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Blog Tour: Excerpt: The Rose Bandit by Jay Mims

The Rose Bandit
The Oncoming Storm #5
Genre- Cozy Mystery/Detective
Published By- Staccato Publishing
Publication Date- February 14th, 2016

A series of burglaries have struck the sleepy town of West Falls. Seven homes have been burglarized, with only a single red rose left at each crime scene. The townspeople have dubbed this cat burglar the Rose Bandit. And Dan Landis, private investigator, has been hired to catch the thief. 

Haunted by the ghost of his dead partner and an empty bank account, Dan jumps at the opportunity. But, when a body turns up at the Rose Bandit’s latest crime scene, Dan suspects there is more going on. He faces a dilemma: Catch the thief and make a quick buck, or prove that the Rose Bandit isn’t a killer.



“How’s the lasagna?” asked Officer Samantha Miller, off-duty in her Jetsons t-shirt.
“Delicious.” Dan replied, with complete honesty. “You’re a good cook.”
“Yes I am.” She gave him a devilish smile. “But, I will confess, I got this from the box. Not worth cooking for one.”
He winked at her. “I get ‘em in bulk. Cheaper that way. And you make the best microwave lasagna I’ve ever had.”
She leaned in. “That’s the secret. I don’t microwave. I might be easy, but I’m never fast.”
“Really? Because I’m both fast and easy.”
“I bet you are.”
Sam stole a piece of lasagna from his plate, forked it in her mouth, and chewed with a cheerful grin. Dan was starting to be grateful for the breath mints. He sporked some food into his own mouth, chewing things over. It was while chewing that he considered the purpose of throw pillows. Were they decorative? They were too small to be useful. One was sticking into his back. He squirmed around, pulling the pillow out.
“That’s my snuggle pillow,” she said. “I sometimes lay out here and cuddle up.”
He smiled. “I bet it smells like you.” He held it up and sniffed. A sweet aroma wafted into his nostrils. Suddenly, he was brought back to the first time his mother had made peach cobbler. The pillow smelled of sweet fresh peaches. “It smells nice.”
“Thank you. I try to smell nice.”
He held up the pillow. “Need a snuggle?”
Her smile widened. “Maybe.”
He shifted closer to her. “I really just have one question. Well, two.”
“Oh?” Sam asked, with a raised eyebrow.
“Yeah,” Dan set down the pillow. “Does that uniform of yours come with a hat?” She raised both eyebrows at that. “And where do you keep the handcuffs?”


About the Author
Jay Mims, better known as Mimsey, lives two miles past nowhere with The Mimsus. He also accidentally adopted his neighbor’s cat, Eartha Kitty, has a lizard named Bob hiding in his house, and has a passive-aggressive Dalek roommate named Steve. When not writing cozy mysteries, Jay teaches and is learning knitting. Jay is currently working on knitting a cape. Capes are cool.

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