Thursday, 19 July 2012

National Parents' Day: Anna Perera's Story Time Favorites

In honor of National Parents’ Day this Sunday, July 22, Open Road Media is taking a moment to celebrate story time and the read-aloud books that make this parenting ritual so magical. Each day leading up to the holiday, an Open Road Media author will share his or her favorite story time books.

Hop on over to Open Road Media's Blog to find out more about Guantanamo Boy author Anna Perera's story time favorites.

About the author:

Anna Perera was born in London to a Buddhist father and Catholic mother and grew up twenty miles away with her head planted firmly in a book. Everyone knows books are a wonderful way to enjoy and escape this world and discover just about anything, and for Anna one of the saddest things in her life is the fact there's never enough time in the day to read all the stuff she wants. Once she started writing, she realized you could expand the universe and stretch time just by allowing the words to arrive and although she didn't get published for a while, she got there in the end. As you can see. . . .

Anna spent a few years teaching English in London secondary schools, and more time running a unit for adolescent boys who'd been excluded from mainstream school, but yes, you guessed it, she spent the rest of the time reading.

She also loves hot air balloons, preferably those gliding over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, or the South Downs in Hampshire. As well as walking and cuddling the family's golden labrador, there's nothing like listening to heartfelt music, plus riding horses that run like the wind. (Though not at the same time, naturally). She admires every kind of explorer, people who are passionate about their subject, and those with the guts to stand up for what they believe.

Check out Anna on her website, twitter and facebook.

Guantanamo Boy By Anna Perera

Innocent until proven guilty? Not here, you’re not.

He's fifteen. He's hasn't done anything wrong. It was supposed to be just a trip to visit his mum's family in Pakistan. But for Khalid Ahmed, it was the beginning of a living nightmare. He's kidnapped—then taken to a place thousands of miles from his home in the UK. A place where torture and terror are the daily routine. A place he may never be allowed to leave … A place called Guantanamo Bay.

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