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National Parents' Day: Dori Hillestad Butler's Story Time Favorites

In honor of National Parents’ Day this Sunday, July 22, Open Road Media is taking a moment to celebrate story time and the read-aloud books that make this parenting ritual so magical. Each day leading up to the holiday, an Open Road Media author will share his or her favorite story time books.

Today on Open Road Media's Blog, Dori Hillestad Butler is discussing her story time favorites.

About the Author:

Dori Hillestad Butler is owned by a big black dog named Mouse. He’s a registered therapy dog who enjoys reading with children in Coralville, Iowa, where he lives with Dori and her family. To learn more about Dori, her dog, and her other books for children, visit her website:

Jeremy Tageau’s inspiration for Buddy was his golden Labrador, Jesse. Jeremy lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, Nicole, and their three children.

Dan Crisp has been illustrating children’s books and greeting cards for nearly twenty years. He lives in England.
Check out Dori on her blog.

The Case of the Lost Boy The Buddy Files, Book 1 of 6 By Dori Hillestad Butler

The Edgar Award–winning first book in Dori Hillestad Butler's Buddy Files series

King’s family is missing, and he’s been put in the P-O-U-N-D. Why doesn’t his beloved human, Kayla, come to get him?
When King is adopted by Connor and his mom, things get more confusing. The new family calls him Buddy!
Then Connor disappears!
Buddy (aka King) has some big problems to solve. Mystery fans and dog lovers will be swept up in Dori Butler’s entertaining story about a smart, funny, loyal dog . . . and left eager for Buddy’s next adventure.

The Case of the Mixed-Up Mutts The Buddy Files, Book 2 of 6 By Dori Hillestad Butler
Buddy has been adopted from the P-O-U-N-D by Connor and his mom, but he’s still searching for his first family and his beloved Kayla. What has happened to them?

He hopes to solve that mystery soon, but right now he’s got another urgent case—two dogs, Muffin and Jazzy, have been switched! How can Buddy get poor Muffin and Jazzy back to their real owners?

Readers will cheer as Buddy solves the second case in Dori Butler's The Buddy Files, and eagerly await the next adventure of this famous dog detective.

The Case of the Missing Family The Buddy Files, Book 3 of 6 By Dori Hillestad Butler

Buddy has settled in with his adopted family, but he’s never given up on finding his beloved human, Kayla, and his first family.

One night he sees people taking things out of Kayla’s old house and loading them into a van. What’s up? In the middle of the night Buddy decides to make a daring move, leaving everything to find Kayla.

Dori Butler’s third chapter book in The Buddy Files will delight the many fans of this smart, funny, loyal dog.

The Case of the Fire Alarm The Buddy Files, Book 4 of 6 By Dori Hillestad Butler

Buddy is starting his work as a therapy dog at Four Lakes Elementary School, where Connor attends and Mom is the principal.

On his very first day, he accidentally knocks down a little kid on the playground, convincing the first grade teacher that school is no place for a dog.

Then the fire alarm goes off. The school is evacuated but there’s no fire . . . it’s a false alarm. Who could have set it?

The Case of the Library Monster The Buddy Files, Book 5 of 6 By Dori Hillestad Butler

One of Buddy’s jobs as a therapy dog is to read books with kids in the school library! One day he hears a noise in the bookshelves.

He tries to get closer—and comes face to face with a creature that has a blue tongue! What is it? And how did it get in the school?

Dori Butler’s fifth book in The Buddy Files series is full of mystery, fun, and adventure.

The Case of the School Ghost The Buddy Files, Book 6 of 6 By Dori Hillestad Butler

Buddy’s a lucky dog. He gets to go to the fourth grade sleepover at school with Connor! He’s hoping to find out more about the old legend of Agatha, the school ghost.

But the sleepover has plenty of other strange things going on, too: mysterious packages, secret notes, and whispers from a ghostly voice! Who—or what—is haunting Four Lakes Elementary?

The sixth book in the award-winning series The Buddy Files by Dori Butler delivers chills and thrills.

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