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A summer of f*ck buddies? Something to take the edge off? I was down. 

But when Chloe shows up at my hotel door, wanting to rip my head off, rather than give me head—I cared. A lot. Too much, in fact.

This is turning into more. And I can’t do more.

Like the ink under my skin she’s becoming permanent. Enduring. Immovable. 
Was I ready to let her go though? 
Not a f*cking chance. 


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This story changed from fun, flirty and passionate, to something darker with the realization that someone was trying to either scare Chloe away from Max, or trying (in a very creepy way) to warn her against him.

Once Chloe got over Max’s slip up, and they “made up” **fans self** things cooled off between them due to all the outside influences dictating their relationship. One thing that became obvious was that their feelings were far stronger than either expected, and neither was willing to end their fling.

This book was not only filled with the passion and excitement that the first two volumes exuded, but there was a great mystery surrounding who was targeting Chloe and why. There were more than enough characters who’d have the motive to see Chloe and Max split.

Once again, this book ended on an emotional cliffhanger that has me craving the fourth volume. What the heck was Max thinking? And where does that leave them?? I can only hope it’s not at all what it seems.


Indiscretion_finalvol_ebooklgF*ck and chuck. Pump and dump. Hit it and quit it. One night stand. Didn’t matter how I branded it—that’s all she had wanted it to be. That much was clear when she left me with my pants down and my dick still out.What she hadn’t counted on was fate intervening and our worlds colliding—again.

The day I showed back up in the life of Chloe Griffins, I knew I had to have her again. My body was hungry for another taste. Like an addict, I’d been craving another hit for months, and there she was—flesh and bone, tits and ass.
The fact that she worked for the competition should’ve been reason enough for me to leave her alone. I had a job to do that summer and f*cking Chloe wasn’t part of it. But I was like a man possessed.
I’d do whatever it took to have her again.

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Wow!! What a way to introduce these two amazing characters!!
The chemistry between them was quite explosive from the very first second they laid eyes on each other and things only heated up from there.
The fact that Chloe and Max were from different worlds and that they were in many ways rivals gave this story a star-crossed lovers feel, although this only really became a factor later on in the serial. Volume one was a fun, light read with Chloe fighting against her attraction for Max, and Max pursuing what he wanted – Chloe.  I loved the little cat and mouse game between them, as Max slowly broke down Chloe’s walls until she could no longer deny what was between them.
There were times when I felt like certain scenarios were added as an afterthought, or just for the purpose of upping the drama in this story, when they could have been omitted.
Overall, this was a great start to this serial and I’m excited to see where Chloe and Max’s “fling” leads them.


Indiscretion-VOL2_ebooklg Fraternizing with the competition? Check.

Risking everything I’d worked so hard for? Check.

Mind-shattering orgasms? Double check.

Max Richfield made me forget myself. Forget all the reasons why I'd chosen to be alone for so long. I had goals. I needed stability. He brought chaos. I’d taken years erecting my walls. And with good reason, I would soon discover.

Now my inability to see beyond Max’s charm could cost me everything. 

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I was excited to see Chloe and Max’s non-relationship grow and develop, and no matter how hard they tried to pretend that what they were doing was nothing more than a Summer fling, the feelings were real and growing deeper with each passing second.

Things seemed to be going well for them until the fine line of mixing business with pleasure came crashing down around them. Chloe had worked so hard for success and even though I hated her boss for laying such heavy demands on her, I could understand why she felt the need to listen to him. She and Max weren’t anything serious and to jeopardize her future for something that was so uncertain would be crazy.

This book ended on such a cliffhanger and I couldn’t wait to see what had infuriated Chloe so much. Once again, it was a great read with plenty of passion and smoking hot chemistry.

Indiscretion-VOL4_ebooklgThe image was seared into my mind. Imprinted. Emblazoned. Etched.

Did I blame him for what I saw? Or myself, for allowing him the ability to cause the
pain coursing through me?

Betrayal was a weapon that cut to the core—the ‘what ifs’ the infection that festered
in the wound.

I’d thought we’d had roadblocks thrown in front of us before. Damn. Those would
have seemed like mere speed bumps if I’d seen what was coming...

Little did I know that what was headed our way would prove to be the biggest test
of all—putting impossible choices in front of us. None of which seemed to lead to a
happy ending in which the two of us were together.

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