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Blog Tour: Review + #Giveaway: Gentle Chains by Nazarea Andrews


Gentle Chains Ebook-2

When slavers steal Juhan and his twin sister Chosi from their home planet of psychics, their only comfort is in the fact that they’re together. When they are separated at auction, Juhan swears to find his sister, no matter the cost.

Juhan is bought by the spoiled daughter of a political scion. Caught in her glittering world of intrigue and politics, Juhan is startled to find Sadi playing a long game to change intergalactic politics and Juhan is merely a pawn in her game. But as his vow and Sadi's lies takes them across galaxies, he begins to wonder if his young owner is more than an arrogant rich girl. And he has to consider the cost of his promise—especially when people they both care for begin to die.

A galaxy away, Chosi is sold into blood sport. With her psychic ability, she earns a precarious position of value within the gladiator school, training the draken—wild creatures of smoke and fire—for the arena. In the midst of that hell, she forges a friendship with the slave Jemes and the draken she cares for. But when her defiance comes with devastating results, Chosi contemplates suicide as an escape from her chains. Yet, she can't forget the brother who promised to find her, and even as she welcomes the risk of death, she clings to that promise.

Spun across space and exotic worlds, Juhan and Chosi try to find each other, and home in a stunning story about the lengths love will take you.




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I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this story. I knew it was set in a sci-fi, futuristic, fantasy world with interesting characters, with even more interesting names, but I wasn't quite expecting the beautiful but heartbreaking story that ripped apart two amazing characters, only to see them go from strength to strength as they learned to live in a world full of chaos and violence.

I was intrigued to see how both Chosi and Juhan would handle life in the unknown considering they were a gentle, non-violent race, but as they faced many obstacles it was easy to see how it shaped them into the fierce characters they were by the end of this book. Their lives as slaves differed drastically, with Chosi having to step into a warrior role from the get go, and Juhan seeming to have it a little easier. While Chosi played a physical game of survival she also had to dodge the manipulative and deceptive ways of the Ja and his brother. Juhan on the other hand was fully immersed in a mind game of deception and secrets himself. I was most surprised to see the changes in him. Chosi seemed to be a free spirit with plenty of fire from the very beginning, but Juhan slowly emerged into a character who would do just about anything to survive, as well as protecting those he cared about, even if it meant going against his own heritage.

This book was all about courage, freedom and sacrifice. It was about making choices, even the more difficult ones, and facing the consequences. It was about stepping up and doing what was right in the face of adversity, and standing up to those who think they can bully you. It was a stunning read filled with emotion, and I look forward to continuing this story in the next book.


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