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Release Day Blitz + Review: Everlost by Candace Knoebel #NightWatchmen

Title1 Candace
*The book contains adult content and is appropriate for ages 17+*
This isn’t going to end well. She isn’t supposed to be here, outside this house, across the yard, staring at me like I’m a two-headed vampire about to suck the life from her veins. Her words aren’t supposed to be so intoxicating. Her gaze isn’t supposed to be the kind that glues you in place, turning your brain to mush and your instincts to that of a moth to a flame. Evangeline Gramm… the woman who escaped the infamous Gramm Curse. The mother who so easily abandoned her two boys. The Witch who has passed under the Primeval Coven’s radar longer than anyone ever thought possible. She could be our worst nightmare… or she could be the key to finding our salvation.


I’ve said it a million times before, and I’ll say it again, there is no end to the brilliance that is Candace Knoebel. Every word she churns out to create her spellbinding and breathtaking stories leaves me in awe. She is a master of her craft and just the thought of picking up one of her books makes me giddy with excitement.

Everlost was a spectacular continuation of a series that will forever spark my imagination. With exciting characters and plenty of action and adventure, it ignited a plethora of emotions within my soul, and by the end of the book I felt like I had fought each and every battle, whether physical or emotional, alongside Faye and her friends.

With added twists and the introduction of new characters, Knoebel upped the ante with this book. My heart broke for the Gramm brothers as certain details surrounding their mother’s abandonment were revealed. It opened them up to a world of pain but also gave them a chance to heal. And then there was the revelation of the well kept truth of the curse on their bloodline, which shattered my heart a little more. With the fight between good and evil on the horizon, how they were expected to cope with everything was beyond me.

Faye has grown from strength to strength with each book, but there is still a vulnerability to her that is very endearing. The weight of the world rests on her shoulders and her resilience was tested the entire way through this story. She was constantly fighting to make the right choices and in the latter half of the book she was pushed to walk a very fine line between doing what was right by the world as a whole, or saving those she loved the most.

This book was filled with emotional ups and downs. At times blithe and cheerful, and at others terrifying and heartrending, this book had me smiling one second and in tears the next. It was a magnificent read and I cannot wait for the next instalment. 

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