Friday, 19 February 2016

Book Blitz + #Giveaway: Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light by Jaimie M. Engle


Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light by Jaimie M. Engle
Published October 1st, 2013
294 Pages

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Clifton Chase is the latest target for bully Ryan Rivales. But after he finds a mysterious arrow in his closet, he takes Ryan’s bet to see who can hit the target. Ryan nails the bull’s-eye, but Clifton’s piece of junk arrow sails out of sight and when he finally finds it, something isn’t right. Somehow, Clifton has been magically transported back to 1485 England, where he meets two princes bullied by their tyrant uncle who locked them in prison to steal their throne. Only after Clifton learns the true meaning of friendship, bravery, and sacrifice can he help the princes escape and find the courage to face his own bully. Befriended by a dwarf, a mythical bird called Simurgh, and a cast of comical characters, Clifton’s fantasy adventure through medieval times is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, and the young at heart. For those who like fantasy kids books like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.

About the Author
Jaimie Engle was once sucked into a storybook, where she decided she would become an author. She has modeled bikinis, managed a hip-hop band, and run a body shop. Her passion is talking to kids about writing and social issues because words have power. When not writing, she’s probably editing or playing trivia. She lives in Florida with her awesome husband, hilarious children, and the world’s best dog. Become a fan at Twitter @jaimiengle | Instagram @jaimiengle | Facebook @jaimiengleauthor
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  1. This sounds amazing! I would love for my children to read this powerful story.


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