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Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway: The Snapped Series by Ketley Allison #SNAPPED

Snapped Series by Ketley Allison
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

“We have someone who saw you struggling with the deceased before using that knife. Your best friend, and our eye witness.”

In nine weeks Charlie Miller’s life goes from high-rolling perfection to a crypt of sin. All it takes is one night, one blade, and her boyfriend, best friend and new friends all either end up as suspects or dead.

Nate Westcott, a pierced, tattooed, charismatic lawyer, is a man she can’t have—but a seductive danger she can’t ignore. He’s cocky, infuriating, brilliant and wrong, yet he makes her question whether she really is the good girl she wants to be or more like the selfish killer everyone thinks she is.

And her body wants him in ways she’s not supposed to crave.

As the weeks close in, cracks start forming in her everyday world of pro football golden boys, law school domination and New York City nightlife. Everyone she cares about is at risk because one of them doesn’t love Charlie back. In fact, they want her out of the way. Disposed of. Set up.

One more step, and all Charlie has to do is fall through.

Week 1 starts now.


Snapped is Ketley’s New Adult Contemporary series with all the romance you’d expect, but the killer—and lovers—that you don’t.

Famous boyfriend, penthouse on Park Avenue, full scholarship and best friend along for the ride?


A smartass drummer boy, dark obsession and a hint of betrayal?




Charlie Miller’s life in New York City is just getting started.

Charlie's first love is perfect. He's kindhearted, the sex is great, and he only wants her despite the spotlight that brings him fame. Her life is wonderful, filled with purpose and cushioned by the man of her dreams.

Something is wrong here.

Her instincts are kicking in, telling her that Slade isn't the man she thinks he is, but her heart is at war. She loves him, despite the attraction that sparks between her and Nate, the lonely, magnetic man who has popped into her life solely to piss her off. Slade loves her, despite the bright cameras and hot women and the ongoing pressure to succeed.

Doesn't he love her?

Slade's getting closer to Charlie's new friend, a girl who blushes in his presence and changes face as soon as he leaves. Reagan seems sweet and everyone tells Charlie she's adorable, cute...innocent as an angel. But Charlie's starting to see her differently. Problem is, no one believes her.

Simple jealousy, or a warning of what's to come?

Someone's plotting a murder, and its execution hinges on Charlie's choice. If she turns the wrong way, ignores the right signals, and chooses the wrong man, well...

The ultimate sin will result.

Sometimes your first love doesn’t equal your true love.

Jason Sladerman is Charlie’s one. For him, she would adjust to a new city, deal with sudden fame and fandom, and change her life. But never did she think she’d have to tolerate sudden obsession.

Yet that is what Reagan Wescott feels for Charlie’s man. She infiltrated Charlie’s life, made her believe in their friendship, but only to get closer to Slade. Charlie knows, and is finally starting to trust her instincts, that Reagan is manic over him, stalking him, sick over him.

Until the email.

Now Charlie doesn’t know who’s true and who’s false, who loves her and who hates her. Her one true friend, Lara, is too preoccupied with her own love life to notice Charlie’s faltering. Slade’s too involved in proving his innocence to notice the danger. Reagan doesn’t care about anyone but Slade and will do anything to get to him. And Nate wants Charlie so much he turns a blind eye to everything but her.

Their misguided dreams are their greatest mistake. Murder’s on the horizon, and while everyone holds on tight to their sacred wishes, someone uses that chance to sneak by.

And kill.

In Ketley Allison’s fourth installment of the Snapped Novella Series, the question is no longer who will snap, but who did.

“I saw it in his eyes.” I crossed my arms. “They’re going after me. I seriously think I’m their top suspect. Didn’t you see the way they looked at me just now? And the questions. It’s because of the fight. I should’ve called the police!” Fingers tangled in my hair, I strode back and forth. “Why didn’t I press charges when I could? How could I have listened to
you over something like that? And who in God’s name killed? Because it wasn’t me!” I smashed my pointer finger into my chest. “It wasn't me!”

The police have their prime suspect. More importantly, they have motive.

SACRED had you reeling, but SUSPECT will have you desperate to figure out the ultimate truth.

Who snapped?

“So that’s it? You just never want to see me anymore?”

I want to see you every day. “We can still call each other. I want to help you find answers, I’ll never stop with that. To absolve not only me, but you, too. But that means we have to focus on what’s important, and it’s not this.” I stumbled back when he moved closer still.


“Not this,” I repeated.

Truth cannot conquer lies. It can’t prove Charlie’s innocence. It sure as hell doesn’t prevent the police from closing in. With clues that are leading straight to her, the only thing Charlie knows for sure is that no one is without their own sins—including the man she cares about the most.

Will love turn out to be the ultimate distraction? Or will it be the one weapon to shatter perceptions and spare Charlie’s life?

There is only one novella left. This is sixth installment of Ketley Allison’s seven-part new adult romantic suspense series. Can you get to the killer before Charlie does?

The final installment of the Snapped Series has arrived. This series is complete!

Charlie's time has come to make a final, terrible decision. Caught between the true killer and her impending arrest, it's up to her to avoid punishment. She must stand up for what she believes, and in doing so become a traitor to the one who loves her the most.

It is the only way for Charlie to survive...the only way she can stay innocent.

Start at the beginning. Question them all.


This series blew me away!!

I was hooked from the word go and Allison reeled me in page by page, through a maelstrom of emotions that left me breathless and my heart in tatters. I've never had a book play me as much as this series did, and my mind was constantly on overdrive. With exciting plot twists, multi-layered characters, and a plethora of heartache it was a dark and twisted web of lies, deceit, and murder.


The first book was a great start to the series. With an opening chapter that instantly had me on the edge of my seat (where I stayed throughout all seven novellas), I was intrigued and so many questions danced around in my mind. Whom? What? How? 

This book was also a great introduction to the key players in this murder mystery and as each new character entered the story so my mind wandered to different scenarios and suspicions. 

I absolutely loved Charlie and Slade. They were the perfect couple and even though I noticed a few cracks starting to show in their foundation, I had hope that they'd make it through anything, stronger than before.


Okay, so this is when things started to tip off their axis, and one SWF's crazy started to show. It was subtle but there, and quite creepy. I really enjoyed how Allison didn't divulge too much but gave her reader enough to spark doubt and suspicion, and I was on the alert the entire way through, looking for little hints for how things got to where they were in the first chapter of SNAPPED. 

The strain of the limelight also started to shine a light on those cracks I spoke about earlier, but I still held onto my hope. It was terrible that Charlie was the one being brutalized by the media, and adding Nate to the picture only twisted things up more, igniting a flame that could very easily see Team Char&Slade4Eva burn to the ground in a pile of ash.


OMG! Okay, this book nearly killed me.

It spoke to me on an entirely different level and by the end of this story I was so distraught I cried like a baby. I felt every single one of Charlie's emotions. Her anger, pain, confusion, heartbreak.

I wasn't a huge fan of Nate's - don't get me wrong, a sexy, tatted musician is smoking, but I was just so completely taken by Slade already. However, by the end of this book I started to question my taste in men. Nate may not have said all the right things, but he wasn't a scumbag. The worst of all, I still had hope that Charlie and Slade would make it over this obstacle, and I still liked Slade!!!

The final five words of this book will haunt me forever. I still get goosebumps and my stomach turns when I think of them. It was at this point that I was ready to commit murder!


By now it was certain that everyone was on edge and on their way to losing their minds a little. Boy, oh boy, if only they knew what lay in wait for them!!!

I was kinda relieved that things settled down for a bit, but as they say "The calm before the storm." And it was a hurricane! Things were far from perfect between Char and Slade, but they proved that their love was strong and although tested beyond measure it would survive. Until Reagan jumped on the crazy train again (at this point I think she was actually behind the wheel). It was in this book that things really took a dark turn and no one's lives would ever be the same again. Toward the latter half of the story, things were said and once again my suspicions were raised, but I went with the flow, waiting for the story to unfold and give me all the answers I was looking for.

This novella was heartrending and emotional, but for so many other reasons. It was a tragic end to a situation that got out of hand, and would forever change the lives of those involved.


Even if this book hadn't been from Charlie's POV, I still would never have looked at her as the number one suspect. EVERYTHING pointed at her and it was just too obvious. But this was where the fun really began, and the psychological drama was revved up as the players in the game each came under the spotlight. 

It was exciting to see how each character handled this shocking turn of events and to watch as relationships and friendships were pushed to breaking point. It was also a little sad. I've come to really love and enjoy these characters, and I hated to see them so miserable. Especially Charlie. She'd had the worst time since moving to New York and I wondered when she'd finally catch a break. 


As things heated up in the race to catch a killer, so they did in Charlie's life. There was still all the murder drama, but as Charlie tried to piece together the events that led up to that one tragic night, so new revelations were made, some that broke my heart for her all over again and had me hating a certain quarterback. She fell further and further into a pit of despair and loneliness. I was glad that Nate was there for her though, but that came with its own set of complications. Especially with Lara around.

I did see a light at the end of the tunnel and I was hoping it would lead to a little sunshine in Charlie's dreary existence.


The culmination of all the heartache and pain came with a brilliant twist that highlighted the ultimate betrayal. This is when the real lies and deception reared their ugly heads, and once again Charlie seemed to be losing a part of herself. It may have been her saving grace, but it was a bittersweet moment that stole so much from her but made her stronger at the same time.

This was a stunning conclusion to a mind-blowing story that kept me enthralled from start to finish.


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Ketley Allison began her career by writing books as birthday presents for her friends (with her friend as the main character and opposite a super sexy lead, of course) before ending it in order to walk down a path she thought she was supposed to follow.

The writing bug never left her–and, in fact, would often bleed into the official papers she was supposed to write–so now Ketley’s putting down her suit and finally following her dream. While her friends are no longer the stars of her books, she still throws in bits and pieces of them into each and every one of her characters.

As a result, her books tend to focus a lot on friendships as well as love, because let’s be honest, friends are what really get you through–especially when your epic love turns into epic heartbreak.

Learn more about Ketley by visiting her website at

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