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JKS Back to School Reading Virtual Tour: Binge Reading - Series to Stock Up On!!

Are you hungry for some amazing reading material???

Binge on these babies :)

“Cotton FBI” – Various Authors

The history of Jerry Cotton started in 1954 as a dime novel series and became the most
successful crime series in Germany ever with a total of 1 billion copies sold. “Cotton FBI” is
a remake of the world famous cult series and adapts the story for a new generation of readers.

"Cotton FBI quickly engages the reader and gets their adrenaline pumping.  The episodic format is a great way for action and adrenaline readers to get their fix in a succinct yet wholly gratifying way while maintaining the continuity and pleasure of a series.”  Manic Readers

Fans of mysteries and crime dramas will have a good time reading Cotton FBI!” Bibliophilia, Please!

“Netwars” – M. Sean Coleman

“Netwars” is a fact-based cross platform experience exploring the impending threat of
cyber warfare. Seven different products: independent but complementary that will be
published across all platforms in various languages:
à Graphic novel app, e-books, read & listen e-books, audio downloads, web documentary,
TV documentary

Loved it! And what’s more: even though I am a dinosaur in the Age of Technology, I understood the story line!  I loved the theme, the characters, the set up… I don’t wish to be too specific, but even just in the first episode are a ton of unexpected surprises, abundance of tensions, painful hints of backstory… this is a series I shall pursue to its conclusion.” Mallory Heart Reviews

“I would definitely love to finish this series! The well-written and easily readable story had me hooked from the beginning and I loved the whole dark web story line and how Strider was there to go after those who though they were above the law.” Goodreads User Nathan

“Survivor Series” — Peter Anderson

The crew of the spaceship Survivor has set out to explore a distant planet. They arrive in a
vast industrial complex beneath the sea, populated by men from Earth. They are dominated
by guards that are half man and half machine. Are the inhabitants friend or foe? Will
Commander Ryan Nash and his crew find their way back to Earth – if in fact it still exists?

Tremendous danger for all – and the brilliant but enigmatic Dr. Proctor.  Heated battle ensues, accompanied by a new, probably terminal catastrophe.” Mallory Heart Reviews

Are you on the edge of your seat yet? Oh that’s right, go read Survivor: Blackout, and you will be.” Bibliophilia, Please

“Apocalypsis” – Mario Giordano

Huge success in Germany with the prologue of season 1 downloaded 100,000 times, while
in China it was downloaded 1 million times. Gripping and explosive: what starts out as a
sophisticated Vatican conspiracy soon develops into a uniquely intense and spectacular

“Cherringham - A Cozy Crime Series” – Matthew Costello & Neil Richards

 Thrilling, deadly and anything but ‘cosy.’

"Cherringham - A Cozy Crime Series" is a series of twelve self-contained episodes. A new case for Jack and Sarah is released each month.

Think Midsummer Murder meets NYPD Blue, and you’re starting to get the feel for the book.” Wrong Planet

“Charming, entertaining, and just the right size for a quick whodunit fix; the CHERRINGHAM series is proving to be quite addictive.  I’m looking forward to each monthly episode just as I used to look forward to my favorite mystery shows.” Manic Readers

The Liv Bergen Mystery Series” – Sandra Brannan

The 5th book in The Liv Bergen Mystery Series, Solomon's Whisper, has just been released. Be sure to add it to your collection with the rest of the books in this series!! It is one you DO NOT want to miss out on!

Trying to convince Liv Bergen from resigning from the FBI to return to mining after nearly losing her nephew, Streeter Pierce asks Liv for one condition: to wait six months before making her resignation official or public.

Five months into the condition, Streeter becomes desperate to keep Liv, so he bends the rules and assigns her a seven year old cold case – Brianna Keller, a young girl taken from her bedroom during a slumber party and found dead along the road in the dessert near Vegas. Streeter believes if Liv sees how she can help her family, help avenge a child’s death, she may not feel as if she’s endangering them. So what better way than to assign her Brianna’s case? After all, Brianna is Liv’s niece, her sister Barbara’s youngest child.


I love Brannan’s books because just when I think I’ve figured it out, Brannan shows me that I am completely and utterly stupid.  Not only have I not figured it out, there’s this side complication that I didn’t even consider!” - Unconventional Librarian

“Liv is a woman after my own heart.  Strong, intelligent, witted but also humble when it comes to it.  This was a fantastic novel which is surprising coming from an unknown author to me.  I was so sure I knew where all the real gems were and this one was definitely hiding!” - Mystery Sequels

I'm giving away the ENTIRE Liv Bergen Mystery Series!! ENTER HERE NOW!

Henry Swann Series” – Charles Salzberg

The latest installment in Charles Salzberg's Henry Swann Series release this October!!

When rare photos, a scandalous diary, and a beautiful woman all go missing at once, the stage is set for three challenging cases for Henry Swann. It begins with an offer to partner up with his slovenly, unreliable frenemy, Goldblatt. The disbarred lawyer-turned-"facilitator" would provide the leads and muscle, while Swann would do all the fancy footwork. A lost diary by a free-loving Jazz Age flapper is worth enough to someone that Swann takes a beat down on an abandoned boardwalk. Pilfered photos of Marilyn Monroe propel him deep into the past of an alcoholic shutterbug, his wife; and he's hired to search for a lonely writer's runaway girlfriend. The cases converge and collide in a finale that lifts the curtain on crucial, deadly facts of life for everyone ? including Swann himself.

Gear up for the release of Swann's Lake of Despair by grabbing a copy of the other books in the series!

Check out all the fabulous books on the JKS Back to School Reading list :)

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