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Virtual Tour: Review: Sleight of Hand by Sue Duff #TheWeirChronicles








Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, SciFi Adventure
Crosswinds Publishing
January 15, 2016
Pages: 348

As the epic Weir Chronicles continue in this third installment of the series, rebels poison Ian and it’s up to Rayne and Patrick to find a cure before their friend succumbs and Earth’s fate is left in the hands of adversaries intent on taking control of the planet. To obtain answers, Rayne must travel to an alternate world where few survive as Patrick unearths the secrets of the rebels and discovers a truth that shatters his beliefs about the Weir and the future of Earth.

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Praise for the Series


“A stunning debut with a thrilling mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Duff has a real hit on her hands.” - Roxanne Kade, blogger at Therian

“I recommend this to anyone who loves a good Sci-fi esque, fantasy, dystopian, secret-war-going-on-behind-the-human’s-backs-and-right-under-their-noses sort of book.” -- Jaay V, blogger at Reckless Indulgence

“This is one series that I recommend to readers of fantasy and paranormal romances. You will not be disappointed.” - Jessica Bronder, blogger at J Bronder Book Reviews

From Readers on Amazon

“You may lose sleep. The action is fast paced and it’s refreshing to see a book in this genre with a male protagonist! I truly enjoyed his journey to self-discovery.”

“I love that Sue Duff does not dumb down her writing to make everything repetitious each time - she let’s you figure out the rules yourself while you read. Her style of writing really suits the smart world-building, and I also fell so in love with the characters.”

“A magical tale filled with likeable characters.”
Another thrilling instalment in this amazing series, I was hooked from page one. Duff certainly knows how to torture her characters and how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats, anticipating the next move, giving only enough away to grab their attention continuously.
There was never a dull moment in this fast paced, action packed adventure. With plenty of twists and turns that left me gasping. My heart was in my throat more than once, with Ian being poisoned, the uncertainty about why Patrick was targeted and Rayne’s journey to Thrae; my emotions were in turmoil, and as this story unfolded and hurdle after hurdle was thrown at these amazing people, I couldn’t help but fear that it would all come crumbling down and Armageddon was that much closer.
I am in awe of how brilliantly written this series is, mixing magical fantasy with science to bring a thoroughly entertaining read. I cannot wait for the next book in this series.


Sue Duff has dreamed of dragons and spaceships before she could even read, so it’s only natural that she now combines both fantasy and science fiction as her favorite genre. Having written since high school, Duff never took it seriously until a skiing accident laid her up for an entire summer and she turned on the word processor to combat the boredom. A couple years later, her first urban fantasy novel, F ade to Black , was one of five finalists in the

RMFW Colorado Gold Writing Contest and in 2015, Duff’s writing earned her the PEN Award.

She is the second oldest of six girls with an avid reader mom and her dad, the family’s single drop of testosterone in a sea of estrogen.

By day, Duff is a dedicated speech-language therapist at an inner city school district, a career she pursued much in part to her aunt who got her hooked on stories of the profession when Duff was younger. She is passionate about the work she does and regularly works to help those students that need it the most.

Sue is a member of the R ocky Mountain Fiction Writers and T he Pikes Peak Writers.
She calls Colorado home and when not saving the world one page at a time, she can be found walking her great dane, getting her hands dirty in her garden, or creating something delicious in her kitchen.

Check out her blog, A Cook’s Guide to Writing and other musings on her website.



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  1. Roxy, thank you so much for your support of my series and as a fellow writer. I value your opinion and look forward to thrilling you and your followers with the next installment of The Weir Chronicles!


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