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Release Tour: Review + #Giveaway: Love Always, by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel

Title: Love Always
Author: Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: August 25, 2015

I’ve met boys like him before. Rich. Bored. Always wearing a silver-spooned smile. But there is something different about him that piques my curiosity. The way he looks at me, like he is staring through the bars of a gilded cage he’s never left. Like he is one breath away from suffocating beneath a mound of responsibilities. He is different from the rest because he doesn’t wear his money… his money wears him. I just don’t think he knows it yet.
She’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She’s everything I’ve never been able to be. Carefree. Whimsical. A dreamer. Her laugh is infectious. She is irresistible. I can’t help but be drawn to her with an intensity that steals my breath and muddles my senses. I want to know her, need to know her, but how can I allow myself that liberty when I don’t have the freedom to make my own choices?
Phillip and Maggie think they have it all. Even though they come from opposite backgrounds, they each have bright futures paved out, with no distractions holding them back.
Until the fateful day they meet each other.
After a brief, adventurous time together in The Hamptons, Maggie and Phillip find themselves saying goodbye just as the spark of love flashes intensely between them. Can their budding connection be enough to survive the pulling tides of change, or will they drift apart before they even have a chance to explore what could have been?


"I also wasn't 100% sure what to expect from it after I read the synopsis, but it was very beautiful and developed so well! The plot also really surprised me! I wasn't expecting the characters to be so different, but for their relationship to be so beautiful!" ~ Book Crazy
"I love this book and was gripped right the way through. I cannot thank Sonya and Candace enough for this story. I only hope they write many more together. They clearly have found a recipe for Success!!" ~ Goodreads Reviewer
"I loved the slow burn of the romance, and loved/hated the meddling that also went on throughout the book. (I don't want to spoil it for others, so I won't expand on this). There were quite a few twists and turns to the plot line which also kept me engaged." ~ Read Love Repeat
When I heard that two of my favorite authors were collaborating on this book, I thanked my lucky stars. It was definitely a squee moment, and this story was filled with so much beauty, it simply took my breath away.
The introduction of the characters cleverly highlighted their differences, and their meeting was a blessing because it opened them both up in ways that neither one would have ever expected. Phillip was closed off from new experiences due to his strict lifestyle, while Maggie, although wild and free, was just as closed off because she felt opening her heart would mean giving up her freedom. Their love for each other gave them the courage to take that extra step, and even though it came with some pitfalls it was worth it in the end. 
I loved how the story developed, from their first meeting and the blossoming of a wonderful relationship to their continued communication through written letters. It added to the romance aspect and made this book more intimate.
Of course, no romance novel can go without some drama and Sophia was front and center when it came to that. Although her actions and everything that followed was a little predictable, the great thing about romance reads is that even though you kinda know how things will turn out, it doesn't stop you from cheering for your favorite characters to finally find their way back to each other.
It was a true pleasure spending a few hours with these amazing characters. I loved every second.


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  1. Thank you, Roxy! I'm glad you enjoyed Love Always,!


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