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Book Blitz + #Giveaway: Secret Worlds Boxed Set - 21 Novels by 21 USA Today & Amazon Bestselling Authors for ONLY #99cents!


Secret Worlds: A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set 

Publication date: June 29th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance


Limited Edition, includes:

Taken by the Beast by C. Kressley and R. Hamilton: Women who look a lot like Charisse are going missing. And the man this beauty is falling for may be the beast responsible.

The Forever Girl by R. Hamilton: Sophia gets more than she bargains for when she finally decides to trust a shapeshifter.

Summoned by Rainy K.: Dimitri can’t reveal the paranormal bond controlling him, and Syd won’t tolerate his secrets.

Purgatory by S. Stec: A sex-hungry myth with no name, no flesh, and no identity …unless it wears one of you.

The Pandora Principle by N. Cosper: As a descendant of Pandora, Cassi must discover if her lover is one of the evil spirits she hunts before all her friends die.

Heart Song by S. LaFantasie: When incredibly handsome Marren frees Relena, there’s a catch.

Changeling by D. Herbert: As a changeling and a witch work together to restore order in Fairy, they discover that love, like magic, casts its own spell.

Shiftless by A. Easterling: After years of suppressing her inner predator, Terra meets a shifter who forces her to reclaim her wilder side.

The Black Parade by Kyoko M: Poltergeist Michael is the key to saving Jordan’s soul from hell, but can she handle the cost of her salvation?

Haunting Echoes by C. Faron: Will Amaia’s clan kill her ex-fiancé before she learns whether he returned from the grave for love or revenge?

Braving Fate by L. Hall: Diana and Cadan fight demonic forces and a deadly passion that has lasted centuries.

Trinity Rising by J.E. Taylor: Damian and Naomi are desperate for victory against the devil, but one wrong step could trigger Armageddon.

Moonlight by K. Salidas: Good girls don’t wear fur, fight over men, or run around naked, howling at the moon. But Fallon’s not a good girl.

Lash by L.G. Castillo: Lash must choose where to place his trust–in a home he fought so hard to regain or in a forbidden love he can’t bear to lose.

Between by L. Swallow: Alek could kill Rose with a kiss. Finn, with a touch. Pulled into an intense affair with Alek, Rose discovers her connection to Finn threatens them all.

The Devil’s Fool by R. McClellan: When vampire Boaz gives Eve the one thing she never had–love–she falls into a world of greed and seduction.

Spark Rising by K. Corcino: A runaway Spark and the agent arresting her ignite a revolution to end their people’s enslavement while resisting the electricity between them.

Ruby’s Fire by C. Stine: On the run from a desert cult, Ruby must choose which handsome stranger to trust with her heart and her darkest secret.

Cursed by L. Leroux: Isobel has been hiding an uncanny ability her whole life–until the day she must use it to save herself from a madman.

Hunted by A.J. Colby: With Agent Holbrook’s help, Riley races time to stay ahead of a crazed werewolf killer.

Vigilant by A. Lawson: Ari stumbles into a world of crime and vigilantism while discovering the one man that sets her heart on fire.
– Sample – The Black Parade – Sample –

Crazed teeth gnashed inches away from my face. The eyes rolled back until only the whites showed. Spider-like fingers strained for my throat. I screamed and ran towards the bedroom.

I slammed the door shut and dove for the nightstand, hands shaking as I checked the chambers to make sure the gun was loaded. The door flew open with a bang. A second bang followed. Then all was silent.

The phantom was gone, but in its place stood a man in a suit beneath his dark grey duster. His hair was black and his face was growing paler by the second. He reached out his hand. My panicked eyes spotted the scarlet speckled across the palm. The room had gone silent because the gun had deafened me. The barrel was still smoking and now I could see the hole I had put through the man’s chest.

I couldn’t breathe, but somehow I could still talk, and my lips were whispering one word over and over.

“No, no, no, no…”

The man said nothing as he fell to his knees in front of me, his azure eyes locked on mine as if he were trying to tell me something, but the strength was ebbing from him in crimson rivulets. I dropped the gun and fell to my knees as well. My fingertips grazed his face as if I could bring him back to life with one touch, but we both knew it was too late. He laid a rough, scarred hand to the side of my cheek where hot tears had fallen, his lips parting to whisper in a soothing voice.

“Don’t be afraid. They’re going to come for you, but please don’t be afraid.”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, please…” I managed to gasp out in between sobs.

The man merely smiled and closed his eyes. “Don’t be. I’m ready.”

He swayed forward and I caught his heavy body, feeling his blood soak my shirt. He slid down until his face rested in my lap, drawing in a few more shallow breaths before going completely still, empty, lifeless. I sat there with my coated hands stroking his hair, still whispering over and over for him to forgive me.

Golden light poured in from all angles, nearly blinding me, and I could just barely see the outline of a man with wings.

When the light dimmed, a blond man stood in front of me with white-gold wings that stretched nearly from wall to wall of my small bedroom. His tanned body was wrapped in white linen and his skin seemed to possess an ethereal quality, glowing like he had some unique source of inner radiance. Blue eyes like twin suns shone down on me with kindness and empathy. A new feeling of shock and reverence gave me enough strength to speak.

“W-Who are you?”

“My name is Gabriel. I am the archangel of the Lord God.”


— Kyoko M.'s Author Secret —

The first time I ever got in trouble at school was in the 3rd grade when this girl I hated said I was afraid of Piglet (it made more sense as a kid, but I couldn't stand Winnie the Pooh or anything related to it) and I called her a "pudgy bastard" because I had just seen Men in Black for the first time.



– Sample – The Forever Girl – Sample –

He rested his forearms on the table and leaned forward. “Was that a yes or a no to dancing?”

I shook my head, but my smile said ‘yes’. Not to mention Marcus was still staring—and in the least intriguing way. He gave me the creeps. If I was dancing with someone else, that might get the weirdo’s attention off me. I spotted Ivory dancing with another girl, perhaps a friend she’d met here before, and figuredone dance without her wouldn’t hurt.

The man across from me stood and offered his hand. My palm warmed as I accepted, and, as I rose to join him, my balance shifted. I wobbled, nearly falling right back into my seat.

He hooked his arm around my waist, supporting me against his body, his breath soft on my ear. “Careful there.”

At his sudden embrace, a small shock flashed through my body. After a moment, my vision steadied. With his biceps behind my back and his forearm against my side, I felt somehow smaller and safer at the same time. I tilted my face up, catching his gaze. The candlelight from the table danced inside his irises and illuminated flecks of amber in his eyes. He cocked one eyebrow slightly, his amused expression also somehow gentle. Perhaps I’d misjudged him.

The moment rapidly becoming too intimate, I tensed. I needed to put some distance between us, to ignore the unwanted fluttering in my stomach. I stepped back. The air in the room lacked the warmth and comfort of his body.

“I’m okay,” I said, which was true depending on what one’s definition of ‘okay’ was.

We wedged into a small opening in the crowd near the speakers. The burning scent of hot electrical wires replaced the fruity aroma of liquored drinks. He tilted his head down toward me as he stepped tentatively closer, then he rested his firm but gentle hands on my hips, his arms bent at the elbow, relaxed.

I was decidedly not so relaxed.

I peered up at him, unsure what he expected. I’d never danced with a guy, not unless relatives at weddings counted.

Awkwardly, I placed my hands on the front of his shoulders, steadying myself as I swayed with him. A shiver flashed down my spine at the firmness of his body. How could he be so solid and still so graceful? His hands easily covered my hipbones, his fingertips pressing just behind my sides, into the muscles of my back. In that moment, I felt another kind of vulnerability.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to my ear. “You okay?”

I nodded, stepping closer and sliding my hands around to the back of his shoulders. I buried my face against his chest, safe from his imploring gaze. He smelled like vanilla and musk and sandalwood, and I tried to commit the intoxicating scent to memory.

What the hell was I doing? I hesitated backward, away from him, but he easily guided me right back, and I had to bite my lip not to gasp as an unexpected shudder ran through my body. The heat radiating from his flesh burned through my dress, the warmth igniting in my stomach and snaking outward in an involuntary arousal. An arousal I needed to dismiss, even if only out of the irrational fear I’d become the kind of woman Mother would damn to Hell. Of course, Mother already thought that’s where I was going.


– Rebecca Hamilton’s Author Secret –

My author secret isn’t necessarily a secret, but it’s something most people don’t know. I’m part Native American (Blackfoot/Niitsitapi). There are times where revealing this to certain people would be really ironic, but I bite my tongue. Not because I’m ashamed, but because I refuse to use my racial background to make a point, and its fine by me if I’m the only one aware of the irony in those situations. That said, to me, it’s an important part of who I am, but it’s also a private part of who I am. I don’t go into it much, not even with my husband, but it does mean more to me than a box to tick when I fill out paperwork, and although I have zero interest in knowing anything about my sperm donor, I’ve always sought to learn more about my heritage. Not because it defines me, but because it’s a piece of who I am. I’m also Irish, in case anyone was wondering, and I know a lot about the history of the Irish and all that they went through as well. I will refrain from getting on a soapbox about any of this, but I will say that this, along with raising children with Autism, have shaped the stories I write, as I often play with perception, assumption, and judgment in my writing.

– Sample – TRINITY RISING (Night Hawk Series Book 3) – Sample –

A breeze caressed my skin, creating goose flesh under the hot stream and I opened my eyes. Damian stood naked in the doorway to the shower stall. His gaze slowly scanned my form, lingering on my breasts before travelling lower. A crease appeared between his eyes and his gaze bounced from my stomach to my face, locking with mine.

The question in his eyes made me drop my gaze to the bump in my belly. I had been so consumed with cleaning off the blood that I hadn’t noticed the newly stretched skin. Bump was an understatement. Between the time I pulled on my pants this morning and now, I had popped and my gaze jumped back to his.

“Holy shit,” he said and stepped under the spray with me, his hands finding the soft skin stretched over my abdomen. My gaze dropped to the red water running down his thigh and I turned him so I could inspect his wound.

“It’s just superficial. Leave it be,” he said studying my belly with the same intensity that I gave the cut on his leg. When he lifted his gaze, there were a hundred unasked questions swirling in his vibrant irises, but I had no answer for him. I looked like someone who was at least six months pregnant and that explained why my pants were so damned uncomfortable when I transitioned back to human form.

“I know how long human incubation is, but how long is a tiger’s?” he asked and I stared at him.

“You don’t think...” I trailed off and the candor in his expression brought forth an unwelcomed shiver.

“It’s not normal to grow this big overnight,” he said, running his hands over my stomach. “And you did just change into a tigress.” He smiled like he was not at all unsettled by this. “You know, you kicked ass like I’ve never seen,” he added and drew me into a kiss.

I pushed him away, still too preoccupied with the tiger conclusion to get into a romantic tryst with him. “Damian,” I said and his eyes widened into that innocent look followed by the brief appearance of his dimples.

“What?” He didn’t suppress the smirk fast enough.

“This isn’t funny,” I said. “Do you think I did something bad to our child by changing?”

His smirk faded and the first shadow passed over his gaze. He looked down at the symmetry under his hands. “No. I don’t think you did something bad,” he said meeting my gaze. “We aren’t normal, Naomi. To expect a normal pregnancy is asking for a lot, especially since this little bundle is a trinity.”

— J.E. Taylor’s Author Secret —

In times of high stress, I have a tendency to dream of things that are going to happen. In high school, when I was under stress from being bullied (my book Silence outlines that time of my life), I started having dreams of people I didn’t know. Just glimpses, nothing major or horrific, just small inconsequential scenes where I was laughing or just hanging out with people I never met. Those glimpses  gave me hope that I had something to look forward to beyond the daily horrors I experienced.

My glimpse dreams have a very different quality to them than regular dreams. It’s like the fabric of time is pulled aside to show me that life will go on. They are crisp and clear and stay with me for a long time and they instill a sense of hope.

When the moment that I dreamed about finally happens, that feeling of déjà-vu is overwhelming and I know exactly what will happen in those few moments. It’s the weirdest feeling in the world, but those dreams helped me understand there was life beyond those four awful years in high school.

Do I still have them? From time to time, but not as often because I’m not under the same type of mental anguish I was back then. It isn’t critical for me to know there is something coming next in order to get me through the day.

My belief that the human mind can reach beyond the five senses is also apparent in my books and lends itself to the world of the paranormal.



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