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Blog Tour: Dream Cast: Diamond Peak Series by Tahlia Newland


Lethal Inheritance
Diamond Peak Series Book #1
By- Tahlia Newland
Genre- YA Fantasy

A scream pierces the night. Ariel jolts awake and watches in horror as demons drag her mother into a hidden realm. She finds help and sets off on a rescue mission. But to defeat the demons, who feed on fear and seek to enslave the human race, she must learn a secret esoteric wisdom to awaken the dormant, but potentially explosive, power of her mind.
Walnut, a quirky old wise man, guides her through treacherous inner and outer landscapes, and Nick, the powerful Warrior who travels with them, proves a dangerous attraction. Can Ariel defeat the sadistic demon lord before he kills her and enslaves her mother?
The stakes are high, death a real possibility. Fail now, and she fails humanity.

This book has been awarded the AIA Seal of Excellence in Fiction and the BRAG Medallion for Outstanding Fiction.


Stalking Shadows
Diamond Peak Series Book #2
By- Tahlia Newland
Genre- YA Fantasy

Ariel hopes that the great library at Sheldra holds the key to rescuing her mother. But in order to get there, she must negotiate a forest of evil spirits, escape a mind-numbing city of sparkling towers, travel through the treacherous gullies of Minion Hills, and avoid an attack by a demon lord intent on killing her.
At the same time, a battle rages between her heart and her mind. A relationship with her travelling companion, the enigmatic Nick, is just too tempting, but can they be together without Ariel losing her focus and falling to the demons? Her life is at stake, but also her heart. She risks encasing it in stone and denying herself the very sustenance she needs.
Will they make it to the safe haven of Sheldra, or will Ariel die at the hands of the yellow-eyed demon?
This book has been awarded the AIA Seal of Excellence in Fiction

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Demon’s Grip
Diamond Peak Series Book #3
By- Tahlia Newland
Genre- YA Fantasy

Ariel thought she knew her travelling companion, Nick, but she discovers that at the University of Sheldra, he’s a respected translator with little time to spare. Now that he isn't at her side all the time, she wishes he was, and when she finally admits her love, powerful emotions sweep her away.

The demon lord Emot takes advantage of her inexperience in matters of the heart and preys on her desire, setting off a struggle with addiction that threatens to break Nick's heart and turn Ariel into the demon's mindless slave. She must reach deep into her soul and find the mystical power she needs to kill the one who promises pleasure but delivers only pain. Fail, and she will lose the one she loves and spend an eternity in the demon's grip.
This book has been awarded the AIA Seal of Excellence in Fiction


Eternal Destiny
Diamond Peak Series Book #4
By- Tahlia Newland
Genre- YA Fantasy

Ariel and Nick face their deepest fears and their greatest challenge as they search for the Master Demon who holds the key to the future of mankind. Slay him and the world goes free; fail, and it falls irrevocably into violence and chaos.

Guided by a wisdom master of a mystical tradition that uses mind power as the basis of powerful magic, the assault party travels from the ancient granite walls of the Hermitage, up the Steps of Death, and through a labyrinth of shifting gorges to the Palace of Skulls. Even if Nick wins his struggle with the scars of his past and defeats the green-eyed head of the Cogin clan, they still must cross the scree slope, where the bones of Ariel's father lie, to get to the ice caves beneath the summit where the Master Demon awaits.

The journey is extraordinary, the enemies are deadly and the ending is mind-blowing.

This book has been awarded the AIA Seal of Excellence in Fiction


Tahlia Newland, author of the AIA Seal of Excellence award-winning Diamond Peak Series, tells us about her dream cast for the series. I've always imagined The Diamond Peak Series as a movie because I first saw it as a movie in my head, but if anyone did want to make the series into movies, who would play the characters? Casting is really important. If the actors don't look right, it can ruin the story for fans - I never thought the casting was right for the Twilight series. I think the City of Bones movie casting is mostly good except that Jace is too thin in the face. They need to feed him up a bit! If I were selling the movie rights for The Diamond Peak Series, I'd fight hard to have a say in who plays the characters.

So who would be my dream cast?

I’d choose Evan Rachel Wood to play the main character Ariel. She has the perfect look in this photo.


Paul Walker is the perfect Nick, Ariel's travelling companion and love interest

... but unfortunately he died. This is picture of him is totally Nick though.


But Matt Boomer could play Nick if he lightened his hair. See, he has the same facial structure.


Ariel’s Mother Nadima, a woman with secrets and hidden talents, could be played by Emily Swallow,


and a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal could play Kestril, the brooding magician. Both of them would need to be aged fifteen years though!


I don’t know of an actor to play the wise and crazy Walnut, Ariel and Nick's mountain guide, but there’s a Tibetan lama, Chokyi Nyma who is perfect. If he could act and was up for it, he’d be awesome. Actually, he'd probably only have to play himself. When I saw him, I thought Walnut had come to life.

Twitchet the talking cat with attitude could be played by my very own Prince George. Good luck with getting him to do what you want though. Of course, a talking cat would be CG'd, but they could use him for the model.

2014-01-22 10.01.50

About the Author
Tahlia Newland, author of the multi-award-winning Diamond Peak Series, writes heart-warming and inspiring magical realism and contemporary fantasy. She is also an editor, a reviewer, an occasional high school teacher, and a mask-maker who loves creating digital art and sitting on her veranda staring at the rain forest. 

Tahlia has studied with top Australian editors and has a Certificate in Editing and Proofreading. Before writing full time, she had over 20 years’ experience in scripting and performing as a dancer/mine in Visual Theatre and Theatre in Education. She has had extensive training in meditation and Buddhist philosophy and lives in Australia with a husband, a teenage daughter, and a cheeky Burmese cat called George.


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