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Review: Memoir of a Mermaid by Adrianna Stepiano

Title: Memoir of a Mermaid
Subtitle: When, at last, he found me
Author: Adrianna Stepiano
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Source: From the author for an honest review

SYNOPSIS ( Taken from Goodreads )

Seraphin Shedd can’t seem to escape the murky vision of her father’s death. She’s always felt like his death was a result of her defiant actions. When she meets Joseph Merrick, the nephew of her beloved teacher, her life begins to unravel. When Joseph opens her eyes to the impossible, her trust begins to waver. Is his interest in her purely for personal gain or will he prove to be a loyal friend? Follow along as Seraphin uncovers her true identity as well as discovers the evil surrounding her father’s death.

If you love mermaids, this is the young adult fantasy novel for you. See the raging sea through Seraphin’s eyes and struggle to make sense of the impossible. This isn’t an ordinary mermaid story, the mystery is as deep as the ocean. You’ll find intrigue and romance, as well as a dash of humor and action.

Caution: Memoir of a Mermaid has been known to cause “up all night reading” and “can’t put down syndrome”. You may find yourself addicted to the tension between Joseph and Seraphin. Due to the fact that this book is all you’ll be able to think about, do not begin reading the night before an important meeting or a final exam. The story will literally be swimming around in your head.

Excerpt: “Looking back, sometimes things are better off unknown. Sometimes the truth hurts more than a lie and being naive is a blessing in disguise. From that moment on, it was going to be difficult to distinguish between being protected and being lied to.”


Memoir of a Mermaid reminded me of why I love YA Paranormal Romances so much. It delivered everything I love about the genre and so much more. Reading it, I felt the excited giddiness rising inside me as the story developed and there was no way I could stop myself from loving the characters. Well, most of them anyway.

This is the second mermaid novel that I’ve read and I love the uniqueness that comes with the myth. As with any other paranormal being, authors are free to put their own spin on the legend that surrounds these creatures. Ms. Stepiano does a brilliant job of weaving a magical tale while always keeping her readers on their toes. What could have very easily become a predictable plot didn’t. There were many twists and turns that often had me wondering if certain characters could be trusted or not.

This book is filled with romance but I loved that it wasn’t rushed. We see hints of it and there’s no denying the chemistry between certain characters, but it ebbs and flows like the tide until they can no longer ignore their feelings – and this makes for many wonderful scenes throughout the book. I especially enjoyed the moment shared between Seraphin and Joseph in the cabin after they go looking for the relics and disaster strikes (Sorry, can’t say more than that). For me that was the ultimate sign that they were meant to be together because they connected in such a beautiful way.

What I also really loved about this book was how real it was – besides mermaids and a few other interesting creatures. The relationship between Seraphin and Joseph had its ups and downs, and not just because there was some evil force out to get them, but because normal human behaviour and emotions got in the way. Seraphin often followed her head instead of her heart, believing it was the right thing to do – even if it meant having to let go of Joseph. He made his fair share of mistakes and at times was really arrogant and self-centred, but he made up for his shortcomings, and I hoped against all hope that Seraphin would see this and for once listen to her heart. But again Ms. Stepiano didn’t make the journey to love an easy one for her characters, although I was happy for the glimmer of hope that ended this book on a high note.

I cannot wait to read the second book to see what further adventures lie in wait for Seraphin and Joseph.

This book deserves nothing less than...

Thank you to Adrianna for giving me the opportunity to read and review her book! It was amazing.
For more information about the author and the book check out the Memoir of a Mermaid website.

And as an added bonus (for those of you who haven't already seen it) here is the book trailer for Memoir of a Mermaid!! Enjoy!!

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