's hatred for her career and the ruse that brought them together only added fuel to the fire, and boy did it ignite the longer these two were in each other's space. They had quite the introduction, and I loved that after that one hot-as-hell night, things simmered down between them, because it created an entirely different kind of sexual tension, and it only intensified their chemistry.
This story was quite twisted and at times chilling. The mystery of who the stalker was made for a great suspenseful read, while the emotional love story made it all the more exceptional. Spectacular.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance novelist Lexi Ryan is a former college English professor turned full-time writer. She lives in rural Indiana with her husband and two children. When not writing, she can be found enjoying yoga, reading copiously, hanging out with her family, and thanking her lucky stars.





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