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Review: Aqua by M.A. George #AQUA

By- M.A. George

Genre- YA Paranormal
Publication Date- April 16th, 2014 

Meet Layla McKelland:  
Novelist (unpublished, but cut her some slack…seventeen is a bit early to despair),
Slightly neurotic introvert (Alright, let’s be honest…there’s no “slightly” about it),
International Woman of Mystery, and…
Okay, just scratch the bio. 

The only real “mystery” in Layla’s life is why her father has never been on the scene.  Or why her mother drags Layla to a new coastal home every year.  

Nothing about the latest hometown seems too newsworthy…until a routine day at the beach leaves Layla questioning whether she’s read one too many paranormal fantasy novels.  The plot thickens when a random guy claims to know things about her father—a bizarre claim he backs up with an equally impossible stunt.  And Layla soon finds herself on the wrong side of a mysterious attempted drowning…on her own kitchen floor.

When all is done, Layla will attest that fact is far stranger than fiction.  And nothing in real life is ever as transparent as it seems…Not even water. 

Especially not water.



Tired of the usual YA Paranormal read?? Then this book is for you!!
Exciting from start to finish, I was instantly sucked into the mystery and intrigue that was Layla's life. George did a brilliant job of giving me just enough to hook me and to keep me guessing.
What kind of paranormal being were we dealing with? How was Layla and her family involved? How did Tristan, and even Pyke, fit into everything going on?
This story was a well-paced, action-packed thrill ride! I loved the characters (some not so much, ahem, Pyke...although he did kinda redeem himself). They were all really relatable in some way, and this made me want to know more about who they were, and not just their paranormal powers.
There were a few things that made this book stand out from many others just like it.
·         Firstly, the paranormal elements of this story few fantastically unique.
·         I loved that Layla was not prepared to accept the paranormal in her life, right off the bat. She brushed it off as her mind playing tricks on her, to the point that she thought she may need a vacay in a psych ward, and when she did eventually come face to face with her “reality” she ran as far from it as she could get.
·         There was no insta love. Layla obviously appreciated the hotness that was Tristan, but it took more than one chapter for them to admit their attraction. Even when Tristan revealed her to be his “sweetheart”, they didn’t just fall into each other’s arms and become soul mates.
·         Things didn’t happen too easily for Layla. Once she came to terms with what she was, she decided to dive head first into it (no pun intended) but it took her more than one try to get it right. In fact, if I recall correctly, it took her near 97 tries.
So yes, this book was a spellbinding read that held me captive throughout. Unique, refreshing and exciting – simply spectacular!

About the Author

M. A. George is part proud mother of two adorable children, part super top secret agent…Oops, probably just lost that job. 

Writing is what keeps her up into the wee hours of the night.  Fortunately, she has a lot of energy (Read: caffeine is her friend).  She has a bit of an obsession with music (It does a fantastic job of tuning out rambunctious children while she attempts to focus). 

She sincerely hopes people out there enjoy reading her work as much as she enjoys writing it.  And if anyone hears of work for a super top secret agent, she’s now available (Discretion guaranteed…).


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