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Desert Fire
Valley of Death Series Book # 2
By- Charyse Allan
Genre- YA Thriller
Expected Publication Date- May 12th, 2015 

Payton survived being forced to flee her home in order to escape the Elites. Yet she’s still not safe. The Elites are relentless, and they won’t give up their pursuit of her that easily. With her loved ones at risk, and trusting her boyfriend Conner, the two devise a plan to ditch her family in order to keep them safe. But their plan quickly backfires and puts everyone in even more danger.

Reiley is left behind when Payton leaves. Having to prove herself as a capable assassin, she joins Cadmar in his pursuit to track and end the Elites. Except the agency anticipates their every move. In her angst to establish herself, Reiley is caught off guard and makes a deadly mistake that jeopardizes everyones lives.

Betrayal, abductions, and murder stand between Payton, Reiley, and their loved ones. Can they trust anyone in a world of treachery and destruction?



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How does music affect your writing process?

Having grown up a dancer, I think I have always felt my creative muse more when I have some music on in the background. I think Plato says it best, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” His words ring true in so many ways. There is so much music out there and every song is not only unique in itself, but unique to every listener. There’s music for every mood and no matter what a song is meant to say, the listener is going to hear what they want to hear. So when I’m writing I find music I know will put me in the right mood for whatever kind of scene I may be writing.

When I’m writing one of those heart-wrenching scenes that make people feel like this
I usually find myself listening to Damien Rice or maybe even some Scene Aesthetic.

When I need something a little spunkier
I usually go for something a little old school, such as Salt n Pepa, maybe even some Skybox, The Lumineers or Outkast for fun!

Because my current projects are about teenage assassins, I’m usually writing some darker stuff and a lot of fight scenes. Those fight scenes might be a lot like this
So I go for something like Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance or even Lyndsie Sterling.

A lot of times, I’ll be bopping along with my headphones
while my kids run through the house like a couple of crazy people. Or I’ll even put my music on over the stereo so they can dance around the house while I do my work :)

In all my books, I have certain music I enjoy listening to while writing the entire thing and you can usually figure out which bands I prefer by noting my characters favorite bands. Basically, anything I need to put me in the right mood for whatever I’m writing. Heinrich Heine once said, “Where words leave off, music begins.” But I like to think that for writers, it’s the opposite. Where music leaves off, the words begin.

About the Author

Charyse Allan grew up in Arizona dancing and riding horses. She is an avid reader, but didn’t become one until high school. This is also when she realized her passion for writing, however it wasn’t until a couple years into her marriage that she tried her hand at writing a novel.
When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found in Northern Arizona, tending her garden with her husband and best friend, while their two kids and two crazy dogs run around the yard. Charyse is also a big fan of Holy yoga, juicing and being a vegetarian—she misses bacon like nobody’s business.
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Website: or
Twitter: @Chaaryse4/
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