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Review: From Seeker to Finder - Discovering Everyday Happiness by George Kimeldorf, Ph.D.

Learning to be happy is not mystical, mysterious, or magical. Happiness is an ordinary skill that anybody can learn and master through practice, like driving a car or playing the piano. George Kimeldorf, having mastered and taught the skill of happiness, uses examples from his own life to explain why self-help books are mostly counterproductive and why seekers, despite doing all the “right” things, rarely find joy, satisfaction, and peace of mind. 

This revised version of the book, From Seeker to Finder: Discovering Everyday Happiness, is an accessible guide to the everyday practice of happiness available to each of us.


The pursuit of happiness...hmm, is it as elusive as we think it is? Well this book may just offer up the answers to finding true happiness.

It definitely gave me a lot of food for thought, and I actually felt like everything I was reading was everything I knew and already believed in, but the hard part is actually putting it into practice. I liked that this wasn't just some self-help, steps program. Kimeldorf provides us with the insight into how he found happiness, giving personal accounts of the things he did wrong, the things that gave him temporary happiness, and then the discoveries he made to give him lasting happiness. His story gave this book more of a personal feel and it made me realise that I can do it. I can find peace within myself, I can love myself, thereby loving others and finding gratitude with even the simplest of things. 

This book has many lessons and I believe anyone reading it can put into place some if not all the changes referred to. And, no matter how difficult change is, taking it step by step, making the smallest shift in the right direction is better than making none at all. It was truly inspirational, and I am now ready to walk the road to everyday happiness.


Marissa Curnutte


George Kimeldorf releases ‘From Seeker to Finder: Discovering Everyday Happiness’

DATELINE – Described by fans as a “breath of fresh air,” George Kimeldorf shares an honest account of finding joy and how others can do the same in “From Seeker to Finder: Discovering Everyday Happiness” (March 2014, Newlog Publishing Company).

“From Seeker to Finder” isn’t your run-of-the-mill self-help book exposing some special trick behind perpetual bliss. Offering valuable insight and uplifting stories, Kimeldorf’s book reveals that happiness is not an unachievable, mystical power. It’s just an ordinary skill that takes a little practice.

Kimeldorf once thought he knew what he needed to be happy – earn a Ph.D. in mathematics, marry a wonderful woman, raise two lovely children, pursue a successful career as a mathematics professor, and become wealthy. But something was missing, so Kimeldorf began to “seek” happiness. He is now proud to call himself a “finder” as he has found the peace of mind he long sought.

In just 118 pages, Kimeldorf explains how he mastered the skill of happiness and how it changed him forever, giving him a profound experience of love, joy, and fulfillment.

“‘From Seeker to Finder: Discovering Everyday Happiness’ is an inspirational account of one man’s personal transformation and his commitment to a life of joyful well-being,” says don Miguel Ruiz, M.D., author of the international best-seller, “The Four Agreements.” “By sharing himself in this clear and caring way, George Kimeldorf sets the reader on a course toward self-love, happiness and harmony.”

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