Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Blog Tour: Excerpt + #Giveaway: Rekindled by C.J. McKella

Rekindled FOR WEB
Callie Winters left Idaho seven years ago, shrouded in secrets and lies, and vowed to never look back. Walking away from the only boy she ever truly loved, Callie works hard to forge a new life for herself. Waking one day to find herself homeless and penniless, she returns to Idaho where she finds a man in place of the boy she loved so long ago. Tate Corbin spends his days jumping fires, trying to forget the girl who obliterated his heart seven years ago. Happy at last, Tate is ready to move on with a new love, but doubt takes seed when a ghost from his past returns. He vowed to never let her in again, but the embers of the past begin to burn hotter than ever before. As the friendship is rekindled, secrets are revealed and new threats surface. Second chances are meant to be a way to start over- but how far do you go to protect it?
My eyes shoot up to meet his. His are a mixture of green and light brown, but beneath the bright lights hanging from the rafters, they appear almost honey colored, and I’m struck by how much his long lashes accentuate the ferocity behind his eyes. We stare at each other for a beat, playing a silent game of chicken until I blink and force myself to look away with the realization that this isn’t the sweet boy that I remember spending my afternoons building sandcastles with, or the teenager who would ask me silly riddles to distract me from the scary parts of a movie. Now, he’s a man that I don’t even know. A stranger. 
                I looked him up on Facebook once before, back when Jonah was just an infant, but it hurt too much to see his face, and so I vowed to myself never to do it again. But I realize now, that was a mistake—because I hadn’t come back to town prepared. I didn’t know he was living here, and I certainly didn’t know he looked like this.
                Tate had always been handsome in a boyish way, but now he was devastatingly gorgeous. His body as a teen was lanky and lean, nothing like the man standing before me. The black fabric of his t-shirt stretches across his broad chest and clings to his biceps where a series of intricate black ink scrolls around his bicep and down his arm. The dark brown hair that he used to keep just beyond a buzz cut is grown out so the ends curl just below his ears, and there’s a scar above his right eyebrow that wasn’t there before.  His face is filled out so that his square jaw no longer looks awkward, and it’s peppered with a light dusting of facial hair making him look even more rugged. But it’s the way he’s staring at me that makes him look lethal.

C.J. McKella is a romance writer living beneath the hot Arizona sun with her husband and their cat, Kaylie. She devotes her days to working, and her nights writing, allowing the characters in her head to come to life. When not working or writing, she can be found reading, binge-watching Netflix, or playing video games. A romantic at heart, she has a love for stories, and all things ending in happily ever after. C.J. McKella loves to meet new people. Stop by and say hello!
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