Wednesday, 11 March 2015

JKSCommunications Virtual Tour: Review: Beware the Sheep by M. Lewis-Lerman

Enter the world of Eaux: it's a land of flying Arks and Jarred Flummox, of underground societies and evil underlings. Individuality wins over conformity here, originality over sameness. 

But when illness strikes and a maniacal underground ruler threatens to destroy all that is ‘different’, 16 year old Livi Dixon must lead a group of unlikely allies -- not because of her bravery or abilities -- but out of necessity and fear. 

With the hope of a cure, Livi makes a reckless gamble that just may save her best friend's life -- but at what cost? 

With her new friends (a strange and sundry group of outsiders including a handsome escaped prisoner and a kind but secretive old man), Livi sets off on a race against time, looking deep within herself in order to defeat a faceless enemy and (just maybe) manage to save her best friend in the process. 

Livi's strength is tested, her character revealed, as an attempt to save one life turns into a quest to protect thousands. But is she enough to stop the shapeless evil sinking its teeth into the ones she loves? And in the end, will it even matter?
I was completely enthralled and enchanted by this novel. I was intrigued to give it a read because it had quite an odd title, and I became thoroughly immersed in the wonderful world created by Lewis-Lerman. With exciting characters and awe-inspiring landscapes and elements that held me captive from page one, it was a true pleasure to read this book.
An epic adventure of courage and bravery, this book had plenty of depth and emotion. I enjoyed meeting each of the odd creatures as Livi and her companions travelled along; everything about this book, its characters, the setting and the plot was fascinating. I enjoyed the magical elements that took some people by surprise, and then of course their was the mystery behind the evil Shepard which only increased my eagerness to delve deeper in this story. It held a touch of innocence but also malevolence, with a great mix of good versus evil, action and even a bit of romance. The back story to the events that unfolded within the pages of this book was just as exciting, and I wished I had been in attendance when Livi and her friends had learned all about the past that had shaped their world.
If you are looking for a great adventure story that will capture your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat until the end, this is the one to pick. 

A farm girl born and raised, M. Lewis-Lerman loves books (the dusty ones), land (the wild kind), and anything on four legs.

Before she wrote, she read, learning on Dick and Jane, going over the Big Hill with Betsy and Tacy, and growing up alongside Scarlet O'hara & the March sisters.
M. Lewis-Lerman attended Fordham University where she studied psychology.  She lives in Upstate New York with her three dogs and her many teetering bookshelves.
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