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Blog Tour: Review + #Giveaway: Twisted Fate by Sharon Rose Mayes

Twisted Fate
Book # 1
By- Sharon Rose Mayes

Genre- YA Paranormal
Publication Date- August 11th, 2014

History repeating itself is usually a joke people make to explain things that seem to happen over and over again. But what if it is more than that?

Amelia Fitzgerald is about to find out that the saying is more than what she ever thought it was.

After a tragic accident claimed the lives of her parents Amelia started having the most vivid dreams. The kind where the tears are very real, leaving Amelia convinced that her dreams are more than dreams. When she meets Liam it all seems to come in a bit of truth and even more questions.

She learns that everyone’s fate is set, but that sometimes it gets twisted. Of course with the truth comes a price and there are those who want to make sure that the truth doesn’t get out.

After all the good and the bad doesn’t want the world to know, people just may start choosing sides.


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I was immediately drawn to this book by its cover. There was just something mysterious about it, and the blurb promised a great read. But, for me, this book didn't quite live up to all expectations.

It took me a really long time to get into the story. There was just something about the pacing and flow of the writing that kept me from diving right in. But I persevered, and as the story developed I kind of got over this distraction and started to enjoy it. I've always been intrigued about reincarnation and I liked living different lives through Amelia's dreams. After she bumped into Liam, and all the pieces started to fall into place I was hooked because I wanted to know more, but I still felt very disconnected from the story and its characters.

This could have been a fantastic read. The plot had a few holes in it, though, and this became another distraction which prevented me from really loving this book.

About the Author

Sharon lives in Lufkin, Texas with her two sons. She chronicles her daily life at her personal blog Not Your Mom Blog and has been active in the blogosphere for seven years. When she is not chasing her kids and playing soccer mom she writes and dreams of all of the places she can't wait to travel.


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