Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Tumblehome Learning announces a Galactic Academy of Science Book and Activity Club Contest


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Tumblehome Learning announces a GAS Science Book and Activity Club Contest
$1,500 in prizes!


A science book and activity club is a club where kids read science-related books and then get together to talk about the books and try some related activities.  If you run such a club, or if you want to start one, you’re eligible for the contest. Visit our
Club Contest web site
for more info.

On our Book Contest Web Site, you’ll find:
  • Contest rules
  • Entry forms
  • FAQ
  • Tips on starting a science book and activities club
  • A recommended book list to get you started
Join our Science Book & Activities ClubFacebook Group.

You can pick up more ideas about science book and activity clubs, and you can connect with other clubs!
First prize:
$1,000 in cash and gift certificates for buying books
Second prize:
$500 in cash and gift certificates for buying books
We also have prizes in several special categories!
Are you curious? Are you creative? Are you energetic?

Are you up to the exciting challenge of saving the future?

Learn more about the Galactic Academy of Science, with academy cadets Quarkum Phonon and Selectra Volt, in this video!


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