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JKSCommunications Virtual Tour: Guest Post: #JackStenhouse Mysteries by Frank A. Ruffalo

Published by Linkville Press
January 2015
Paperback, eBook

Beautiful women are dying in Fort Lauderdale from the bite of a black mamba, the deadliest snake in Africa.  Then, during the feast of Saturnalia, a serial killer targets prostitutes during a cold winter in New York City.
Join Detective Jack Stenhouse, a seasoned professional with the fort Lauderdale P.D., as he cruises the hot asphalt in his ‘68 Hemi Road Runner.  Follow Jack with his girlfriend Didi, a women with a name to match her attributes, as he moves to the Big Apple and joins the First Precinct as the new recruit on duty.

Learn how the Shadow of Death accompanies Jack like an albatross around his neck.  Find out if the Saturnalian Affect will cloud his judgement.
Now, enter the mysterious world of Jack Stenhouse. If you dare...
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Angelle Barbazon

Switching genres, varied writer Frank A. Ruffolo unveils first murder mystery this coming January
Fort Lauderdale homicide detective takes on beach murder in Jack Stenhouse series
Hollywood, Fla. – Author Frank A. Ruffolo introduces Fort Lauderdale’s top homicide detective Jack Stenhouse, a gruff man with a strong liking for women, in this coming January’s release of The Jack Stenhouse Mysteries.
In part one titled The Shadow of Death, a man combing the Fort Lauderdale beach with a metal detector comes upon a gold ring, still attached to the finger of a woman, dead and naked under the sand’s surface. Jack Stenhouse is called to the scene and soon finds himself trying to unravel the reason why beautiful women are dying from the bite of a Black Mamba, an incredibly venomous snake found only in Africa.
In the second part of the series, The Saturnalian Affect, Jack and his stripper girlfriend Diedre – nicknamed Didi to match her voluptuous attributes – move to the Big Apple. As a rookie detective in the First Precinct, Jack and his fellow detectives must stop a serial killer that appears to only target hookers during the pagan feast of Saturnalia.
Ruffolo was born in Manhattan, New York and grew up in West Hempstead on Long Island. After a 40-year career in the private sector, State University of New York at Farmingdale alumnus Ruffolo retired early to pursue his new career in writing. His first novel Gabriel’s Chalice, was inspired by his 15 years of experience as a volunteer at a Marian apparition site in Florida. He is also the author of an adventure love story, The Trihedral of Chaos, sold originally as a three-part novella series, and is working on four new novels. Ruffolo has lived in South Florida for 34 years with his wife.

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Hi! My name is Frank A. Ruffolo, and I am a storyteller. The Jack Stenhouse Mysteries is my first entry into the mystery crime fiction genre. My first two books are very different from these. The first book is science fiction, and the second is an action adventure love story. Even though these genres are different from each other, they all have a common thread―a protagonist who is trying to solve something, or find something. It may be a problem, or a killer. It could be a long lost love, or a renewed faith in God, or a combination of all of the above. So moving from sci-fi thriller to crime murder fiction takes a remarkably similar path.
The Jack Stenhouse Mysteries started when I watched a TV show that spotlighted a Black Mamba snake, the deadliest snake in Africa. During the show the voices in my head took off and plotted a story line, which subsequently developed into the first book of The Jack Stenhouse Mysteries. In that installment, Jack is compelled to determine how beautiful women in South Florida are being killed by the bite of a Black Mamba.
As the characters took over the story line, Jack developed a longing to leave South Florida for the Big City, so he moves to New York with his stripper girlfriend. In the second book, he is a new detective in the Big Apple, and he must stop a serial killer.
Readers like to visualize what the characters look like, or if they are on the big screen, who they would be portrayed by. I don’t give that much thought, and I don’t really obsess about it. Jack is an old school detective, a player, who likes buxom women and fast cars. His girlfriend is Diedre Lee, also known as Didi, a woman with a nickname to match her attributes. Or as Jack would say, “She reminds me of the front bumper of a 58 Caddy.” If I really had to choose which actors would best portray these characters, I think Matt Damon and Sofia Vergara would make a great couple.
I am currently writing a sequel to The Jack Stenhouse Mysteries, titled Blue Falcon. In this sequel, Jack is enlisted into joining a federal task force by an old friend, and he must follow a trail of newly dead witnesses who were scheduled to testify before Congress, against the sitting President. The trail that Jack pursues leads directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   
Frank A. Ruffolo is a graduate of the State University of New York at Farmingdale with an Associates degree in Mechanical Technlogy.  He enjoyed a 40 year career in private industry in Purchasing and Purchasing Management.  Married for over 35 years to his beautiful wife Christine, they are blessed with two wonderful children, Michael and Alicia.  Frank took early retirement to pursue his new career as an author, and recently released his first novel, Gabriel’s Chalice, inspired by 15 years of experience as a volunteer at a Marian apparition site in Hollywood, FL. Please follow Frank on Facebook to read about his future releases.


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