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#BasteiEntertainment Publisher Collection: Review: Island of a Thousand Springs by Sarah Lark

London, 1732: Nora Reed, the daughter of a merchant, falls hopelessly in love with her father's clerk, Simon. Despite their differing social class, the star-crossed lovers dream of a future on a tropical island - until tragedy strikes, and Nora must face a life without her soulmate. Hopeless, Nora enters a marriage of convenience with Elias Fortnam, a widower and sugar planter in Jamaica. Even without Simon, she is determined to somehow fulfill their tropical fantasy. But life in the Caribbean doesn't turn out as Nora had dreamt.

Nora is deeply shocked by the way plantation owners treat the slaves and decides to shake things up on her own sugar cane plantation - for the better. Surprisingly, her adult stepson Doug supports her in this endeavor when he arrives from Europe. However, his return also puts things into a state of turmoil - especially Nora's feelings.

Just as Nora seems to be settling into her role as lady of the house, one harrowing event rips everything from her but her life...
A gripping tale of love and hate, trust and betrayal, and a thrilling destiny set against the pristine beaches and swaying palmtrees of the tropics.

Marissa Curnutte



With finesse in digital publishing, the company shares stories across various platforms


After more than 60 years of success in the European literary market, German publishing giant Bastei Lübbe is venturing into brand new territory and launching projects in the United States for the first time.

The revolutionary publishing company is expanding with the introduction of new book series and digital apps beginning this spring. Making its American debut, Bastei Lübbe has a strong reputation for issuing popular fiction titles by esteemed authors and up and coming writers.

Bastei Lübbe has proven to be a master of innovation by taking on projects beyond traditional publishing. The company is rolling out its fact-based, cross platform project “Netwars – Out of CTRL” starting this spring, which includes a graphic novel app simultaneously made available in five languages, an e-book series, audio book series and several interactive video documentaries for television and the web. Netwars will be available on IOS, Google Play, Amazon and Samsung.

“These are exciting times for digital publishing and especially for our team at Bastei Entertainment,” said head of international sales Colin Lovrinovic. “Netwars is a great example of how we work. It’s a gripping story told through various channels, which gives you the possibility to dive incredibly deep into it – or to just choose your favorite medium.”

A successful IPO and tirelessly working to develop engaging cross vertical products puts Baste Lübbe in a unique strategic position regarding the early digital capture of new markets.

Bastei Lübbe is the publisher behind “Cotton FBI,” the most successful crime series in Germany with 1 billion copies sold. And after only 11 weeks, its e-book series “Apocalypsis” by German author Mario Giordano hit the 1 million mark for downloads in China. Its “Laura’s Star” app for children hit No. 1 in iTunes in three separate categories.

Bastei Lübbe is based in Cologne, Germany but will be launching several hundred foreign language titles over the next months through its digital publishing arm Bastei Entertainment. The company is the largest independent trade publisher in the country and a major player in the audio book industry.


 A compelling and heroic adventure story of one girl’s journey into womanhood, this book was exciting, heart-breaking and enthralling.

It started off at a slow pace, but the more the story developed and the more I got to know the characters, the more and more intrigued I was. Nora was such an amazingly strong character who faced so much adversity but continued to reach for the dream she shared with Simon. Unfortunately it came with many consequences and even more tragedy.

In many ways I think Nora felt a kinship with the slaves she met on her journey, because she herself was trapped and forced into a role she always seemed to be trying to break free from. Although she had kind of used Elias as a means to fulfil her dream of leaving England, his demands and expectations wore her down many times. I liked her rebellious and inquisitive nature, even though it seemed to draw her into a perilous situation.

This story was filled with love and friendship, lust and desire, heartache and joy, hope and freedom. With many ups and downs it was an emotional ride through an exotic but somewhat precarious land. A great read.

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